Gem Grab

In the Gem Grab Event, there are total of 2 teams, each team has three players. Inside the arena, there is a gem mine in the center of the map that produces purple gems every seven seconds. The purpose of the game is for your team to get 10 gems or more. At the point when a player is crushed, they will drop the entirety of the gems that they have collected. When a tea, has combined of ten gems, the 15 seconds countdown will begin. On the chance that the counter gets to zero and the team still held 10 or more gems, then that team will win. Within the 15 seconds countdown, if any ally Brawler was struck and dropped the gems and caused the team’s total gem level to be less than 10 gems, then the countdown will pause and reset. On the chance that the both teams have in excess of 10 gems and similar number of gems, the countdown won’t begin until one team has one or more gems than the other team.

There can never be in excess of 29 Gems in play on the double. At the point when the 29th Gem is generated, a 30 second countdown will start. When this countdown lapses, the game will end, and the team holding the most Gems will win. Likewise, when there are in any event 10 Gems lying on the map, the mine won’t create additional Gems until a Brawler gets one.

Top 10 Brawlers to Use

  1. Nita: She has high amount of health and territory damage, Nita is an extraordinary Brawler when battling against groups of opponents collecting gems. Furthermore, her bear can track down opponents that are inside the bushes and makes them to move away, yet additionally it tends to be utilized to secure the one carrying the gem, just as getting opponents far from the gems if the gem carrier gets taken out.

2. Pam: She is one of the best gem carrier in the game. Her turret allows her and ally Brawler’s to heal alongside her Mama’s Hug Star Power and Pulse Modulator Gadget can keep her whole team alive, and her high health allows her absorb damages to get gems. Her Mama’s Squeeze can likewise be utilized in this game to control opponent area easier.

3. Poco: He is great for carrying gems. His far reaching assaults can do a ton of damage to crowded Brawlers, and he can mend himself and his ally Brawlers to remain in the battle. Poco does especially well with heavyweights like Bull, El Primo, or Rosa, particularly with his Star Power Da Capo! also, his Tuning Fork Gadget, permits the heavyweights to keep being aggressive without having to retreat to heal.

4/5. Jessie and Penny: When opponents crowded together, their capacity to hit many targets can cause a high amount of damage, permitting them to hold the gems well. Their Supers are great for controlling a region and keep opponents diverted (Penny’s Super can attack over walls, so it is best to place behind walls)

6. Tara: She can utilize her Super to either snatch the opponent’s gem carrier for her and her ally Brawlers to crush and take the gems or bunch up the all opponents to keep them from destroying her team’s gem carrier. Her Psychic Enhancer Gadget is great for finding opponents (particularly gem carriers) in bushes.

7. Rosa: Rosa’s Super permits her to get to the mine and out, regardless of whether all three Brawlers are assaulting her. Her heavyweight speed permits her to get up to speed with the gem carrier and crush them. In maps with lots of bushes, her Plant Life Star Power can keep her alive, particularly in the event that she is the gem carrier. Her Grow Light Gadget can connect bushes together, so she can easily sneak in and out with the gems.

8. Gene: His Super can be utilized to take someone out of the battle, making it simpler for your team. It can likewise hit the gem carrier, possibly changing the destiny of the game. His Magic Puffs Star Power is great for Gem Grab since Gene’s ally Brawlers will probably be harmed from attempting to take the gems, and can recuperate his ally Brawlers, particularly the gem carrier. He can likewise utilize his Super to pull opponents that are low health towards the gem train or simply kill that opponent.

9. Tick: Tick can be utilized to control the area around him. In the event that you use his Super towards the Brawler with the most gems, there’s a likelihood that the robot can destroy the opponent. On the chance that it happens, depend on the heavyweights or yourself to get the gems.

10. Bo: He can be a great gem carrier. At the time when he gets his Super, he can bring forth it directly before the gem mine. The Brawler with the most gems would be destined to fall into the bomb trap. In the event that his team is winning, he can put the mines under his feet so in the event that he is crushed, any opponents that try to kill Bo could fall into the trap. This technique works well with his Snare A Bear Star Power.


  • In the event that you hold a good portion of your team’s gems, make sure you have back-up from your teammates. On the chance that you are crushed without back-up, the opposing team will effectively gather all of your jewels dropped and take the lead.
  • Controlling the area around the gem mine is critical from the get-go in the game. Keeping opponent Brawlers away from you while your teammates grab the diamonds as they pop out of the mine.
  • On the chance that you are on the winning team of the countdown, it is better flee if you have majority of the gems. If your teammates had most of the gems, hen you should back-up your teammate(s).
  • On the chance that you are on the losing side when a countdown occurs, you don’t need to go for the opponent with the most gems. Kill any opponent that could stop the countdown, grab their gems, and flee.
  • At the point when you are playing a Brawler who can travel utilizing their super (example, Darryl, Piper, etc.), don’t attempt to hop into the gem mine without support except if you are not carrying any gems.
  • One common strategy is to have one strong and aggressive Brawler, one gem carrier, and one support Brawler. The strong Brawler’s responsibility is to destroy the enemy, getting into opposing side to do so. The gem carrier’s responsibility would be to carry most of the gems and get protection from support Brawler. The recommended gem carriers could be Jessie, Pam, or Poco. They likewise have support mechanics that can help the gem carrier.
  • Colette can utilize her super to get the jewels and run which is helpful particularly when the opponents are near the gems. You can utilize jumpers like Piper or El Primo to gather the gems and leap out of the dangerous territory.

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