Brawl Stars Bo's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Bo’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Brian Stivale


Range: 8.67
Reload: 1.7 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles/Attack: 3
Super Charge/Attack: 11.18%
Attack Spread: 15°
Projectile Speed: 2609
Attack Width: 0.47


Range: 8.67
Projectiles per super: 3
Super charge per hit: 33.48%
Projectile speed: 2391


Bo is a Common Brawler available as a Trophy reward after getting 3000 Trophies. He has moderate health, high damage, and great utility. He attacks by firing arrows with explosion that cause damage at long reach. His Super places undetectable traps in a territory that detonate when a opponent steps on them. His first Gadget, Super Totem, puts a symbol that gradually charges the Supers of close by partners. His next Gadget, Tripwire, empowers him to explode his mines without having an opponent trigger them. His first Star Power, Circling Eagle, increases his field of view into bushes. His next Star Power, Snare a Bear, makes his mines quickly shock opponents rather than a knockback.

Attack: Eagle-eyed

Bo shoots three powerful explosive arrows that can cause high damage to opponents inside the radius of the arrow explosions. They have a long reach and are shot with a small spread from left to right. The assault requires 0.85 seconds to finish.

Super: Catch a Fox

Bo tosses three mines that detonate 1.15 seconds after being set off by opponents stepping on them, breaking obstacles nearby, and thumping back any opponents inside its 2 tile impact radius. The traps are invisible to opponent Brawlers when set, however when set off, they beep and lights immediately prior to explosion.


Super Totem
Bo drops a little totem pole that will re-energize his and any partners’ Supers 5% each second inside the area (The charging impact will slow by 1% for each time you stand on it until it charges at half speed). 20 seconds is expected to re-energize a full Super with the utilization of this Gadget on the first time when you charge your Super, with half speed on the fifth time. Every totem has 1000 health and a range of 2.67 tiles. The totem from before will naturally be gone if Bo places another totem. In the event that there are various totems from multiple allied Bos, the charging effect will stack.


Once activated, Bo’s mines will have a 1.5 second delay prior to exploding. This explosion has similar impacts as their original method and can trigger Bo’s Snare a Bear Star Power and destroy walls; notwithstanding, opponents can’t see the mines before explosion. In the event that this Gadget is used before the last mine is set, Tripwire just explodes the bottom two.

Star Powers

Circling Eagle
This Star Power permits Bo to see 5 tiles into bushes (and his team can see his field of view also), rather than the typical 2 tiles. This allows him to spot opponents in bushes before opponents can see him, or to expect an ambush.

Snare a Bear
Bo’s mines stun opponents for two seconds rather than knockback. The stun doesn’t stack; all things being equal, it will begin once again when another mine hits an opponent.


  1. Bo’s has high health can be used to walk the ball into the opponent’s goal in Brawl Ball. Also, Bo’s mines can be utilized to destroy opponent’s cover. Clearing up specific maps could be good for Bo because of his long range, particularly in the event that he has teammates with long range capacities.
  2. Bo’s Super can be used to defend paths on the battlefield. Opponent Brawlers taking that path will take high damage when they step on the trap. It very well may be utilized to cover the gem mine with traps in the Gem Grab to damage opponent Brawlers who are gathering gem from it. It can likewise be utilized to cover key choke points in Showdown.
  3. Bo consistently shoots three arrows from left to right. You can use this to your advantage by controlling the spread of your arrows. On the off chance that you need to keep fire in a small area, move left while shooting, permitting more arrows to hit a single enemy Brawler. For an assault with more spread, move right. The spacing between every arrow will be increased, giving the attack a more wide spread.
  4. The absolute best maps for Bo’s Circling Eagle are Hunting Party and Snake Prairie, among others. This will assist you with trying not to get destroyed by short-ranged Brawlers like Bull or Darryl.
  5. Bo’s mines have a knockback impact, so whenever put correctly, it can thump enemy brawlers into the poison gas or to angry robot. With Bo’s Snare a Bear, Bo’s mines will rather stun. This permits you to rapidly destroy brawlers with no danger of dying. In Duo Showdown, Bo can be utilized with a high damage brawler, like Darryl or Shelly, to finish off a stunned brawler. Bo’s mines are tossed and accordingly can be tossed over walls. This is okay when you know there is a brawler hiding in a bush facing opposite to you behind a wall. Toss it in front of them, so they have to walk into it, as they can’t go through the wall. With the Tripwire gadget, you can damage them quickly.
  6. Bo’s Super Totem Gadget can be utilized close to your team’s spawn to permit them to get their Super before a team battle. This likewise decreases the opportunity of the opponent breaking your totem.
  7. Bo’s Circling Eagle is truly helpful on maps filled up with bushes, with his vision doubled radius in bushes. A few maps incorporate Cavern Churn, Feast or Famine and Snake Prairie. Since you have a sight advantage, try not to draw near to tanks or other stronger Brawlers. Spot his mines to cover the path with just a single direction while you can cover other side with your increased sight. At the point when played appropriately, Bo can dominate in bushy maps. This is likewise helpful in 3 versus 3 events, for his expanded sight in bushes is shared with all teammates as well.
  8. Bo’s Snare a Bear Star Power can come into extraordinary impact in a few Weekend Events. In the event that one of your opponents is paralyzed, you and your teammates can cause damage to them briefly without being targeted. This includes the Bosses in Super City Rampage, Robo Rumble and Boss Fight, or the Big Brawler in Big Game.
  9. At the point when an opponent attempts to disarm your traps, utilize Bo’s Tripwire Gadget to activate the traps and cause great damage. Combined with Bo’s subsequent Star Power, Bo can force opponents to not disarm their mines. This permits him to control open zones by choosing this Gadget.
  10. At the point when Bo’s Super is utilized, the third mine is set after the other two. Also, initiating Bo’s Tripwire Gadget right after using his Super only detonates two mines. In Brawl Ball, this can be utilized to detonate walls or obstacles at opponent’s goal, which makes it easy to score. One mine would in any case be covered up until an opponent steps on it.
  11. Attempt to utilize Bo’s Tripwire Gadget before the opponent steps on it, since the 1.5 second delay permits the opponent to move away. Additionally, remember that the 1.5 second delay takes longer than its typical 1.15 seconds. On the off chance that Bo figures out how to put his mines on the IKE turret in Siege or on the Heist safe, he can initiate Tripwire when he can to cause great damage to the safe/IKE.

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