El Primo

Brawl Stars El Primo's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars El Primo’s Basic Info and Tips

El Primo

Rarity: Rare
Class: Heavyweight
Movement Speed: 770 (Fast), 970 (with Meteor Rush), 1600 (with Super)

Voice actor: Alejandro Sanchez


Range: 3
Reload: 0.8 seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 4
Super Charge/Attack: 11.16%
Projectile Speed: 3261
Attack Width: 1


Range: 9
Super Charge/Hit: 25%


El Primo is a Rare Brawler who assaults with his clenched fists, managing most damage to opponents whom he was able to get close enough to. El Primo has extremely high health, permitting him to deal with much damage from opponents. El Primo’s Super, Flying Elbow Drop, he can jump off a very long distance and crash down on opponents (like a wrestler jumping off of Ring Jump), causes great damage and thumping opponents off from where he landed. His first Gadget, Suplex Supplement, permits him to hold opponents and toss them backward over his shoulders. His next Gadget, Asteroid Belt, gathers a meteor that causes lots of damage if hit. His first Star Power, El Fuego, sets fire on opponent Brawlers when his Super hits opponents. His next Star Power, Meteor Rush, gives him a boost in speed after he utilizes his Super.

Attack: Fists of Fury

El Primo draws four punches at a short distance each time, causing high damage if hit. El Primo has to be close to his opponents in order to him them, his punches can go through opponents, allowing him to hit different opponents or boxes with each punch. The assault requires 0.8 seconds to finish.

Super: Flying Elbow Drop

At the point when El Primo’s Super is initiated, he leaps to an assigned area, causing damage and thumping back opponents, and destroying cover. The damage is minor, as his Super is mainly used to get El Primo close to the opponent Brawlers, permitting him to hit them with his normal attack. While he is in the air, El Primo is invulnerable to all damage other than damage applied (for example, Crow’s Poison).


Suplex Supplement
El Primo throws back opponents backwards over his head. This permits him to stun the opponent and toss them over walls. He can possibly initiate this Gadget if an opponent is inside 3 tiles from him, and the opponent will travel 6 tiles from their current location except obstacles block their trajectory. He can’t toss opponents who have a resistance shield after they respawn.

Asteroid Belt

Upon used, El Primo brings a meteor that causes 2000 damage within a 3.33 tile radius that aims at anything within the 10 tiles. The meteor aims on the nearest opponent and takes three seconds to land. It breaks all obstacles.

Star Powers

El Fuego
At the point when El Primo uses his Super, El Primo sets opponents on fire that he hits toward the end of his jump. This burning effect causes opponents 1200 damage within four seconds, or 300 damage each second. It is just like Crow’s poison effect.

Meteor Rush
When El Primo hits the ground right after utilizing his Super, his speed will be up by by 25% within 4 seconds.


  1. When battling against Bull or Shelly (without Super), El Primo should just assault them with the tip of his reach. That way, those Brawlers can’t hit him with all of their bullets, bringing down their damage and charging their Super slowly. This is could be done with caution and on the chance that it is a safe circumstance to attack. Shelly, for example, may run in with her gadget or have her Super charged in one to two shots of a existing charge.
  2. El Primo’s Super permits him to quickly jump and travel a long distance to his targeted destination, making it compelling in reaching the opponent Brawlers who are fleeing, getting away from dangerous circumstances, or reach and assault long-range Brawlers.
  3. In Brawl Ball, you can self-pass in the event that you have your Super. Utilize your high health to get inside Super close to the goal, kick the ball towards any obstacles, and immediately use the Super to leap and thumping away enemy Brawlers and clear the obstacle, with potential of scoring an easy goal.
  4. El Primo’s Super is valuable in Heist since he can leap to the safe and quickly punching the safe without going around the safe’s walls. Likewise, he can utilize the leap to take out opponents around the safe and break the wall, permitting different teammates to get to the safe without any problem.
  5. On the chance that El Primo carries the gem, his Super can be utilized to flee from any opponents approaching him.
  6. El Primo can cause high damage, yet his assaults is very short reach. To take out powerful Brawlers, players should first figure out how to move El Primo into range, before the opponent Brawler can leave and move away. Else, they could defeat El Primo without any damage.
  7. El Fuego can disallow opponents who were attacked by his leap from recuperating for an extra 4 seconds, raising the time for a Brawler to begin auto-recovery from 3 seconds to 7 seconds.
  8. When playing Duo Showdown with a selected partner, it is ideal to match El Primo with either healers like Pam and Poco or long-ranged shooter like 8-BIT, Colt, Rico, or Brock to increase the odds of winning.
  9. When playing El Primo in Gem Grab, he can be utilized to thump back opponent Brawlers, allowing the team to control the gem mine.
  10. When playing Brawl Ball, El Primo’s Super is powerful in taking the Ball out of the opponent’s control and causing damage, and keeping them from scoring. However, it will not work if the opponent shoots the ball as El Primo leaps.
  11. Utilizing his Suplex Supplement, El Primo can displace opponent Brawlers, stunning them for the time they are in air and sending them a couple of tiles back. This is particularly helpful in Brawl Ball to take out defenders from their goal, or prevent moving toward opponents from walking the ball to your own goal. He can likewise utilize the Gadget to gather Siege bolts by tossing them a reasonable distance away before they can collect the bolt.
  12. Whenever given the option to utilize his Suplex Supplement Gadget or his Super to thump the ball away from an opponent in Brawl Ball, utilize the Gadget. This is due to the fact that the Gadget is more consistent than the Super and prevents destroying your own walls. Nonetheless, in overtime, the Super is more helpful as opponents are bound to keep away from your Gadget.
  13. When the conditions are correct, El Primo can stay by the toxic gas in Showdown so he would then be able to toss any close by opponents into the gas, and cause them great damage and potential destroyed inside the toxic gas.
  14. The asteroid from El Primo’s Asteroid Belt gadget assaults the Brawler nearest to him. While opponents attempt to avoid the asteroid, the path of their movement turns out to be predictable, making them obvious targets for his Super or teammates. It can likewise be utilized to focus on an opponent near a wall, opening up their cover. Remember that a teammate of yours or El Primo himself may require certain walls to work appropriately on a specific map.
  15. El Primo does okay in Robo Rumble with his puncturing attack, quick reload, high harm and Super to help deal with huge clumps of robots.
  16. El Primo is additionally a simple brawler to take supers out of, so when using El Primo, be mindful so as not to take care of the opponent with large number of supers or, you, as a Primo, could be in trouble.

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