Brawl Stars Carl's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Carl’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Super Rare
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 1440 (with Super)
Voice actor: Will Arden


Range: 6.67
Super Charge/Attack: 16.83%
Projectile Speed: 2348, 2660(with Power Throw)
Attack Width: 1.67


Range: 2.33
Projectile per Super: 12
Duration: 3 seconds
Super Charge/Hit: 6.3%


Carl is a Super Rare Brawler. He has high health and moderate output of damage. At the point when he assaults, Carl boomerangs his pickaxe, harming any opponents that it hits while flying forward or back. Carl can’t assault again until his pickaxe returns. His Super permits him to spin and increase his speed quickly, causing harm to anybody he hits. His first Gadget, Heat Ejector, ejects a path of hot rocks that causes detached damage to opponents inside them. His subsequent Gadget, Flying Hook, makes Carl’s next assault pull him to its greatest reach. His first Star Power, Power Throw, permits his pickaxe to travel quicker, viably diminishing his reload speed. His subsequent Star Power, Protective Pirouette, decreases all harm he takes by 35% while his Super is dynamic.

Attack: Pickaxe

Carl tosses a pickaxe that causes damage to opponents and boomerangs back to him. Similar opponent can be hit twice by the pickaxe, when tossed and returning. The pickaxe can get back to Carl through walls, yet can’t be tossed through walls. Carl’s normal assault doesn’t reload like typical Brawlers. At the point when his pickaxe gets back to him, Carl reloads an ammunition. Notwithstanding, if Carl’s pickaxe reaches a stopping point on its way outwards, it will hit and skip off the wall and return back to Carl. In Brawl Ball, Carl can shoot the ball without using up ammunition. Carl can’t utilize an assault more than once every 0.5 seconds.

Super: Tailspin

Carl spins his pickaxe, causing damage to any enemies inside a short radius each 0.25 seconds. Carl has an extraordinary 100% speed increment while utilizing his Super. This impact goes on for 3 seconds and will stop promptly when he is stunned or knocked back..


Heat Ejector
When initiated, Carl drops a heap of hot rocks behind him each 0.63 seconds for five seconds that each keeps going on for three seconds. Each heap of hot rocks can do a max of 1200 damage for every rock hit. The quantity of rocks he drops dependent on his speed; he drops more rocks in the event that he moves while utilizing his Super, and drops just one in the event that he is not moving. His Super doesn’t interfere with the impact. The burning damage doesn’t stack while affected.

Flying Hook

Carl’s next assault makes him move out with his pickaxe to the farthest mark of its range. The assault remains before him however will only cause damage once, and the pickaxe doesn’t get back to Carl’s old position. A Gadget symbol will gleam over Carl’s head initiating the usage of the Gadget, just as a gleaming assault joystick. This Gadget permits Carl to go over lakes and through rope fences, which he wouldn’t be able to do without.

Star Powers

Power Throw
Carl’s pickaxe moves 13% faster, viably reducing his reload speed. This additionally reduces the attack cooldown, permitting you to use walls better.

Protective Pirouette
Carl shields all damage taken by 35% for the span of his Super.


  1. Carl’s Super does a great deal of damage yet at a short-range. Make certain to draw near an opponent Brawler to cause the most damage, however it is advisable to maintain a strategic distance from short-range Brawlers who cause damage faster than Carl can.
  2. Carl can’t utilize his normal assault while utilizing his Super, however he can in any case utilize his Super while his pickaxe is still flying.
  3. At the point when Carl’s pickaxe hits a obstacle, it skips off and returns, allowing Carl to toss it again quicker. He can use this mechanic by pushing opponent Brawlers near a wall. Since his pickaxe will return quicker after it reaches the wall, Carl can cause damages rapidly with his Power Throw Star Power. He can likewise utilize this to rapidly break boxes that are close to walls in Solo or Duo Showdown. This can be exceptionally successful in Heist where Carl can use walls near the opponent safe to cause damage.
  4. When utilizing Carl’s Super, make a point to focus on his health. Carl doesn’t have a safeguard like Rosa has, making him bound to get hurt around opponent Brawlers. Be that as it may, on the chance that he has his Star Power Protective Pirouette, he can protect himself during one.
  5. Carl’s Super can be utilized to get ownership of the ball faster than any other Brawlers can. But Carl can’t get the ball while utilizing his Super.
  6. Remember that the pickaxe’s returning capacity may represent an obstacle while attacking while at the same time going inside bushes. This lets the enemies a lot of time to hit Carl based on his movements.
  7. At the point when Carl’s pickaxe returns, it can go through walls and obstacles. This can be vital when enemies just need one more hit to be crushed however is taking cover behind a wall. He can use this to his advantage by tossing his pickaxe and moving towards the opponent behind the wall before it returns permitting it to get an indirect hit.
  8. Tailspin makes Carl one of the quickest controllable Brawlers in the game. Utilize this to get away (particularly supportive with the Protective Pirouette Star Power as it allows him to endure more shots) or to reach at low health opponents.
  9. Carl’s first Gadget Heat Ejector can be utilized to obstruct the way of approaching opponents in occasions like Brawl Ball. It can likewise be matched with his Super and either Star Power to ensure lot of damage to the safe in Heist.
  10. Carl’s Super can be hindered by knockback or stun impacts, for example, Gene’s Super and Bibi’s Homerun assault. Try not to utilize his Super offensively against them except if he has an advantage over them.
  11. Carl’s other Gadget, Flying Hook, is valuable attacking and retreating in occasions like Showdown, Gem Grab, and Siege, further assisted by permitting him to go over lakes and rope fences. It is a great gadget to counter vulnerable Brawlers at short range like Piper, if paired with his Super.

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