Brawl Stars 8-BIT's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars 8-BIT’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 580 (Very Slow), 760 (with Plugged In)


Range: 10
Reload: 1.5 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles/Attack: 6, 18 (with Extra Credits)
Super Charge/Attack: 8.48%
Attack Spread:
Projectile Speed: 4500
Attack Width: 0.33


Range: 5
Projectile speed: 1196
Damage Booster range: 3.33, 5 (with Boosted Booster)


8-BIT is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward after getting 6000 Trophies. He has high health and can withstand damages; however, his movement speed is slow in comparison to other Brawlers. He shoots with his laser gun and cause high damages to opponents from long distance. His Super makes a Damage Booster, giving him and his teammates inside its span to attack with higher damage output. His first Gadget, Cheat Cartridge, transports him to his Damage Booster. His next Gadget, Extra Credits, significantly increases the number of shots (by 3 times) for his next attack. His first Star Power, Boosted Booster, increase his Damage Booster range. His next Star Power, Plugged In, speeds up 8-BiT’s movement speed while getting closer to his Damage Booster.

Attack: Blaster Beams

8-BIT shoots out long distance six light beams with small gap between each light beam. Each light bream causes small damage, but if all light beams hit, they would cause high damage to the opponent Brawlers. 8-BIT’s attack takes 0.75 seconds to finish.

Super: Damage Booster

8-BIT tosses a turret with span radius that would increase the damage output of his teammates and himself by 50%. This also means that the healing powers would increase of Brawlers with Super or attacks that heal (example would be Poco or Byron). However, it would not affect Brawler’s pets or turrets (example, Jessie’s turret or Nita’s bear) Additionally, it doesn’t affect the Siege bot or IKE turret in Siege, or opponent Brawlers. The impact doesn’t stack with other 8-BITs’ turrets. Nonetheless, if a Brawler’s Super causes them move, like Bull or El Primo, and they were inside the damage booster’s reach prior to utilizing their Super, at that point the damage boost is applied. Damage Booster buffs are applied after Colette’s base damage is determined. Note: this doesn’t influence Star Powers like Brock’s Incendiary.


Cheat Cartridge
8-BIT teleports to his booster within 12 tiles of wherever he is. He holds any status effects during teleporting.

Extra Credits

After initiated, 8-BIT’s next assault will shoot 18 lasers rather than 6, causing three times the harm of his attack if all lasers hit opponent Brawlers. As his attack fires three times the amount of shots, this means that the attack will also take three times as long for 8-BIT to finish. A Gadget symbol will shine over 8-BIT’s head showing initiation of this Gadget, just as a gleaming attack joystick. This Gadget’s cooldown begins after it has been used.

Star Powers

Boosted Booster
This Star Power boosts the range of the Damage Booster by half, permitting it to cover a longer radius and helps more teammates with increasing their damage outputs inside of the booster.

Plugged In
While 8-BIT is inside 7 tiles of his Damage Booster, his speed goes up from 580 points to 760 points. The zone of impact from this Star Power covers the damage boost area of impact, so remaining inside his turret’s damage booster increase his speed and a damage output. This Star Power requires a seconds prior to taking effect.


  1. Because of 8-BIT’s slow speed, getting away from shots from Sharpshooters like Colt or Rico, or Throwers like Barley or Tick will be hard. So causing damage behind cover or from far away is suggested as the opponents won’t hit him as easy without any problem.
  2. 8-BIT is the slowest Brawler in Brawl Stars, he is defenseless against the quick speed Brawlers, like Crow or Leon. Toward the beginning of Showdown matches, concentrate first in destroying these Brawlers from a distance before they are able to get come closer, and find the opportunity to cause lot of damages.
  3. On the chance that a opponent is chasing after 8-BIT, attempt to cause damages to the opponent so they will leave you alone. Sometimes, 8-BIT can utilize his Gadget to teleport from the immediate danger.
  4. In the event that you are low on health and somebody is chasing after you, you can put your booster down to absorb a few shots so you can get away without causing too much damage to yourself. Remember, this strategy won’t really work for Penny or Jessie as their shots won’t be completely blocked.
  5. While astounding somebody, 8-BIT can toss his Damage Booster towards them prior to going in the booster. This permit him to assault the opponent with more damage, and the booster could absorb some damage for 8-BIT.
  6. Plugged In can help 8-BIT battle against the quick and long-distance range Brawlers he is easier in Showdown. It can likewise be exceptionally helpful to control, retreat, and reach the opponent in most 3 versus 3 modes and events when Boosted Booster is needed such as Hot Zone and Robo Rumble where speed is less not as important.
  7. 8-BIT’s Cheat Cartridge Gadget can be utilized to rush an opponent, by tossing his booster over the wall towards the opponent before he starts teleporting. Usually, he can’t make an opponent hurry because of his slow speed. It can be utilized to get away from opponents by teleporting in case you’re low on health or being ambushed or cornered.
  8. It is ordinarily a great idea to put your booster behind a wall (except if assaulting where you can tank harm with the booster) since it will be more difficult to attack and if that somebody arrives, you can then use Cheat Cartridge to get rid of them.
  9. 8-BIT’s Extra Credits Gadget together with his Super would gain sufficient damage to take out practically all Brawlers in-game without losing ammunition, however it can be avoided. Using it on modes with less movement targets like Heist and Siege.
  10. Byron can utilize his recuperating capacities to 8-BIT’s high health within range, and 8-BIT’s Super can support Byron’s healing, so they are great partners together. But, this can cause terrible results in Siege if 8-BIT and Byron can stay covered up to the corners nearest to opponent IKE.

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