Brawl Stars Gale's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Gale’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Chromatic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Dean Compoginis


Range: 8.33
Reload: 1.2 seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 6
Super Charge/Attack: 8.4%
Projectile Speed: 3000
Attack Width: 2


Range: 10
Projectile speed: 5000
Super Charge/Attack: 12.5%
Super Width: 5


Gale, a Chromatic Brawler, who could be available as a Brawl Pass prize at Tier 30 from Season 1 (Tara’s Bazaar or can be opened from Brawl Boxes). He has a decent amount of health and decent damage, however has a quick reload speed and high damage burst potential. Gale utilizes a snow blaster to shoot waves of snowballs. With Gale’s Super, he can make a wide and long-range whirlwind and snow that pushes back opponents. His Gadget, Spring Ejector, produces a platform underneath himself that can dispatch any Brawlers off. His first Star Power, Blustery Blow, causes opponents who are pushed back to obstacles and get stunned. His next Star Power, Freezing Snow, momentarily eases back opponents hit by his main assault.

Attack: Polar Vortex

Gale fires six long reach snowballs which travel straight and wide line, each causing low damage. The snowballs are shot close to one another and then immediately spread at the end. Gale can’t handle most extreme damage at point-blank reach because of the spread, however it is simpler for him to clear bushes.

Super: Gale Force!

Gale’s Super makes a long and wide wind-like shot that goes through lakes, obstacles, and keeps opponents away. Opponents moved back by the gust wind get minor damage.


Spring Ejector
Once used, a platform is produced right underneath him, dispatching him toward the path in which he faces. The launch pad dispatches deployables and opponents. Note that the launch pad can be covered up inside bushes, and the launch pad will be there for the length of the battle. Notwithstanding, the launch pad will vanish after scoring of a goal in Brawl Ball or if Gale utilizes his Gadget once more. In the event that the platform dispatches a player with the ball in Brawl Ball, the ball will be dropped. These platforms have a force of 6 tiles, not like the normal platforms, which have a force of 12 tiles. Platforms produced by Gale are yellow.

Star Powers

Blustery Blow
In the event that Gale’s Super drives opponents into walls, rope fences or lakes, they will be stunned for one second.

Freezing Snow
At the point when Gale’s primary assault hits an opponent, they will be eased back down for 0.3 seconds. Freezing Snow doesn’t influence opponents hit by Gale’s Super.


  1. Gale’s Super permits him to dislodge opponents into his favor, contingent upon the circumstance. He can either drive them away from him and his ally Brawlers to save them or push the opposing team into his, considering allied short ranged Brawlers to cause more damage.
  2. Most of four snowballs will hit objectives with typical sized hitboxes like Brawlers and the Heist safe at a moderately short range, except if the objective moves as the snowballs don’t start from the center point of the assault.
  3. Perhaps the most ideal approaches to utilize Gale’s Launch Pad Gadget is in Heist, so Gale and teammates can get to the safe quicker. Try to change the direction of the platform sometimes to make it unpredictable where teammates will land.
  4. Gale’s Super, Gadget or a mix of the two can be utilized to drive opponents into the toxic mists in Showdown. This is particularly helpful in Cavern Churn as the opponent drove into the toxic mists in this map may need to cross mazes of walls to get once again into the safe zone, permitting them to take a ton of harm. This normally gets a defeat when dealing with low to medium health Brawlers.
  5. Gale’s support capacities works well in occasions like Bounty and Gem Grab where he should utilize his Super to prevent the Gem or Star carrier from moving toward opponent tanks and other high damage opponents by pushing them back an extensive distance.
  6. Be cautious when dealing with Piper and Emz as they tend to cause more harm further away. In certain circumstances, utilizing Gale’s Super on them can permit them to cause lot of damage to you, so it is smarter to push them when behind walls, into walls with Blustery Blow, or into the toxic mists in Showdown. Notwithstanding, if Gale is close to them he ought to use his high-burst assault to rapidly murder them, disregarding a charged Super, on the grounds that both the Brawlers cause decent damage at short range and will not be a match for Gale.

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