Brawl Stars Dynamike's Basic Info & Tips
Brawl Stars Dynamike’s Basic Info & Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Thrower
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 870 (with Fidget Spinner)
Voice Actor: Jas Patrick


Range: 7.33
Reload: 1.6 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles/Attack: 2
Super Charge/Attack: 25%
Projectile Speed: 1900


Range: 7.33
Super charge per hit: 50.05%
Projectile speed: 1600
Explosion Range: 2.67


Dynamike is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward after getting 2000 Trophies. He has low health with high damage power. He assaults by hurling sticks of explosive that blow and cause damage within small radius range. At the point when he utilizes his Super, he tosses a huge barrel bomb that does exceptionally high damage in an much larger radius around it and blow back opponent Brawlers when it explodes. The explosive and the barrel bomb can both be tossed over walls. His first Gadget, Fidget Spinner, permits him to quickly fire sticks of explosive in an area around himself with an speed boost. His next Gadget, Satchel Charge, makes Dynamike’s next assault momentarily stun opponents. His first Star Power, Dyna-Jump, empowers him to utilize his explosive’s blast to hop over walls and Brawlers while causing damage. His next Star Power, Demolition, adds more damage to his Super.

Attack: Short Fuse

Dynamike tosses two sticks of explosive over walls that explode after 1.1 seconds, causes huge damage to any opponents trapped in their 1.5 tile impact radii. The two sticks spread out a small distance from one another to the of the toss as they travel, and they explode at the same time. If both sticks hit the opponent, it can cause double the damage.

Super: Big Barrel o’ Boom

Dynamike tosses the barrel bomb he carries on his back. The bomb can be tossed a reasonable distance, and after 1.3 seconds, it explodes and cause major damage to opponents inside its impacted range. Any survivors are pushed back from the blast. The bomb will likewise obliterate walls and bushes.


Fidget Spinner
Dynamike quickly fires 20 sticks of explosive inside a 9 tile radius around him, each stick causes 1200 damage upon explosion. He gets a 20% speed support for the 2 second, but cannot attack while the gadget is being used.

Satchel Charge

Dynamike’s next attack stuns opponents hit by his assault for 1.5 seconds. A Gadget symbol will gleam over Dynamike’s head signaling the Gadget’s usage, just as a glowing joystick. This current Gadget’s cooldown begins after this attack is shot.

Star Powers

Dynamike’s primary attack and Super caused him a brief distance from the explosion point. He also use this to hop over walls. While in air, Dynamike is totally invulnerable to all damage other than status effects and damage over time.

Dynamike’s Super causes 1000 in damage. This doesn’t change its blast range, knockback, Super charge given, or the kind of map that it can obliterate.


  1. Taking cover behind a bush with a wall in front and toss explosives toward the opponent Brawlers from that point can be powerful since it will be hard for most of the Brawlers to attack you behind the wall.
  2. Dynamike’s dynamites can do great damage if tossed correctly. Since the explosive takes time to travel and explode, rather than attempting to toss it directly at the opponent, predict where the opponents will be and throw the dynamites there to get the opponents.
  3. When being pursued by an opponent in short distance, attempt to toss the dynamites slightly in front of you. This either makes your opponents quit pursuing or get hurt from your dynamites. In the event that they are somewhere close to 3 and 5 tiles away, attempt to throw about a tile before their current location with similar results.
  4. Try throwing your Big Barrel o’ Boom to destroy at least two opponents, as it will cause enough damage to charge the Super and you can toss another Big Barrel o’ Boom in a flash.
  5. In Gem Grab or Siege, tossing a stick of explosives close to a Gem/Bolt Dynamike’s assault can drive opponents from it, permitting Dynamike or his teammates to get the item without any problem.
  6. Dynamike’s damage radius lowers as he tosses the dynamites close to himself, making it harder to hit opponent Brawlers that have figured out how to draw near him.
  7. In Showdown, if your opponent is close to the gas, you can toss your Big Barrel o’ Boom to drive them into the gas for them to take more damage.
  8. Mortis is a gigantic counter to Dynamike because of his speed and running capacities, which help him get away from Dynamike’s delayed shots, so look out for Mortis before he can blast you down. Then again, whenever got by him, you can utilize Satchel Charge to conceivably change the destiny of the battle, or you can utilize your Fidget Spinner Gadget’s speed lift to move away from Mortis before he gets near you, yet it isn’t helpful when Mortis has got close to you because of Mortis’ speed.
  9. A troublesome however rewarding strategy with Dynamike is the place where you point Dynamike’s Super and rapidly throw dynamites to such an extent that you can get the Super to drive enemies into the sticks of explosives. This will deal a lot of damage to them, and will generally take them out except if they are heavyweight Brawlers like Bull, Rosa, Frank, or El Primo.
  10. With his Dyna-Jump Star Power, it is effective to escape from awful circumstances by tossing explosive at your feet. This won’t just damage close by opponents yet in addition toss you back some distance, stay away from damage, and take into consideration a quick break over walls. In urgent circumstances, his Super will impel him further, making it a more reliable way for escape while likewise having the option to damage and even destroy opponents because of damages caused by the Super.
  11. Despite the fact that the timing is interesting, it is feasible to hop over opponent attacks with Dynamike’s Dyna-Jump. This is uncommon, however can help in situations when under fire.
  12. His Fidget Spinner Gadget is valuable for bush checking as it covers an incredibly wide territory. He can likewise utilize his Gadget to dependably crush low-health opponents who are near him, which would be usually extremely difficult to hit with his normal attack.
  13. Dynamike’s attack fuse makes it difficult for him to defend. Satchel Charge permits him to blast opponents down securely, particularly low-health ones. This is also usable in Heist when expecting to take out heavyweights. His dependence on this Gadget makes it special anyway in offense-situated modes like Bounty, where stuns are important tools to have.
  14. Blending Satchel Charge with Demolition is useful, as Dynamike will get full Super damage added onto the Demolition increment, just as the assault damage.

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