Brawl Stars Amber's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Amber’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Legendary
Class: Firebreather
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 820 (with Fire Starters)
Voice Actor: Leah Arscott


Range: 8.33
Reload: 0.22 seconds (8.8 seconds max; Very Fast), 0.165 seconds (6.6 seconds max; with Scorchin’ Siphon)
Projectiles/Attack: 40 (full ammo bar)
Super Charge/Attack: 4.55%
Attack Spread: 15°
Projectile Speed: 3500
Attack Width: 1.33


Range: 7.33
Projectile speed: 1750
Super Charge/Attack: 6.36%


Amber, a Legendary Brawler, who assaults by shooting a nonstop stream of fire that can puncture through opponents. She has a long reach with a high output of damage. For her Super, Amber tosses a bottle filled with fire liquid, which can light up close by opponents. Her Gadget, Fire Starters, speeds up and leaves the trail of fire fluid for three seconds. Her first Star Power, Wild Flames, permits her to have two fire puddles at the same time, just as it charges her Super when standing on top of them. Her next Star Power, Scorchin’ Siphon, permits her to reload quicker while she is close to a fire puddle.

Attack: Dragon’s Breath

Amber shoots out a flame burst. Each fire is fired at a 10th of a second, and each fire can penetrate through opponents. Her one big ammunition bar can hold up to 40 flames. The assault will be fired when aimed automatically, and her ammunition will drain while Amber assaults. She consequently reloads and the bar fills when not assaulting.

Super: Torch ‘Em!

Amber throws a fire liquid bottle over walls, flowing down a trail of black fire liquid as it moves. At the point when it lands on the ground, it makes a 2.7 tile radius puddle of fire liquid. The puddle stays until it gets lighted or another Super is utilized, and doesn’t influence the opponents in any way possible. On the chance that Amber’s flames touch the liquid, the liquid will get lighted up and consume any opponents that are in the puddle, taking damage for some time. Bushes will likewise get burned in the event that they are in the puddle when lighted up.


Fire Starters
Amber increases 14% speed for three seconds, while abandoning a trail of fire liquid. The fluid acts the same as her Super, which can be lighted and will remain until ignited.

Star Powers

Wild Flames
She will actually want to have two fire liquid puddles from her Super, and puddle #1 may be removed if a third Super is utilized. Moreover, at whatever point she is in a puddle of liquid from either her Super or Gadget, her Super will charge 5% each second.

Scorchin’ Siphon
At the point when Amber is close to a puddle of fire liquid, she becomes red and reloads 50% quicker. This will only work close to a puddle made by her Super or Gadget. She must be at most 0.67 tiles from outside puddle for the Star Power to initiate.


  1. Amber is a great cover destroyer that can both torch 18+ tiles of bushes from her puddle alone while inflict burn damage, limiting a Brawler’s capacity to heal and flee.
  2. Her Super capacity can be utilized to block choke points, making it harder for opponents to move around the map. On the chance that an opponent Brawler tries to traverse her fire liquid, she can light it up from distance, causing critical harm over timen and making the influenced opponent powerless and frail.
  3. Trails from Fire Starters ought to be utilized as firewalls protecting sharpshooters as they fall back. Notwithstanding, fires don’t light up at once. Keep trails contained to ensure Brawlers get damaged as they go through.
  4. Amber’s Super and Gadget can be connected to create a bigger oil puddle, and when joined with her Wild Flames Star Power, can handle a big portion of the map.
  5. When using Amber, it is ideal to point her assault instead of auto-aim. She can handle more damage by doing this and has control over the fire-spray.
  6. Players ought to be wary regarding how they position Amber’s Super. Whenever tossed in a wrong way, similar to while laning in Gem Grab, it could be unwise to assault for fear of lighting a Super puddle at a terrible timing. It’s smarter to be utilized to control an area separate from where Amber is battling.

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