Brawl Stars Brock's Basic Info & Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Scott William


Range: 10
Reload: 2.1 seconds (Slow)
Super Charge/Attack: 27.3%
Projectile Speed: 3044, 3500 (with Rocket Fuel)
Attack width: 0.67, 1 (with Rocket Fuel)


Range: 8.33
Projectiles per super: 9
Super charge per hit: 20.8%
Projectile speed: 870


Brock is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward after getting 1000 Trophies. He has a low measure of health yet shoots rockets at a long-range that detonate, managing moderate damage in a short radius. His Super fires a flood of rockets in an large area. His first Gadget, Rocket Laces, permits him to fire at his feet, harming opponents nearby and dispatching Brock into the air. His next Gadget, Rocket Fuel, makes Brock’s next attack a more powerful super rocket. His first Star Power, Incendiary, permits his rockets to leave a fix of fire which damages in the affected area over time. His next Star Power, Rocket No. Four, builds Brock’s ammunition capacity to 4.

Attack: Rockin’ Rocket

Brock’s assault is a far-reaching rocket that causes moderate harm in a 1 tile radius on impact. Notwithstanding, his assaults reload rather slowly and travel slowly too.

Super: Rocket Rain

At the point when Brock’s Super is utilized, he dispatches a volley of 9 rockets spread out over a huge territory, managing lots of damages. These rockets can annihilate obstacles or be shot over them. The Super requires 2.05 seconds to complete.


Rocket Laces
At the point when utilized, Brock will make a blast with a range of 2.67 tiles under his feet to hop toward the path he faces, permitting him to bounce over walls or water. Any foe harmed by the blast will be thumped back. The blast can’t obliterate walls or bushes.

Rocket Fuel

At the point when Brock uses this Gadget, his next attack can deal 1.5 times of original damage, travels 15% quicker, is half times stronger, and brings down walls with twofold of the blast radius. A Gadget symbol will sparkle over Brock’s head flagging this current Gadget’s use, just as a shining attack joystick. This current Gadget’s cooldown begins after this assault is shot.

Star Powers

Brock’s rockets upon explosion or contact with an opponent, leave a fix of fire that vanishes after two seconds. These flares have a 1 tile radius and cause 520 damage a second and can manage 1040 damage. Incendiary doesn’t influence Brock’s Super.

Rocket No. Four
Brock gets an additional rocket on his ammunition bar, permitting him to have up to 4 assaults ready immediately. Nonetheless, Brock’s reload speed stays the same as before, so it takes 33% longer for him to completely reload after shooting all four rockets.


  1. Brock is best in maps that are open and don’t have a ton of cover so that short-range Brawlers cannot ambush him.
  2. Attempt to foresee where enemies will be at, and shoots toward that direction. His rockets are genuinely slower and narrower, and the adversary Brawlers will probably be moving.
  3. Keep Brock behind other teammates. Brock has low health and is best utilized for long range attacks.
  4. Due to Brock’s horrendously slower reload time, it’s essential to make the most of each shot. Try not to shoot every one of the three rockets at once, since that will leave Brock entirely vulnerable.
  5. In Duo Showdown, two Brawlers will be close to one another. Brock’s rockets have a small are of blast when it hits something or when the rocket’s distance has been met. Shooting a rocket in the middle of the two Brawlers when they’re close to will harm the two of them enormously.
  6. Utilize Brock’s Super at whatever point the enemies gather up or when one is staying behind a wall.
  7. Brock’s Super is extraordinary for getting the opponent team to separate as they maintain a strategic distance from the rockets; then, the other teammates can handle them one by one.
  8. At short proximity, Brock can undoubtedly crush lower-health Brawlers by quickly firing 3 rockets. Saving Brock’s ammo is particularly helpful for close-range ambushes.
  9. Brock is definitely not a decent Brawler to use in level-based Special Events since he has moderate reload speed and his Super can break walls, giving the robots an enormous benefit in Robo Rumble and Boss Fight, and assisting the Mega Monster by annihilating the city in Super City Rampage.
  10. Use him in Heist to break the walls covering the opponent’s safe with the goal that he can cause harm to opponent’s safe without any problem. Additionally, with his extremely long reach, he can cause great damage to the safe while remaining moderately safe himself. His assault’s slow movement speed won’t be a drawback as the safe is fixed. His Star power, Incendiary, can help him cause great damage to the opponent’s safe.
  11. Brock’s Gadget, Rocket Laces, can be utilized for escaping circumstances, for example, being charged by tanks. He can likewise utilize it to keep distance by hopping over walls.
  12. Brock’s Incendiary permits him to make a little zone of flames which vanishes after around 2 seconds. It causes 520 damage each second and can harm a Brawler twice, which implies its greatest harm would be 1040, adding a huge damage boost if a Brawler stays nearby the impacted area. This can be utilized as a type of crowd control or to discourage Brawlers from leaving/entering a specific chokepoint.
  13. Brock’s Super can be utilized against a wall before the goal in Brawl Ball, which means Brock doesn’t need to go around the wall. This applies to all Brawl Ball maps with a wall right in front of the goal.
  14. Rocket Fuel’s greatest effect is the splash damage it gives. Brock can handle splash damage, yet it is somewhat troublesome except if opponents stay inside one tile. Each shot is important for Brock whose reload speed makes him weak once some shots are fired. It likewise permits Brock to open up walls on the map without having to charge his Super first.

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