Brawl Stars Emz's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Emz’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Sandra Espinoza


Range: 6.67
Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
Super Charge/Attack: 11.18%
Attack Spread: 40°
Projectile Speed: 1500
Attack Width: 1.33


Range: 5.67
Duration: 5 seconds
Super Charge/Hit: 4.56%


Emz is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward after getting 8000 Trophies. She has decent health and moderate damage output, yet has a wide and long reach. Her Super can back off and damage opponents in a range. Her Gadget, Friendzoner, drives away all close by opponents in a span around herself while causing damages to them. Her first Star Power, Bad Karma, makes each tick from her assault dramatically increase in damage. Emz’s next Star Power, Hype, recuperates her health for every second that her Super causes damage to an opponent.

Attack: Spray

Emz splashes her hairspray that can puncture numerous opponents without delay, causing a great deal of damage. Her hairspray continue to last toward the end of its reach, causing damage for each half second that the opponents are in it.

Super: Caustic Charisma

Emz makes a round haze of toxic cloud around herself with a huge range, causing opponents to slow down and dealing with small damage per second that the enemies is within the toxic cloud. Her Super can’t be hindered by stuns or push backs. It’s like Spike’s Super and its span is almost equivalent to Sandy’s Super, however the region of toxic cloud will move along with Emz allowing her to control which opponent(s) she would like to affect.


Emz makes a wave that pushes all opponents in a little span of about 2.67 tiles from her while causing additional 500 in damages.

Star Powers

Bad Karma
Opponents that Emz hit end up with 20% more damage than the previous tick of damage before the assault is gone. This makes Emz’s assaults more lethal.

Opponent Brawlers that her Super hit recuperates Emz 420 health each second for every opponent harmed, which is up to a sum of 2100 health for over 5 seconds out of the Brawler. This doesn’t heal Emz if her Super causes damage to a pet or spawnable.


  1. Emz can cause great damage in mid to long range, so don’t move toward Brawlers to a short range, where they would have a benefit over you. For Bibi’s situation, you can utilize her knockback against her, given that you endure Bibi’s knockback assault, you can use this as freedom to spam your hairspray, which will make Bibi leaving you alone.
  2. Emz can use guerrilla tactics that spray hairspray and running for cover. Her hairspray stays there for few seconds after sprayed, giving her an advantage when spraying and hide for cover. Unlike her Super, the normal attack doesn’t go through walls as open space is needed for this tactic to work.
  3. When utilizing her Super, attempt to harm opponents behind walls so you can harm them while they’re couldn’t do so.
  4. When utilizing Emz’s Super, attempt to position so the opponent is close to the edge of your Super range. When you assault, the opponent will be eased back and suffers the 3 ticks of your attack.Emz is very good at mid to long reach. Attempt to keep the opponent that you are attacking at about 2/3 of the assault range, this will make the opponent take up to 3 ticks of damage from you. Be that as it may, if the opponent is really close to you, you would deal with 1 tick of damage, and if the opponent is at the furthest part of your assault, it will only do two.
  5. Emz is an extraordinary control Brawler in Gem Grab, Brawl Ball and particularly Hot Zone because of her hairspray attack. Use Emz to kick your opponents to the opposing side while gathering gems in Gem Grab, keep opponents eased back when they have the ball in Brawl Ball or cover an area of the zone for long time in Hot Zone.
  6. On the chance that Emz is coming after you, don’t flee from her. As a matter of fact, try getting close to her to overcome her on the grounds that the additional time you stay in her gas, the more harm you’ll take. When you are closer to Emz, you will take less damage. An example is Mortis, when you can dash, you can move toward Emz without a lot of harm and then bring her down quickly. Be cautious that pro players will save their Super and Gadget to counter this strategy, so be careful when approaching Emz.
  7. Emz is very valuable when going after low health Brawlers since her hairspray attack can pile up to significant amount of damage and her Super can cause those Brawlers to slow down when they are trying to escape. This quality is valuable during frantic occasions in Bounty or Gem Grab.
  8. Emz’s attack speed is quickly enough for her to shoot out another hairspray cloud before her first attack has completely disappeared. The damages from the two assaults stack on top of one another, successfully causing twice the damage each second.
  9. The slowness of Emz’s Super gives a helpful defence from short-range Brawlers, specifically for the ones that are dependent on movement capacities like Mortis or Carl.
  10. Maybe the greatest weakness that Emz has is that she can’t cause great harm if a Brawler is near her. Her Gadget covers this weakness. On the chance that an opponent Brawler is in within short range from you, you can utilize her Gadget to push them back.
  11. Regardless of its little reach and range, Emz’s Gadget can be utilized to either take the ball out of a Brawler’s hands in Brawl Ball, cancel Frank’s Super or, in Showdown, keep opponents into the toxic if positioned precisely.
  12. Emz is better in maps with lots of space, so you should play in maps like Massive Attack or Skull Creek, where her Super can handle lots of territory and her assault has a benefit in the modestly separated field.

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