Brawl Stars Colt's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Colt’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 820 (with Slick Boots)
Voice Actor: Billy Kametz


Range: 9, 10 (with Magnum Special)
Reload: 1.7 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles/Attack: 6, 1 (with Silver Bullet)
Super Charge/Attack: 8.37%
Projectile Speed: 3804
Attack Width: 0.33, 0.67 (with Silver Bullet)


Range: 11
Projectiles per super: 12
Super charge per hit: 6.96%
Projectile speed: 4891
Super width: 0.67


Colt is a Common Brawler who is opened as a Trophy Road reward after arriving at 60 Trophies. He has a somewhat low measure of health however has a high damage yield. He shoots an six shots for each assault, and those shots have an exceptionally long reach. His Super is fundamentally the same as his primary assault, yet it shoot an extra-long volley of twelve bullets that can obliterate obstacles and penetrate through foes. His first Gadget, Speedloader, quickly reloads 2 ammunition in his ammunition bar. His next Gadget, Silver Bullet, transforms his next assault into a solitary puncturing shot that is equal to 2 bullets of his assault, and furthermore breaks cover. His first Star Power, Slick Boots, speeds up his movement, and his second Star Power, Magnum Special, somewhat expands his attack’s reach and projectile speed.

Attack: Six-Shooters

Colt shoots out a straight volley of six shots. Their long range can take out inaccessible foes. Every bullet without help from anyone else does little harm, yet an entire volley can badly damage the opponent. The assault requires 0.75 seconds to finish.

Super: Bullet Storm

Colt discharge an extra-long volley of twelve bullets. These bullets seem bigger in size, have an impressively longer reach, and can obliterate bushes and walls and hit opponents behind them. The shots can penetrate opponents. Note that a shot that annihilates a wall tile is obliterated too. The Super requires 1.35 seconds to finish.


At the point when Colt’s Gadget is initiated, he reloads 2 ammunition immediately. Other ammunition won’t be affected from reloading. When Colt has full ammunition, the Gadget can’t be utilized, however it very well may be utilized regardless of whether Colt just has one unfilled ammunition bar.

Silver Bullet

At the point when Colt’s Gadget is enacted, his next assault will discharge a solitary bullet which completes multiple times the harm of a solitary typical slug and punctures through opponents. Likewise, it can penetrate through obstacles, breaking all cover that is in its way. Colt’s Magnum Special Star Power influences the scope of this Gadget. A Gadget image will shine over Colt’s head flagging this present Gadget’s usage. This present Gadget’s cool down begins after this assault is shot.

Star Powers

Slick Boots
Colt’s speed is up by 13%, permitting him to move quicker than most Brawlers and similar speed to exceptionally quick Brawlers, like Crow and Leon.

Magnum Special
Colt’s attack is up by just about 1 tile, making his reach practically equivalent to Piper and Brock. The speed of the bullets is increased to arrive at the target in a similar time at greatest range as typical. This doesn’t influence his Super range.


  1. Colt has a generally quick reload time in comparison with other sharpshooters, so you can counter them first in quite a while. In the event that you need more ammunition, you can likewise use Speedloader.
  2. Keep away from brawlers. Colt is good in long-range battle and can out-range Brawlers, for example, Shelly, El Primo, and Bull without any problem.
  3. Colt’s Super assault can be utilized to pulverize opponents directly or can be utilized to destroy opponent cover so the remainder of the team can move in and finish the opponents. Likewise, his Super could likewise be utilized to keep opponents from going through a territory for a brief time frame.
  4. Follow the opponent’s movement. The maximum capacity of your assault requires every one of the six of your bullets to hit the enemy brawler. Anticipating and following the opponent’s movement can permit every one of your shots to hit with lots of damage.
  5. You will need to utilize Colt on more open guides, where he can acquire map control successfully, out-running numerous Brawlers with his attacks. His Magnum Special Star Power is likewise more viable when in open spaces, as it gives him extra reach and along these lines builds his territory of control.
  6. Colt’s Slick Boots permits him to move quicker, making pursuing or disappearing to cover simpler. Smooth Boots is superb for avoiding shots from opponents.
  7. In Brawl Ball, if the goal actually has 2 blocks on the ends, you can kick the ball into the wall, at that point quickly use your Super or Silver Bullet to break the walls, empowering the ball to go through the objective with the new open space.
  8. Colt’s Speedloader Gadget can be amazingly helpful while assaulting the opponent safe in Heist. The extra ammunition it gives can do a lot of harm in any event, when Colt is out of ammunition and possibly defenseless against the opponent’s team.
  9. In Duo Showdown and other group modes, it’s valuable to play Colt with Brawlers who can back off or potentially daze foes through Supers, Gadgets and Star Powers to make it simpler to hit the entirety of his shots.
  10. When being assaulted by a Mortis, try to keep moving to one way and shooting to the opposite way Colt is facing. Since Mortis lands slightly behind or in Colt with his assault, he needs to follow him with attacks if Colt continues moving a similar way, making him run into all shots.
  11. While Colt’s Speedloader latently gives you twice the harm of Silver Bullet, it is difficult to hit all shots even at short distance, as Silver Bullet, as well as clearing the scene, basically ensures a hit at short distance or on the off chance that you can snare and astonish the opponents by addressing roadblocks. Subsequently, in the event that you can hit most shots reliably, for instance in profoundly limited guides or against writing material or moderate targets, Speedloader is a better choice as you can benefit by 2 full shots over Silver Bullet, which awards you less damage for one ammunition.
  12. Attempt to watch your opponent’s development in the event that they dodge a lot, shoot behind them so they stroll into your shots. Same with in the event that they continue to stroll into your assault when you use expectation to shoot-just continue to shoot that way.

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