During the Bounty Event, there are 2 teams which have total of 3 players on each team. The objective of the game is to acquire the most stars within 2 minutes of the battle. Each player begins with a 2-star bounty, which is shown over each Brawler’s head. At the point when a Brawler is crushed, their bounty gets added to the score of the opposing team Brawler that crushed them and that Brawler’s bounty would go up by 1 star (can go up to seven). At the point when a Brawler is crushed, their bounty is set back to 2 stars.

There is a blue star at the center of the Bounty map to fill in as a sudden death round. Whichever group gathers it initially gets 1 star. The individual who gathered the star won’t have their Bounty expanded. A blue star symbol will show close to the count of the team’s stars, flagging that they have the blue star. Crushing a Brawler with the blue star will give the blue star to the opposing team. In the event that each group has similar amount of stars when the clock stops, whichever group has the blue star will win. If the blue star was not picked up during the game, then the match will end in a draw.

Top 10 Brawlers to Use

  1. Brock: His amazing long-range assault permits him to rapidly crush numerous different Brawlers without being attacked (as long as he is covered behind teammate Brawlers, and uses walls well because of his low health level). His Super is helpful for destroying bushes on maps like Snake Prairie to keep opponents from crossing without being seen. He can likewise utilize his Super to break walls that ally Brawlers are taking cover behind. Rocket Fuel can cause serious damages.

2. Piper: She can cause lot of damages from long distance, her shots move a lot quicker than Brock’s, and she can utilize her Super to escape from heavyweights or close-range Brawlers, remaining safe while causing damages to them. In maps with bushes, she can utilize her Ambush Star Power to compel opponents to flee.

3. Byron: Being one of the longest range Brawlers in the game (with similar range as Brock or Piper). He can heal ally Brawlers and cause damages to opponents, along with his long reach, quick shot speed, and wide shot width, makes Byron great for this game mode. Byron can keep his ally Brawlers alive while brining down the health of the opposing team, his attack is also easier to hit than Piper’s, causes more damage than Brock’s, and has quick reload speed. Furthermore, his Super, which is not difficult to charge (10 hits on an opponent), can toss over walls to not just recuperate teammates but also harm opponents that are behind cover. His Super is great for countering throwers as well. Byron’s Gadget can help to keep himself alive while his first Star Power, Malaise, can be utilized to decrease opponents recuperating to hold them back for longer period of time. His subsequent Star Power, Injection, can be utilized to hit numerous opponents with his assault, saving ammunition.

4. Bo: He has a lot of ways with his assault, having the option to barrage left or right to shoot his arrows straight or spread out. His Circling Eagle Star Power allows vision in bushes, which is good for maps like Snake Prairie. Bo’s Super can be utilized to control a big area, locating opposing team Brawlers in bushes, break walls, cause damages, or ease back opposing team Brawlers. His Snare a Bear Star Power can immobilize opponents, allowing your team to attack and defeat.

5. Rico: By bouncing his attacks off of walls, Rico can easily check bushes and cause damage to opponents hiding behind deterrents. His Super causes high burst harm, permitting fast losses. Rico’s Star Power, Robot Retreat, can help him getaway or flank better. In maps where walls are normal, Rico can utilize his Super Bouncy Star Power to rapidly dispose of opponents.

6. Penny: Penny can utilize her mortar to compel opponents to move, leaving them prone to damages. What’s more, if opponents bundle up, she can easily defeat them.

7. Mortis: He can rapidly run up and get the middle star. He counters throwers like Dynamike, Barley, or Tick, which are utilized quite often in Bounty. He can run toward and clear out throwers or crush team that are gathered up. He can likewise stay away from opponents’ assaults better than most Brawlers due to his fast movement speed. His Star Powers, Creepy Harvest and Coiled Snake can allow him to defeat enemies and not being killed.

8. Poco: He can go about as support to help healing the ally Brawlers as they attack the opposing team. With one of the most amount of health out of the Bounty Brawlers, he can take on a considerable amount of damages, turning into a tank once his recuperate is prepared. His assaults are scarier in Bounty since players are not as tanky, and he can be utilized as a forceful front-line attacker when his Screeching Solo Star Power is used. Since it is practically difficult to miss a Poco shot, more spotlight can be applied on barraging and drawing nearer to the opponents. He is likewise an extraordinary alternative on Snake Prairie, ready to check bushes better than other Brawler, and to give the campers a lift. His Da Capo! Star Power can likewise help Brawlers like Shelly and Rosa to remain in the battle.

9. Tick: Tick’s assault cover a lot of area (just like Barley), Tick can shield themselves from approaching Brawlers. Their Super makes a quick danger for faster Brawlers that would typically attack Tick (examples would be Mortis) and is can destroy walls. Tick’s Well Oiled Star Power permits him to be on the front line without worrying of retreating, his other Star Power, Automa-tick Reload, assists Tick with getting space as he doesn’t have to withdraw to reload.

10. Bea: The long reach and supercharge assists her with to cause high damage and destroy opponents. She can likewise trap them with her Super to get more stars.


  • In this Event, you are attempting to destroy as many opponents as possible. So, if you are getting defeated often, your team may be more likely to lose. Therefore, put more focus on staying alive by causing as much damage as possible. Flee when your health is low to recover and remain alive.
  • On the chance that your Brawler can cause area of effect damage, take benefit of this when opponent Brawlers bunched up together.
  • The star that shows up toward the start of the game doesn’t add to your bounty, yet it gives your team a star and upper edge if tied, so it is a good pickup when the game begins. Be wary as the opposing team will run to the center also, and can destroy you on the chance that you’re not cautious.
  • On the chance that you end up with a high bounty, try to stay away. Putting yourself in danger could permit the other team to crush you and acquire your bounty. On the chance that your team is losing, Chasing after the opponent with the most elevated bounty can lead to triumph. On the chance that you are winning, falling back and playing defense would be better than attacking.

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