Colonel Ruffs

Brawl Stars Colonel Ruffs' Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Colonel Ruffs’ Basic Info and Tips

Colonel Ruffs

Rarity: Chromatic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Blythe Melin


Range: 9
Reload: 1.4 seconds (Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 2
Super Charge/Attack: 15.25%
Projectile Speed: 3500
Attack Width: 0.93


Range: 7.67
Super Charge/Attack: 33.5%
Projectile Speed: 1700
Supply Drop Range: 2.33


Colonel Ruffs, Chromatic Brawler, who can be opened as a Tier 30 award in Season 5 (The Starr Force! Fight Pass), or can be gotten from boxes subsequent to arriving at Tier 30 of Season 5 Brawl Pass. His assault causes decent damage and also has quick reload speed. He fires two equal parallel lasers that skip off walls and causes harm to opponents. With his Super, he calls a supply drop from sky, which causes damage to opponents and leave a power-up item on ground. Once picked up, teammates will acquire a boost in damages and extra max health. His Gadget, Take Cover, brings forth three sandbags that block non-penetrating opponent fire. His first Star Power, Air Superiority, permits his Super to break walls and causes more harm to opponents. His next Star Power, Field Promotion, increments close by ally Brawler’s max health each second.

Attack: Double-Barrel Laser

Colonel Ruffs shoots 2 lasers simultaneously to one another. They can skip off of walls, expanding their reach by one tile up to three times, comparably to Rico’s assault. Every laser’s ricochet is independent of the other.

Super: Supply Drop

Colonel Ruffs tosses a beacon which calls a supply drop following a short delay. An indicator shows the impacted area of the assault that damages and thumps back opponents when it hits the ground. A power-up that looks like a badge shows up for a short period of time, which Colonel Ruffs and teammates can take, boosting their assault damage by 20 percent and their max health by 700 (and heals them by 700 health simultaneously).

Brawlers that are utilizing the power-up will shine with a pink-purplish tone. These buffs stack additively with different buffs, however various power-ups can’t be picked up by already powered-up Brawler. This will likewise expand the recuperating poqwe of Brawlers with assaults or Supers that heal (like Byron or Poco). These buffs disappear when they are crushed or an goal scored in Brawl Ball.


Take Cover
Colonel Ruffs generates 3 sandbags in a triangular formation around him, each having two thousand health. They block non-puncturing opponent fire. Auto-aim will first attack enemies instead of sandbags.

Star Powers

Air Superiority
Colonel Ruffs’ Super currently causes an extra thousand damage to opponents hit by it and permits his Super to break walls, bushes, and other obstacles.

Field Promotion
Colonel Ruffs increases all teammate Brawlers’ max health within a 3.33 tile range by 30 health each second. However, it doesn’t apply to Colonel Ruffs, and if any those ally teammates died, their max health is also rest. The Star Power will also uncover where Colonel Ruffs is.


  1. Colonel Ruffs’ assaults can be very useful just like Rico’s since both of their attacks will skid off walls. This can be convenient when playing in maps with lot of walls.
  2. When using Colonel Ruffs’ Super, attempt to point it where teammates could get the boost easily and where opponents can be thumped back. This can be sometime overlooked in Solo Showdown after you get the first boost. In both scenarios, getting your Super as soon as possible is important.
  3. In spite of the fact that Ruffs might be a Support Brawler, he likewise offers a ton of attacking power. His Double-Barrel Laser offers great burst harm just as his Super. The attacking force of Colonel Ruffs can be incremented further in the event that he is being buffed by a power-up or utilizes his Air Superiority Star Power. On the chance that you are at serious trouble, utilize the Take Cover Gadget, as he can ensure himself (and teammates) while having the option to shoot over the sandbags. The sandbags won’t prevent against puncturing assaults however (even less so against Penny) so be mindful when a Brawler with a penetrating assault approaches you.
  4. The healing from a power-up offers protection to low-health Brawlers. In the event that the teammate Brawler is not behind cover, saving a power-up for when they re-spawn or pick it up will be more effective. Ruffs’ Super Air Superiority Star Power can destroy walls, which can be exceptionally valuable for clearing anything in the path in Brawl Ball.
  5. In any game modes with ally Brawlers, ensure that every one of your allies get a power-up from Colonel Ruffs’ Super, permitting the team to have full benefit against opposing team. It is ideal to utilize your Super for your ally Brawlers first as opposed to assaulting immediately.
  6. Since Colonel Ruffs’ Super could be utilized over walls, it very well may be utilized to assault opponents behind a wall. It works better with Ruffs’ Air Superiority Star Power, because his Super could annihilate cover and causes more harm.

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