Brawl Stars Byron's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Byron’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Mythic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Steven Kelly


Range: 10
Reload: 1.3 seconds (Very Fast)
Super Charge/Attack: 11.12%
Projectile Speed: 4000
Attack Width: 1


Range: 7.33
Super Charge/Attack: 22.88%
Projectile speed: 2000


Byron, a Mythic Brawler, has low blasted damage output and health, yet can give a lot of healing utility to his teammates. His assault fires a long-range dart, handling decent amount of damage after some time in the event that it hits a opponent, but if he hits a teammate, it will heal the teammate. His Super throws a vial of fluid that splashes on the ground, causing damage to all opponents and healing all teammates in its splash radius. His Gadget, Shot in the Arm, burns-through one bar of ammunition while recuperating him for a short period of time. His first Star Power, Malaise, quickly split by halves of all potential healing impacts for opponents on the chance that they are hit by his Super. His next Star Power, Injection, permits Byron’s assault to puncture through teammates and opponents the same in each 3.5 seconds.

Attack: Careful Dose

Byron’s shot that causes damage after some time to opponents more than two seconds, doing 3 hits in total. In any case, if the shot hits a teammate Brawler, it will recuperate his ally Brawlers after some time, healing same damage as he would impact to an opponent. The assault and the healing impacts will stack, not like Crow’s, which means assaulting a similar opponent or ally Brawler on various occasions will add to the damage or recuperating. Byron’s healing won’t diminish if his assault hits a teammate with an active shield (for example, Rosa). Byron’s assault has a long reach like Brock or Piper. Byron has a slower assault cooldown of 0.5 seconds, yet he has a pretty quick reload speed.

Super: Full Treatment

Byron throws a vial that can be tossed over walls which will heal himself and teammates and harm opponents inside a 2.67 tile radius once it crashes and spreads on the ground. Like his assault, this charges his Super on the chance that it harms an opponent, and the recuperating doesn’t diminish on the chance that it hits a teammate with a shield.


Shot In The Arm
Byron take in one ammunition while healing himself for 800 health for each second in the 3 second span, recuperating 2400 health in total. Note that it requires generally 0.5 seconds to utilize this Gadget, similar to his normal assault.

Star Powers

Byron’s Super split half of healing to opponents for nine seconds. This will influence healing from Star Powers, Gadgets, Supers, self healing, assaults, and other recuperating impacts. By the way, this doesn’t influence Max’s Sneaky Sneakers’ Gadget.

With this Star Power, a bar shows up over Byron, just like Sprout’s Overgrowth Star Power. At the point when the bar is charged, his next assault will puncture through opponents and ally Brawlers. Like Sprout’s first Star Power, Byron doesn’t have to have every one of the three ammunition for the bar to charge. Byron can cause damage to opponents and recuperate teammates.


  1. Since his assaults can likewise recuperate, he will be very helpful in team modes to heal his teammates. In game modes, such as Solo Showdown, he can’t utilize this ability.
  2. Since his reach is long yet his unload speed is moderate, his sharpshooting skills, for example, pointing in front of the opponents direction, is necessary in order to use Byron effectively. Nonetheless, with his quicker shot speed, utilize aiming to your advantage.
  3. Utilizing Byron’s Super at short proximity on an opponent can likewise up its value since you are both harming the opponent and recuperating yourself.
  4. Byron has exceptionally low damage potential and ought to be played in similar way as Crow. To maximize the benefit, ensure the opponent was poisoned by getting them poisoned more than once. This prevents their capacity to recuperate.
  5. Byron can cause a lot damage yet and has low health, so attempt and stay away with opponents to remain alive.
  6. Byron’s Super ought to be utilized when at least two Brawlers are close to one another. This can cause double of its value while ensuring his teammates or he can have control.