Brawl Stars Barley's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Barley’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Rare
Class: Thrower
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 7.33
Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
Super Charge/Attack: 17%
Projectile Speed: 1750


Range: 9.33
Projectiles/Super: 5
Super Charge/Attack: 12.58%
Projectile Speed: 1504


Barley is a Rare Brawler who assaults by tossing a bottle of toxic fluid that covers an area on the ground, causing damage to opponents who step on the toxic fluid puddle. His Super shoots five bottles that will cover a larger area and will stay on ground for longer period of time. He has rather low health, but with high damage potential. His first Gadget, Sticky Syrup Mixer, generates a tacky puddle around himself, easing back opponents. His next Gadget, Herbal Tonic, tosses bottles around himself and teammates that heal them in the event that they step on the puddles. His first Star Power, Medical Use, recuperates him little when he tosses his bottle, however not with his Super. His following Star Power, Extra Noxious, adds extra damage each second to his normal attack. Barley and his Wizard skin can be opened at no cost by connecting an account to Supercell ID.

Attack: Undiluted

Barley tosses a bottle of toxic fluid on the ground that cause damage to opponent Brawlers who are within the two tile span that the toxic fluid covers. The damage can cause twice the damage if the opponent stays on the fluid. Two seconds after, the toxic fluid vanishes.

Super: Last Call

Barley tosses many bottles of flaring fluid that covers an extremely large area and cause damage over the time that the opponents been on the fluid. It is similarly to Barley’s primary assault but it last for four seconds; the harm can cause multiple hits if the opponent remains on top of the fluid, and a short time later, the fluid vanishes. The Super needs 1.25 seconds to complete.


Sticky Syrup Mixer
Barley drops a jug of fluid at his feet that ease back opponents who walk into it. The puddle goes on and lasts for four seconds and slows opponents down within a 3.33 tile span. The puddle stays even after Barley had been destroyed.

Herbal Tonic

Barley drops a bottle of fluid at his and teammates’ feet inside 10 tiles of his current location that recuperates 500 health each second. The puddles keep going for 4.5 seconds and influence all Brawlers within a 2.67 tile span. The puddles stay even after Barley is destroyed. They recuperate himself and all teammates, permitting them to heal at 2500 health for every puddle.

Star Powers

Medical Use
When Barley tosses a bottle from his normal attack, he would gain 400 health. This impact wouldn’t apply to his Super.

Extra Noxious
Barley’s normal attack’s damage is up by 15%, for a total of 1092 damage each second. This impact doesn’t apply to his Super.


  1. Barley’s assault allows him to keep opponents off of certain areas or paths. Use this to your advantage to keep opponents out of areas such as mine in Gem Grab.
  2. Just like Dynamike and Tick, Barley’s assaults are tossed, enabling him to attack over walls. A decent strategy is to assault from behind walls.
  3. Attempt to zero in on attacking for choke points of the map, or where you think opponents will go. Barley is solid control Brawler, because of his assault stays on the field.
  4. Joining Barley’s Super with Spike’s can cause enormous harm to opponent Brawlers who are trapped by both. Spike’s Super eases back the opponent’s speed, preventing escape, while Barley’s Super causes more damage.
  5. Barley is danagerous in Duo Showdown when he is combined with a tank, like El Primo, Rosa or Bull. Follow after your teammate and utilize Barley’s assault to harm opponents while the tank takes them down. The equivalent applies to Power Cubes; if there are many boxes close to your spawn, you can utilize your assaults to break them by stacking their damage.
  6. Barley’s Super can cause even more harm if an opponent Brawler can’t escape the fluid fast enough. Attempt to point the Super to have it land with the opponent Brawler in the middle or caught trapped against a wall, and Sticky Syrup Mixer can extend and increase your damage output.
  7. Auto-aiming and attack with Barley will cause you to miss your shot or get 1 tick of damage. Since Barley’s assaults keep going for two ticks, in the event that you point the shot before an opponent towards where they are going, you will either impede their movement or cause them to take two ticks of damage.
  8. Barley can be very successful in Heist, whenever used right. You can ordinarily cause damage to enemies, and when you’ve fully charged your Super, crawl to the opponent’s safe with the bushes, and aim your Super on it. It will cause great damage to the safe.
  9. Extra Noxious permits Barley’s assaults to cause more harm. This turns Barley into a more forceful brawler and become extremely powerful behind the walls. Since this affects the puddle of toxic puddle, Barley’s territory denial turns out to be more effective. Be mindful that you presently don’t have the quick +1200 health you get from rapidly unloading three shots with Medical Use.
  10. Barley is an extraordinary Siege Brawler mostly on the grounds that he is a control Brawler, magnificent at territory denial. He powers the opponent team’s Brawlers back with his attacks and Super so his teammates can get the bolts.
  11. Medical Use is dependent on map, best utilized in game modes where controlling the field is a higher priority than destroying opponents. This applies for Gem Grab, Heist, and Siege. Medical Use builds his survivability, permitting you to continue attacking as opposed to escaping, giving ground space to recuperate. This Star Power can be used in combination with his Herbal Tonic Gadget to recuperating when other healers can’t.
  12. Barley’s Sticky Syrup Mixer Gadget can be more helpful than one would expect. It tends to be utilized while safeguarding a goal in Brawl Ball and can drive tanks away from chasing after you. Shockingly, you can utilize this to bush camp with Barley. Hide inside the bush, and when a opponents walks by utilize your Gadget to ease them down and then blast them down. Whenever done right, this will either take out the opponent Brawler or cause huge damage, causing the opponents to escape.

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