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Stu Joins Brawl Stars!

Stu is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward after getting 10,000 Trophies. Stu has decent health and damage, however with a quick Super charge rate, which gives him a huge disruptive potential. He fires two blazes for his normal attack, and his Super is a dash that thumps back any opponents in his way and burns them when opponents touch the flames. His Gadget, Speed Zone, puts a booster that speeds up all teammate Brawlers in a big area. His first Star Power, Zero Drag, causes his range to increase, and his following Star Power, Gaso-Heal, recuperates him each time he utilizes his Super.

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Brawl Stars Stu Joins Brawl Stars

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About Roblox Adopt Me

Adopt Me is a game inside of Roblox that involves pets, children, and adults. Adopt Me lets you be creative in dressing up your avatar and in decorating your house. Neon pet collectors are players that work hard to grow their pets to full grown. When all four pets of the same kind are all at full-grown, you can make a neon.

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How To Get Free Clothing In Roblox

Go to the shop or catalog in Roblox, there are many clothes there that show the price with Robux. Click on the word price section and a bar will pop up asking what the Robux price should be. Type in the word free on the search bar area. The shop resets sometimes because of the new seasons in Roblox. There are other ways to get clothing..

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