Brawl Stars Craw's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Craw’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Legendary
Class: Assassin
Movement Speed: 820 (Very Fast), 3000 (with Super)


Range: 8.67
Reload: 1.4 seconds (Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 3
Super Charge/Attack: 7.12%, 1.78% (poison)
Attack Spread: 22.5°
Projectile Speed: 3261
Attack Width: 0.33


Range: 8.67
Projectile/Super: 28
Super Charge/Attack: 6%, 1.5% (poison)
Projectile speed: 3261
Super Width: 0.33


Crow, a Legendary Brawler, can harm his opponents with his daggers yet has low health. He assaults by shooting three long-range daggers that cause poison on his opponents, managing damage for some time and diminishing any healing that they get. Crow’s Super permits him to hop and land while throwing daggers radially around him on take-off and after landing. His first Gadget, Defense Booster, momentarily gives him a shield. His next Gadget, Slowing Toxin, eases back poisoned opponents for few seconds. His first Star Power, Extra Toxic, decreases the output of damage of the opponent. His following Star Power, Carrion Crow, adds more damage to his daggers, both from his assault and Super, when an opponent is with less than 50% health.

Attack: Switchblade

Crow tosses three long-range daggers right before him and in a slight spread. These daggers can cause harm to opponents upon contact, while causing toxin to opponents after some time. The toxin impact damages for four ticks, and goes on for four seconds, causes 25% of his normal damage, and keeps the opponent Brawler from naturally healing. Despite the number of times an opponent is hit by Crow’s assault, they will just take each stack of poison in turn. Opponents influenced by the poison have their healing decreased by 40%, yet it doesn’t influence Max’s Sneaky Sneakers Gadget.

Super: Swoop

Crow hops into the air and tosses 14 daggers radially that spread out as they move. Then, he floats to where he targeted as destination, firing another 14 daggers radially once landed. The daggers can cause harm and poison, just like the ones that he uses as his normal attack. When Crow is in the air, he is totally invulnerable to all damage (since he can’t be hit in air) besides damage applied over time (like the poison).


Defense Booster
Crow gets a shield, in which appears to be same as that of Rosa’s, which will decreases all damage he takes by 40% for three seconds.

Slowing Toxin
Crow ease down each opponent presently incurred by Crow’s poison for five seconds, including opponents that are out of Crow’s vision. The effect lasts for five seconds regardless of whether the poison is effective or not.

Star Powers

Extra Toxic
His daggers apply an assault debuff, reducing the damage output of a poisoned opponent by 25%. The impact is lost if the poison is no longer effective.

Carrion Crow
In the event that the opponent has under half of their health, Crow causes 152 additional damage with his normal assault and Super to the opponent. Additionally, poison causes an extra 38 damage. The opponents’ health bar becomes pink rather than the typical red to demonstrate the bonus being active. The impact is lost if the opponent recuperates back above half health.


  1. His Super is an assassination tool. When a Brawler’s health has been brought low enough by the poison, he can hop on them for a simple win. Since the daggers turn out in a circular movement, you can situate yourself to land close to a opponent Brawler, expanding the Super’s latent capacity.
  2. Crow’s Super is a good getaway tool. In the event that he is low on health with Brawlers drawing nearer, utilize his Super to take off and flee from opponents. The ring of daggers will harm the Brawlers both on take-off and landing.
  3. Because of Crow’s quick reload speed, he can unload his assault moderately often. This permits him to continually apply poison on opponents, keeping them from recuperating and increasing his Super at the same time.
  4. Crow’s daggers do damage without help from anyone else, however their toxic damage effect within the time frame will be the same as one dagger.
  5. Crow’s toxic substance keeps the poisoned Brawler from healing himself for four seconds more than the ordinary recuperating time (three seconds) since the toxin makes them take damage for a longer period of time. This can truly block an opponent team’s capacity to regroup. The toxin harm likewise makes the Brawler show up while hiding in the bush, so it avoids poisoned Brawlers from hiding in the bush for a some time. Therefore, Crow is an incredible poker that can destroy low health opponents or constantly prevent single opponent brawlers from recovering health and make them withdraw from battle.
  6. Crow’s Super is amazing against Brawlers who have trouble protecting themselves at short proximity. Notwithstanding, be careful about hopping on two Brawlers immediately; since Crow’s health will not sustain damage output coming from two Brawlers.

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