Brawl Stars Darryl's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Darryl’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Super Rare
Class: Heavyweight
Movement Speed: 770 (Fast), 2400 (with Super)


Range: 6
Reload: 1.8 seconds (Normal), 0.9 seconds (Rolling Reload)

Projectiles/Attack: 10
Super Charge/Attack: 7.02%
Attack Spread: 40°
Projectile Speed: 3044


Range: 7
Super Charg/Attack: 12%


Darryl is a Super Rare Brawler who uses two double barrel shotguns that can cause substantial burst damage within short proximity. His Super permits him move for some distance, cause harm to opponents and making Darryl bob off any obstacles. It likewise recharges over time. His first Gadget, Recoiling Rotator, makes Darryl spin and shoot a flood of pellets around him that charge his Super. His next Gadget, Tar Barrel, discharges a wave around him that eases back opponents. His first Star Power, Steel Hoops, awards him a shield while he utilizes his Super that lessens any damage he takes for a short amount of time. His next Star Power, Rolling Reload, immediately doubles his reload speed after he utilizes his Super.

Attack: Double Deuce

Darryl shoots 10 shells in 2 waves from his shotguns that cause medium to high damage. The assault is shorter than Shelly’s assault yet longer than Bull’s. This assault causes more damage at short ranges, causing incredibly high damage at point-blank range. This attack takes 0.8 seconds to finish.

Super: Barrel Roll

Darryl rolls quickly in a short distance with high speed, skipping off walls if his body touches the walls; be that as it may, unlike Rico’s assault and Super, the distance doesn’t increase after bouncing off walls. Opponents hit by the moving Darryl get thumped back and take low damage. Darryl can puncture through various opponents in a single roll. Darryl’s Super is remarkable in that it immediately recharges more than thirty seconds.


Recoiling Rotator
In circular motion, Darryl spins, letting 15 single-shelled shots unload around himself. Each shell causes 400 damage and has a scope of 9 tiles. Every pellet that hit an opponent charges 25% of his Super. This Gadget doesn’t inhibit movement.

Tar Barrel

Darryl gives out a tar wave from all directions; although slow, but it can cause enemies to slow down. Its 2.67 tile span is small, yet it moves around with Darryl. Tar Barrel goes on for 5 seconds and can be utilized while using Darryl’s Super. Like Recoiling Rotator, Darryl can move while Tar Barrel is initiated.

Star Powers

Steel Hoops
This Star Power boosts the range of the Damage Booster by half, permitting it to cover a longer radius and helps more teammates with increasing their damage outputs inside of the booster.

Rolling Reload
Rather than Darryl having a shield after utilizing his Super, every time after he moves, his reload speed doubles for 5 seconds, alongside a marginally bigger and reddened appearance.


  1. Darryl’s Super is good for getting away from opponents or move closer to opponents. He rolls incredibly fast. Also, you can increase the distance of his roll in the event that you end up going over water. This could be crucial while getting away from Brawlers, as the water could help in moving away from difficult situations (in maps like Thousand Lakes or Canal Grande, and so forth)
  2. Darryl’s speed is a little quicker than most Brawlers since he is a Heavyweight. Because of this fleeing/approaching is simpler and safer.
  3. The reduction of damage by Steel Hoops permits Darryl to roll onto sharpshooters, as the huge deduction of damage causes enemy Brawlers to be cautious about shots against his Super. Steel Hoops likewise improves his attack against Tick, permitting him to move through patches of mines safe in a critical circumstance, and effectively defuse Tick’s Super.
  4. In Brawl Ball, he can be very helpful by passing the ball forward and utilizing his Super to get to the ball quickly. His Super is valuable for snatching the ball from the center after either team scores, despite the fact that it places him in the battle and may end up being defeated.
  5. Utilizing his Super on an opponents in Brawl Ball who is holding the ball will knock the ball from them. This is good to use for keeping an opponent away who is going to kick the ball into the goal.
  6. Whenever coordinated correctly while moving on to an opponent, Darryl’s Super can stop the rival’s Super entirely, sort of like how Frank’s Super can be halted with Shelly’s Super. This is good while assaulting different Brawlers with Darryl who have their Supers prepared (like Frank).
  7. Darryl’s Super can hit on different occasions when battling in areas (which is ideal for Darryl as a heavyweight). Point his Super to ricochet off walls and pile up damage on your opponents.
  8. While standing up to Brawlers in point-blank reach, be aware of your situating and don’t go through Brawlers as the second shot of Darryl’s assault can miss.
  9. A good method to utilize Darryl is to charge his Super, use it to get as close as possible to an opponent, and quickfire with the all of his ammunition. This causes a good measure of damage and can even defeat the opponent, charging his Super completely again to move back whenever done correctly.
  10. At incredibly short distance, Darryl has one of the greatest damage for a typical assault out of any Brawler in the game, causing 3360 damage for the shots consolidated (1680 each) at max level. While Darryl shouldn’t depend on this except if ambushed outdoors, he handles short-range heavyweight Brawlers, for example, El Primo does well.
  11. Darryl’s primary assault does a ton of damage; however not reliably. While focusing on somebody with his Super ensure he really rolls onto them and hits them. On the chance that he is really close, he may turn over them. On the chance that he is really far, he may hit them yet not be inside the blasting range. Tar Barrel gives him simply the distance he needs in the event that a Super misses by a couple of tiles.
  12. In green maps, utilize the Recoiling Rotator Gadget to investigate the area. You may discover opponents simpler that way. The Gadget is likewise helpful for assaulting the opponent Heist safe. Stand directly in the focal point of the safe and press the Gadget as fast as could be expected, moving clockwise a little to guarantee that each shot hits.

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