Brawl Stars Frank's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Frank’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Epic
Class: Heavyweight
Movement Speed: 770 (Fast)


Range: 6
Reload: 0.8 seconds (Very Fast)
Super Charge/Attack: 36%
Attack Spread: 65°
Projectile Speed: 5000
Attack Width: 1


Range: 7
Super Charge/Attack: 36%
Super Spread: 65°
Projectile speed: 6000
Super Width: 1.67


Frank is an Epic Brawler who assaults with a huge hammer, sending a wave that can hit numerous opponents at once. Frank has extremely high health, permitting him to withstand lots of damage. His Super can stun opponents for a good amount of time, leaving them defenseless against assaults from him or his teammates. His first Gadget, Active Noise Canceling, permits him to not be stunned, slows and knockbacks for short period of time. His next Gadget, Irresistible Attraction, permits his next attack to pull opponents he hits towards him. His first Star Power, Power Grab, gives him a boost on damage momentarily after he destroys an opponent Brawler and his next Star Power, Sponge, increase his health for the entire match.

Attack: Hammer Hit

Frank crushes the ground with his hammer, sending a shockwave that can hit many opponent Brawlers. The impact seems like four of Nita’s impacts. Be that as it may, the process can’t be rushed for him to attack, at 1.3 seconds, leaving Frank defenseless as he can’t move during that 1.3 seconds as he swings his big hammer. Whenever hit with a shock or a thump back before the 1.3 seconds, Frank’s assault will be cancelled. Frank consistently causes consistent damage to an opponent no matter the number of shockwaves hits the opponent.

Super: Stunning Blow

Frank swing with his hammer, sending a greater shockwave that can break obstacles, hitting various opponents and stunning them for two seconds and causing the opponent Brawlers totally defenseless. His Super can be stopped during his wind-up time if the opponent stuns him or knocks him (Shelly’s Super, for instance).


Active Noise Canceling
Upon initiation, Frank is immune to stuns, knockbacks, slows for 1.5 seconds. This Gadget can be utilized while he’s assaulting or utilizing his Super.

Irresistible Attraction
Upon initiation, Frank’s next assault will allow him to pull any opponents he attacks towards him. This interferes with any assaults and Supers, like another Frank’s Super. A Gadget symbol will gleam over Frank’s head initiating this Gadget’s use, just as a shining assault joystick. This Gadget’s cool-down starts right after the assault.

Star Powers

Power Grab
Frank will get a boost of damage (50%) for twelve seconds after crushing an opponent Brawler, for 2520 damage while his Star Power is initiated. He will glow in purple color during the time, showing that it is initiated. In the event that he kills another opponent when this is on, the twelve seconds starts over, however it won’t buff Frank’s assaults by another fifty percent.

Frank gets additional 1100 health, causing his maximum health to 10900. This causes his health regeneration process.


  1. His assault makes him quit moving. In the event that you are close to dying and fleeing from an enemy, particularly a short-ranged Brawler, don’t assault them. This will permit them to defeat you. Therefore, you should find a place to hide (such as bushes)
  2. Frank’s range is quite short, and because he has to stop to assault makes his attack even shorter than against escaping opponents. Therefore, try not to pursue opponents far away from you.
  3. Frank has high damage output, but each attack takes some time to complete. For his own advantage, Frank should hide himself inside the bush and attack the Brawlers as they come by. This is particularly important for Frank’s Super. The delay is greater, however on the off chance that you are in the bush, your opponent won’t have an excess time to respond to your attack. You can likewise go through Frank when he tries to attack and then assault him from the back.
  4. In Brawl Ball, Frank can charge his Super rapidly toward the beginning of a round because of how close each group produces close to one another, and afterward break the divider covering the objective to make objectives a lot simpler. For a similar explanation, he is extraordinary at super-tossing the ball while having a Super since it’s so natural to energize.
  5. Utilize Frank’s Super when your teammates can benefit from it as well. Whenever utilized correctly, it can permit your team to destroy the opponent team.
  6. Frank is defenseless against longer-ranged Brawlers, however it is really powerful against tanks, similar to Rosa and El Primo. This is on the grounds that he can do lots of damage to the tanks as they get closer to him, permitting him to charge his super rapidly.
  7. Since Frank’s Super can be interfered with, you can generally lure them out by dragging your Super pretending that you will be using it, then canceling it and then go with a standard assault instead. On screen you will have yellow circles around Frank, it will seem like you are going to utilize your Super. Since the movement of the normal attack and Super is exactly the same (the opponent would not know). However, you are simply doing a standard assault.
  8. At the point when your Super and your normal assaults are completely charged, utilize your Super first, stunning the opponent Brawler(s) and keeping them still while you destroy them with your normal attacks. They will be vulnerable and have no chance to hitting back.
  9. Frank’s Super can be interfered by thump back, which numerous Supers inflict, like Super Shell, Gravity, Magic Hand, Big Barrel o’ Boom, and so on, yet can utilize his Activate Noise Canceling Gadget to stop those impacts.
  10. An good team to use when playing Showdown or Brawl Ball is Frank with Tara. Stand by until both of you have your Supers ready. Whenever that is ready, search for a team of opponent Brawlerss. Allow Tara to toss her Super while Frank stuns all opponents in the team.
  11. Frank isn’t suggested in Big Game as shocks are considerably less effective against the Big Boss. Likewise, when he is the Big Boss, Shelly can super-stack on Frank before he can attack.
  12. His Irresistible Attraction Gadget can be utilized just after his Super to pull the opponents near him and defeat them. He can likewise utilize it to either pull the opponents from the ball or to let loose some space for your teammates to score an goal in Brawl Ball.
  13. In the event that the opponent team has stun or thump back abilities (e.g Shelly, El Primo, etc), Frank should utilize his Gadget prior to using his Super to keep them from stopping it with a stun. Be that as it may, Frank’s Gadget won’t cancel Gene’s Super, El Primo’s first Gadget or Sprout’s divider thump back, so Frank should be careful when they have their Supers.
  14. He can be matched up with Colonel Ruffs and his Field Promotion Star Power so he can have lots of health.

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