Brawl Stars Bibi's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Bibi’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Epic
Class: Batter
Movement Speed: 820 (Very Fast), 920 (with Home Run)
Voice Actor: Bindy Coda


Range: 3.67
Reload: 0.8 seconds (Very Fast)
Super Charge/Attack: 35.75%
Attack Spread: 150°


Range: 40
Super Charge/Attack: 25.2%
Projectile speed: 3000
Super Width: 1.67


Bibi is an Epic Brawler who assaults with a bat, hitting opponents in a short proximity curve. She charges her Home Run bar if each of the 3 ammunition bars are reloaded. Charging the Home Run bar will permit her next assault to thump back opponents. She has moderate-high health and a short assault range, yet her assault is exceptionally wide and can cause lots of damage. Bibi’s Super shoots out a bubble that can travel a very long distance and bounces off walls as it touches them. Her Gadget, Vitamin Booster, permits her to health for 2400 health more than four seconds. Her first Star Power, Home Run, speeds up when her Home Run bar is charged and her next Star Power, Batting Stance, gives her a shield when she has her Home Run bar on full bar status.

Attack: Three Strikes

Bibi swings with her bat, hitting opponents in a 150 degrees arc. This assault, similar as Frank’s, takes time to strike. But she can move at the same time, while Frank cannot. Likewise, if Bibi’s ammunition bars are full, her Home Run bar will charge. Her Home Run bar requires two seconds to charge, and when completely charged, it makes Bibi’s next assault thump back opponents. In any case, its output of damage will be the same. This attacks requires 1.3 seconds to finish.

Super: Spitball

Bibi shoots a large bubble that will travel a long distance. This bubble can penetrate through opponents and skip off of walls. Notwithstanding, the bubble will pop and vanish following 5 seconds. Utilizing her Super again while the past one is active won’t cancel it.


Vitamin Booster
By utilizing this Gadget, Bibi can recover an extra 2400 health over a period of time. This Gadget can’t be utilized if Bibi is at full health.

Star Powers

Home Run
At the point when Bibi’s ammunition meter is full and her Home Run bar is completely charged, her speed is increased from 820 points to 920 points. Nonetheless, Bibi will move at ordinary speed again after utilizing her Home Run swing.

Batting Stance
At the point when Bibi’s Home Run bar is full, she gets a shield that decreases all damages she takes by thirty percent. This shield will remain initiated until you attack, in which case the Home Run bar would not be active.


  1. Bibi’s capacity to thump back opponents when her Home Run bar is charged can be utilized to evade contact from short-range Brawlers and to stop Supers before they completely execute.
  2. Because Bibi’s shot requires a long time to produce results, you can thump back or hit the opponent Bibi before their swing goes off. You can see that the opponent Bibi’s opponent model leans back right as the opponent start the assault, which you can use to help time your assault or to flee. Thumping of back the opponent before you get in range can be applied when battling different Brawlers. It takes a bit of training to get timing just right, yet utilizing this trick will enhance your expertise using Bibi.
  3. When battling another Bibi, you can begin your assault before you get within range.
  4. Try not to let an opponent flee due to being thumped back when her Home Run bar is charged, Bibi can hit them into a close by wall and hit them again when the opponent is cornered at the wall.
  5. Utilizing her Super after beginning her swing to thump back an opponent Brawler can let the bubble hitting them twice, for the most part securing a defeat against low to medium health opponents.
  6. Bibi can effectively increase her Home Run’s knock back mechanic in Events with Modifiers initiated. For example, Bibi can push opponents towards the destination of meteors or away from recuperating mushrooms and energy drinks.
  7. Hitting back enemies can be bad if she drives them away from opponent fire, particularly for medium to long-range enemies who can in any case hit her from a longer distance. It is valuable to work out ahead of time if utilizing the thump back will be good in such situation, and to either not knocking back opponent by swinging in the air, or save ammunition and putting away the knock back capacity. You can purposely dispose of your knock back from a charged Home Run bar by swinging Bibi’s bat before hitting the opponent, if your best course of action is to just assault opponents which you wouldn’t want to hit back.
  8. In maps with the Energy Drink Modifier, Bibi can cover up in a bush by the energy drink. At the point when a opponent comes close, come out of the bush and thump the opponent Brawler back, gathering the Energy Drink simultaneously. Except if the opponent has a lot of Power Cubes, Bibi can defeat opponents now with the boost of damage.
  9. Whenever correctly aimed, Bibi’s Super can bob off walls and do lots of damage to a safe in Heist maps like Pit Stop.
  10. Bibi’s widespread assault, extremely quick reload speed and high damage output are valuable in Showdown maps with lot of Power Cubes gathered together like Acid Lakes/Two Thousand Lakes and Feast or Famine. Nonetheless, be careful in Feast or Famine as there are thick bushes around the box, and no one can really tell the number of Brawlers are in the bush. You could get effortlessly ambushed and destroyed if the Brawler is a decent counter to Bibi, much more so as Bibi won’t have her Home Run bar charged after utilizing assaults on the boxes, so you can’t knock back the opponent brawler and escape.
  11. With her Super, she can destroy low health Brawlers, safes in Heist, and IKE turret in Siege from a long distance.
  12. In Brawl Ball, Bibi can utilize her knock back to take the ball out of opponent Brawlers, permitting her to take the ball or keep opponent Brawlers from scoring.
  13. Bibi’s Super can skip off the other wall edge, and hit an IKE turret twice in Siege without being in the range of the IKE’s high damage shots.

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