Brawl Stars Gene's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Gene’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Mythic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 5.67 (close range), 11 (max range)
Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
Projectiles/Attack: 1 (close range), 6 (max range)
Super Charge/Attack: 25.11% (close range), 4.185% (max range)
Projectile Speed: 3200
Attack Width: 1 (close range), 0.67 (max range)


Range: 7.67
Projectile speed: 3200 (launched), 2000 (grabbed)
Super Width: 1.33


Gene is a Mythic Brawler who has a good amount of health and he uses an Aladdin-like magic lamp to project his assaults. His assault can cause high damage to one opponent or less damage to many enemies. His Super gets an opponent and pull them toward himself. His first Gadget, Lamp Blowout, pushes back every close by opponents while recuperating him. His next Gadget, Vengeful Spirits, fires numerous variable-damage shots that home in on opponents in range. His first Star Power, Magic Puffs, heals his teammates for seconds that they are close to him. His next Star Power, Spirit Slap, builds the damage of his normal attack when his Super is completely charged.

Attack: Smoke Blast

Gene shoots a medium-range ball that causes damage and moves slowly. In the event that it doesn’t hit an opponent, it separates into 6 shots that spread out in a cone (just like Penny). Damage of this attack is equally divided each of the 6 shots, and they travel for an extra 5.33 tiles. The shots won’t part on contact with an opponent, which is opposite of Penny.

Super: Magic Hand

Gene shoots a long-range hand that goes through obstructions. On the chance that it hits an opponent, it will pull the opponent toward Gene, breaking walls as the opponent goes through. He can assault an opponent while pulling them, however the hand doesn’t do harm. The hand won’t break walls if Gene doesn’t grab onto anybody. Gene’s pull is interferred if his opponent gets hit by a Gem Grab minecart.


Lamp Blowout
Upon initiated, Gene makes a wave with a 2.67 tile radius around himself that drives away all opponents from him while recuperating Gene for 600 health. Utilizing this Gadget will stop the recuperating process, yet Gene can in any case initiate the Gadget at full health.

Vengeful Spirits

Upon initiated, Gene shoots homing rocket missiles toward all ooponents inside a 11 tile radius area, causing from 230-800 damage the further they travel. The homing missiles will pursue the opponent until they hit them or in the event that they hit a wall. Note that the homing missiles won’t target opponents that are inside a bush.

Star Powers

Magic Puffs
Inside a 4 tile radius of Gene, all ally Brawlers will be recuperated 400 health each second. This doesn’t make a difference to Gene himself, or turrets and pets (i.e Tick’s Head, Scrappy). The size of the area is the same size of Pam’s healing station.

Spirit Slap
This increases his normal assault damage by 300 once his Super is completely charged, for 1812 damage. This also increases 50 damage from the splitting shots of his assault. The impact is lost if Gene utilizes his Super.


  1. In Duo Showdown, Gene can be lethal when combined up with short-ranged Brawlers like Bull, as pulling somebody permits ally Brawlers to defeat them without any problem. Gene can also charge his Super again with 4 complete assaults.
  2. While an opponent is being pulled by Gene, they can’t do anything. So start shooting at the opponent as soon as you’ve grabbed them
  3. Gene’s Super can be utilized better in Big Game to drag the boss toward your teammates to cause more damages.
  4. Gene’s Super interferes on opponent assaults and Supers, so he can stop Frank from his Super, Carl’s Super, and so forth.
  5. His Super is a very helpful skill shot. It targets the highest-value target such as Bounty and Gem Grab, hauling them into your team. It is additionally a phenomenal method to connect low-health opponents.
  6. Gene can broaden his Super’s pull by walking in reverse when it launches. It can also extend if Gene utilizes a launch pad while initiating his Super, or in the event that he teleports.

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