Brawl Stars Bea's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Bea’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Epic
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Tiffany Grant


Range: 10
Reload: 0.9 seconds (Very Fast)
Super Charge/Attack: 35.6%
Projectile Speed: 3255
Attack Width: 1


Range: 9
Projectile/Super: 7
Super Charge/Attack: 2.5%
Super Spread: 30°
Projectile speed: 2500
Super Width: 1


Bea is an Epic Brawler with low health yet moderately high output of damage. Handling her assault supercharges her next assault, permitting it to cause 175% more damage. Her reload speed is fast, yet she just has 1 ammunition available at a time. Her Super shoots 7 drones that hurt opponents and causes them to slow down. Her first Gadget, Honey Molasses, conveys a hive that makes tacky honey around itself, easing down opponents who comes inside. Her next Gadget, Rattled Hive, sends 4 honey bees that harm opponents based upon their moving distance. Her first Star Power, Insta Beaload, supercharges her normal attack again in the event that she misses a supercharged shot. Her next Star Power, Honeycomb, gives her a shield when she has a supercharged shot.

Attack: Big Sting

Bea dispatches a long-range bee that causes damage moderately. In the event that the shot hits an opponent, her next assault gets supercharged and does 175% more damage than before, with a yellow ammunition bar. She possibly supercharges her assault when hitting a player or a proper element in Boss Fight, Super City Rampage, or Robo Rumble. Bea has just a single ammunition space, so kicking the ball in Brawl Ball doesn’t take away any ammunition. On the chance that Bea is crushed, the supercharge impact is lost and need to be recouped. She can’t have two sequential supercharged assaults except if she has Insta Beaload.

Super: Iron Hive

Bea discharges seven drones that spread out as they move toward the enemies. They harm opponents that they hit and slow them down for three seconds.


Honey Molasses
Upon initiation, Bea makes a beehive at her location that generates a huge honey puddle around itself that keep the opponents slowed down if they stepped on it. The puddle has a 4 tile radius and spreads past any walls. The beehive itself has 1000 health and will be destroyed if Bea utilizes her Gadget once more.

Rattled Hive

At the point when initiated, four bees will circle around Bea that spins and twist away from her. Every bee can cause 295 damage at first and 600 damage in the event that they are far enough. The bees can fly through opponents and walls, and conceals to 10 horizontal and vertical tiles and prior to despawning. Nonetheless, the bees can’t pierce and vanish right after hitting an opponent. It’s possible to cause 2400 max damage to one enemy Brawler. This Gadget gets interfered if Bea is crushed before all bees are let go.

Star Powers

Insta Beaload
Bea can recoup her supercharged shot on the chance that she misses it, allowing her another opportunity to utilize the supercharged shot. But if she missed again, she won’t get a third opportunity.

At the point when Bea’s Big Sting assault is supercharged, she will have a shield that takes away all damage got by twenty percent. This impact is lost the second she uses the shot.


  1. Bea has just one ammunition space and low health, so she can easily be trapped and attacked. It is best not to be close to bushes that cover an enormous range like in Cavern Churn, since close-ranged Brawlers, for example, Bull, Shelly, or Darryl can cause burst damages on the chance that they have been camping by the bushes close by.
  2. Since Bea’s Super can ease back opponents, she can utilize it to escape from opponents who are going after her. She can utilize it to ease back opponents who are attempting to escape from her.
  3. In case you’re uncertain about whether a Bea has a supercharged shot or not, you can simply check the bee flying near her. On the chance that it’s gleaming red (for opponents) or blue (for you/teammates), that implies that Bea has her supercharged shot prepared.
  4. Note that Bea’s shot will supercharge her next shot on the chance that it hits an opponent Brawler; hitting whatever else, for example, Showdown boxes, the Siege IKE turret, the Takedown Boss, the Heist safe, and Brawler Minions (Scrappy, Nita’s bear, and so forth), won’t supercharge her next shot.
  5. While it is not difficult to charge Bea’s Super (3 shots in particular), her usual shot and supercharged shot charge a similar amount (1/3) to her Super.
  6. Since Bea’s Super shoots and spread out, it is a good idea to check bushes (especially if you know an opponent Brawler is hiding inside). however the region the bushes covers is really big for her normal attack.
  7. Typically, most Brawlers are quick to have the option to avoid Bea’s shots. Notwithstanding, after hitting a Brawler with her Super, it is feasible to auto-aim them down rapidly without manual aiming, as the Brawler is eased back down and unfit to move quick enough to avoid her shots.
  8. Bea’s next Gadget, Rattled Hive, is entirely erratic and difficult to avoid if brawlers are managing different dangers. Since the bees move quicker and accomplish more damage at a more drawn out range, it is better to utilize this Gadget in offense for large territory area and cause damage to potential than to utilize it defensively. It can likewise be utilized to check bushes that are behind walls and harm throwers taking cover behind walls.
  9. It is recommended to put Bea’s first Gadget behind a wall to make it harder for opponents to annihilate the beehive, as it just has 1000 health (this won’t be the situation if a thrower is among the opponents, since they will actually want to shoot over the wall). On the other hand, Bea can utilize it as a shield to tank some damage in the event that she winds up in a frantic circumstance where they need to escape rapidly with their excess health.

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