Brawl Ball

In Brawl Ball, like the game of soccer, consists of two teams, each one of which comprises of three players. The purpose is to take the ball (what begins in the center) to the opposing team’s goal, which is on the opposite side of your goal. The team that scores two goals first will win, however a team can likewise win by having scored a higher number of goals than the opposing team when the clock runs out. On the chance that the clock ends while both teams are tied, the game will go into overtime for sixty seconds and all obstacles will be gone. In the event that it is still a tie toward the end of overtime, the game would end in a draw.

Brawlers can get the ball by drawing near enough to it while no other Brawler has it. Assaulting with the ball kicks it and utilizations up an ammunition bar (except if the Brawler has just a single ammunition bar, such as Bea, Amber, or Carl). Shooting the ball with your Super makes it go further, and goes through the Super. Auto-aiming an assault or Super with the ball will kick the ball towards the center of opponent’s goal line. Gadgets can’t be utilized if you are holding on to the ball (however can be in effect while holding the ball). In the event that the one carrying the ball is stunned, thumped back, or crushed, the ball will be dropped.

Top 10 Brawlers to Use

  1. Bull: Since he comes with high health, and can withstand lots of harm. He also causes lot of harm, which is great against other Brawlers with high health. Utilizing his Super (and Stomper), Bull can cross the map rapidly and break obstacles. He can likewise self-pass by either kicking the ball close to an indestructible wall and kicking the ball, charge towards the ball, at that point halt when he arrives at the ball with Stomper.

2. Poco: He has medium health level with a wide and long-range assault. Since that assault can go through opponents, his Super charges up quickly. His Super is vital to help your teammates as well as yourself to score the goal. His Da Capo! Star Power can likewise be valuable to recuperate ally Brawlers. Poco should assist with battling off enemies when your ally Brawler is going to score.

3. Gale: He has moderate health level and causes moderate harm. By using his Super, Gale can drive enemies away from the ball. With his Blustery Blow Star Power, he can drive a couple of opponents from the ball into a wall, permitting him or ally Brawlers to take the ball and score.

4. Frank: He is the strongest Brawler with the most health in the game. He can rush to the goal and toss/carry the ball into the goal while taking some fire because of his high health. He can obliterate obstructions in a huge territory with his Super (i.e. breaking the walls that guard the goal), and can likewise paralyze opponents for a long length and give his group sufficient opportunity to score (example would be when opponents are stunned, you can kick the ball through them). Moreover, his normal assault is very effective since he can do area damage and Brawlers will in general gathering up. His Super charges rapidly, permitting you to Super kick the ball regularly.

5. El Primo: He has the second most health in the game. Since he’s a tank, he can approach the objective and toss/convey the ball into the goal while taking some fire. El Primo can likewise cause serious and predictable harm to Brawlers conveying the ball. Likewise, his Super can obliterate impediments and take the ball from opponents, so he can make openings to the opponent’s goal, and can likewise self-pass utilizing it. His Suplex Supplement Gadget is particularly valuable to eliminate opposing team from their goal, or prevent moving toward opponents from strolling the ball to your own goal.

6. Tara: When Tara utilizes her Super to drag opponents, they will all get grouped up and permit her and her opponents to defeat the opponents together, yet they’ll likewise fail. When the opposing team is clustered up, attempt to score and then defend. This makes Tara valuable both on defense and offense.

7. Spike: Causes high damage even if he misses, the eruption of spikes may still cause damages to opponents. Also, his Super can ease back opponents, making him effective on defense. Be vigilant however, as you need to look out for his low health. Spike can counter tanks, just like Shelly, another Brawler that is often used. Spike’s high utility Super and reach can defeat most opponents easily.

8. Darryl: Is great for Brawl Ball, because of how fast he recharges his Super. You can toss the ball before Darryl and utilize his Super to roll toward the ball, moving a significant long distance and holding on to the ball again. Darryl can likewise utilize his Super to knock the ball out of their hands. Because of his genuinely high health and with his Steel Hoops, he can toss/carry the ball into the goal while taking hits.

9. Rosa: She can use her Super and walk right through the goal. With her shield, she can handle attacks from most opponents while holding on to the ball. Remember that Rosa’s shield won’t make her invulnerable to pulls, stuns, knockbacks, or slows.

10. Bea: She can kick the ball without utilizing any ammunition and her Super can be utilized to score a goal or keep opponents from scoring one.


  • Brawlers whose Gadget, Super, or normal assault can ease back or stun an opponent (examples would be Bull, Shelly, or Dynamike) can be useful on defense since it will make the opponent Brawler lose ownership of the ball.
  • For Brawlers whom have a Super or Gadget that can break walls (examples would be Frank, El Primo, Colt, or Shelly) are very useful for offense. They can make the way and permit the entire team to kick to the goal without going around the obstacles. Nonetheless, do not end up destroying the walls near by your own goal and end up benefiting the opposing team.
  • In the event that you notice the yellow spotted ring around an opponent, example would be Bull or El Primo, odds are that they’re attempting to take the ball out of your hands with their Super. In the event that you see the yellow ring, pass the ball to your ally Brawler, or pass the ball to the opponent to attempt to make them squander their Super.
  • Because you couldn’t attack while having the ball in your possession, one way is to pass the ball to an opponent so they cannot assault, and attack them quickly. Notwithstanding, don’t attempt this if the opponent you’re focusing on is close to your goal; because, they could easily kick the ball in your goal as they are close.
  • There are a few Brawlers that can move with their Super like Darryl, Crow, El Primo, and Edgar. Their Super can be utilized at dangerous occasions to control a speeding ball moving toward the goal, if timed properly.

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