Brawl Stars Bull's Basic Info & Tips
Brawl Stars Bull’s Basic Info & Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Heavyweight
Movement Speed: 770 (Fast), 1800 (with Super)
Voice Actor: Bill Russell


Range: 5.33
Reload: 1.6 seconds (Normal), 0.8 seconds (with Berserker)
Projectiles/Attack: 5
Super Charge/Attack: 10%
Attack Spread: 45°
Projectile Speed: 2853


Range: 11
Super charge per hit: 30%


Bull is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward after getting 250 Trophies. Like Shelly, he has a shotgun. Bull has a higher amount of health and dominates at short-range battle. Therefore, he is incredible at ambushing and overpowering opponent Brawlers. His Super permits him to charge forward, harming opponents and annihilating walls in his way. His first Gadget, T-Bone Injector, immediately heals him for an extensive sum. His next Gadget, Stomper, stops his Super and tramples the ground, easing back opponents inside range. His first Star Power, Berserker, increase his reload speed by double when he is beneath 60% health. His next Star Power, Tough Guy, gives him a shield when he falls beneath 40% health.

Attack: Double-Barrel

Bull shoots an explosion of 5 shells that do little harm all alone; nonetheless, if the entirety of Bull’s shells hit one target, they can do a great deal of damage. The scope of Bull’s assault is a lot more limited than Shelly’s, however Bull’s shells deal more harm. The assault is more successful at short distance since more shells are probably going to hit the opponent.

Super: Bulldozer

Bull charges in a long straight line toward the path he aims with his Super. He annihilates anything that he touches with and thumps back and damages opponents that he hits. Note that Bull can in any case be hit by opponents when he uses Bulldozer. In the event that he lands in a lake, his charging distance extend to the nearest land. Knockback impacts won’t stop his Super, however stuns will.


T-Bone Injector
At the point when Bull’s Gadget is used, he quickly heals for 1500 health. The impact, be that as it may, likewise stops the healing. This Gadget can’t be utilized when Bull is at full health.


Bull can decide to promptly interrupt on his Super dash by a step which likewise slows opponents within 4 tiles of him for 1.5 seconds. This must be utilized when his Super is being used and it cancels the dash when used.

Star Powers

Foes hit by Shelly’s Super Shell are eased back somewhere near a significant sum for 4 seconds. This permits Shelly and her teammates to rapidly make up for lost time to foes.

Tough Guy
Shelly acquires a bar like Bibi’s Home Run bar, which requires 15 seconds to charge totally. On the off chance that Shelly falls beneath 40% health, she immediately mends for 1800 health, and the bar resets. Nonetheless, if Shelly has more than 40% health and gets crushed in one pass up a high-harm Brawler like Bull, her Star Power won’t initiate, and she should stand by an additional 15 seconds to get Band-Aid back after respawning, paying little heed to on the off chance that it was charged or not. The measure of health mended from Band-Aid isn’t influenced by Showdown Power Cubes.


  1. Shelly is a great counter to El Primo and other short proximity Brawlers. Shelly out-duo El Primo and can thump him back with her Super if things get intense. This can likewise be utilized to drive him away from your safe in Heist or Siege.
  2. Shelly is great in maps with bunches of shrubberies and dividers. Be that as it may, be cautious when utilizing her Super, as it obliterates bushes and walls, which could demonstrate lethal to teammates on the off chance that they need the cover to take cover behind.
  3. Shelly’s Clay Pigeons Gadget can be utilized after using her Super at mid-range. While the opponent gets thumped back, Shelly can hit all bullets with her Gadget to offer most benefit.
  4. Use walls when moving toward long-range adversary Brawlers, like Colt or Rico (for Rico, attempt to try not to have a huge grouping of walls by and behind you that he could skip his shots on), since they can out-reach and bring down Shelly easily in the open.
  5. Shelly can break walls impeding the opponent’s goal and permit your team to score without any problem. The spread on Shelly’s assaults permits her to clear bushes and uncover any opponents covering up in them.
  6. Shelly’s Super can hinder other Brawlers’ Supers since it pushes them back. For instance, she can prevent Frank from utilizing his Super in the event that she hits him with her Super during his breeze up. This can be made all the more lethal by hiding in a bush and ambushing.
  7. Utilizing her Shell Shock Star Power, she can hinder Brawlers attempting to run away, permitting her or potentially her teammates to make up for lost time and destroy them.
  8. Shelly is equipped for affixing her Super. This is finished by utilizing her Super against an Brawler at point-blank range. This will charge her Super to such an extent that she needs just a single main attack to have her Super prepared once more, permitting her to proceed onward to the following Brawler to rehash the process, acquiring and utilizing Supers one after another. This ends up being a compelling counter against big guys like Frank and El Primo.
  9. In Duo Showdown, there are a lot of team combinations that are ideal, example would be Shelly and Tara combination and the Shelly and Gene combination. In the event that Tara utilizes her Super to drag adversaries toward her, Shelly (with Super) can progress toward the handicapped opponents and utilize her Super. For Gene and Shelly, if Gene pulls the opponent Brawler towards Shelly, Shelly can utilize her Super to destroy the opponent.
  10. A strategy a few group use as Shelly in Brawl Ball is shooting and quickly utilizing her Super to break any obstructions that can hinder the ball from getting into the goal, shocking the Brawlers who are on defending mode.
  11. If Shelly is at low health level and is being pursued by a Brawler, she can utilize her Super to thump back the Brawler and gain a little more time to get away. This works better if she has Shell Shock since that way, she can likewise back them off for a few seconds.
  12. Shelly’s Clay Pigeons Gadget channels her shot making it simpler to charge Supers. In mirror matches or against medium-ranged Brawlers this can be useful, yet her Fast Forward Gadget gives Shelly more possibilities of getting closer to opponents. It permits her to get in short distance to opponents and trap them, possibly astonishing opponents if she runs from a shrub. Once in a while however, you will end up using Clay Pigeons in circumstances where an opponent on low health level is out of your typical reach and you need to get them desperately.

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