Brawl Stars Colette's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Colette’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Chromatic
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 4000 (with Super)

Voice Actor: Katie Snyder


Range: 8.67
Reload: 1.6 seconds (Normal)
Super Charge/Attack: 25%
Projectile Speed: 4000
Attack Width: 1


Range: 11
Super Charge/Attack: 25%


Colette, a Chromatic Brawler, could be obtained as a Brawl Pass prize at Tier 30 from Season 3 (Welcome to Starr Park! or on the other hand can be opened from Brawl Boxes). She assaults by shooting a shot that causes more damage the more health her opponent has or a set amount against specific targets. For her Super, she slides forward and back rapidly (landing at the spot that she initiated the Super), causing damages to any opponents in her way. Her Gadget, Na-ah!, makes her next shot cause 37% of the opponent Brawler’s maximum health or twice the damage against special targets. Her first Star Power, Push It, conveys Brawlers to the farthest mark of her Super which stuns them until Colette turns back. Her next Star Power, Mass Tax, gives her a shield that builds the reduce damage for each opponent hit by Colette’s Super.

Attack: Taxing Shot

Colette shoots a shot that shaped like a heart at long distance, causing 37% of the rival’s health; she can do a lot of harm to high-health targets like El Primo, and low damage to low-health targets like Tick or Piper. Power Cube buffs are applied after the base damage is determined. The assault has a minimum damage, which will increase dependent on her power level.

Super: Time To Collect

Colette slides forward a very long distance or until stopped by a wall, and then backwards to her original position. On the chance that she runs into an opponent, she causes 20% of the objective’s max health, both on her forward and back. Like her normal assault, Power Cube buffs are applied after the base damage is determined, and she will cause twice the damage special targets as her normal assault.


Once initiated, Colette’s next assault causes 37% of the foe Brawler’s max health. In the event that it is a special target, it would cause twice the damage. A Gadget icon will shine over Colette’s head flagging that this Gadget had been initiated, just as a shining assault joystick. This current Gadget’s cool-down starts after the attack had been used.

Star Powers

Push It
When utilizing her Super, Colette moves opponents she hits to the maximum distance of her Super. This will interfere on any assaults and Supers, like Frank’s or Carl’s Super. Brawlers influenced by this Star Power can be pushed across water too. Brawlers brought to the farthest mark of the assault will be hit twice.

Mass Tax
When utilizing her Super, she will get 20% damage reduced shield that increments by 10% with each opponent she hits, and the shield goes on for 5 seconds after utilizing the Super. This can permit her to be immune in the event that she hits at least 8 opponents with her Super. Note that even with the shield, it won’t influence slows, knock backs, or stuns.


  1. On the chance that she hits 2 shots and a Super, Colette can overcome each Brawler in-game that they don’t have shields or recuperating capabilities. This strategy makes Colette a viable tank-counter. Her Super has a fast recharging rate along of her assault, implying that she can do this on various occasions. This can be helped with her Mass Tax Star Power, which diminishes damage as she charges.
  2. Colette’s Super can be utilized to gather gems and get back to cover, making her a good gem carrier in Gem Grab (should your gem carrier fall). Her Super can likewise be utilized to gather Bolts in Siege or Power Cubes in Showdown.
  3. Colette, a fighter Brawler whose specialty is a support tank-counter. Her assaults can cut a lot of health, yet without appropriate help, she has trouble destroying enemies in a short period of time.
  4. Colette’s Push It Star Power can be utilized like Gale’s Super. In 3 versus 3 modes, it very well may be utilized to either interfere on a Brawler’s Super, as Frank’s, or to drive them away to help delay time for teammates. She can likewise drive Brawlers into the meteors, or gas in Showdown.
  5. While Colette may have trouble with destroying opponents with her main assault, as it will require numerous hits from it to beat a Brawler, Colette can crush any Brawler quickly if she landed 2 shots and 1 Super. This combo can almost guarantee kill, but requires the player to be extremely careful about Colette’s Super charge level.
  6. Colette with her Super is perfect for killing opposing team. Her Super’s width is large and can hit many opponents at once, and on the chance that she hits two Brawlers both when running forward and back, she can quickly charge another Super, permitting her to use her Super again for more damages.

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