In Heist, there are total of 2 teams, and each has three players. On opposing sides of the field, there is a safe assigned to each team. The objective of the game is to secure your safe and to break the opposing team’s safe. Whichever team destroy the other team’s safe first wins. On the chance that neither one of the safes is destroyed, the win will depend on how much health is remaining on each team’s safe. In the event that one team’s safe has lower health than the other, that other team will win the match. On the chance that the both safes have the same level of health after the clock runs out, or destroyed at the same time, the game finishes in a draw.

Top 10 Brawlers to Use

  1. Barley or Dynamike: Since they can assault over walls, they can be utilized to hinder the opponent Brawlers coming your way, control area of the map, or hit the safe from a long distance just as causing lot of damage with their Super. They can likewise add more damages to the safe with their Extra Noxious and Demolition Star Powers.

2. Bull or Darryl: Bull and Darryl have Supers that permit them to travel a long distance. Attempt to utilize their Super when they are near full health. Charge or move in at the perfect time and get as near the safe as you can to cause the greatest damages, pushing the opponents behind and cause pressure over them.

3. Colt or Brock: By using their Super, Colt and Brock can take shots at the safe and cause lots of damages. They can likewise take shots at the safe from longer distance away and their ally Brawlers can get in more easier without any problem. Brock can likewise utilize his Rocket Fuel Gadget and Incendiary Star Power to add and causes damages over time. Colt’s Speedloader Gadget permits him to cause a lot of damage to the safe in a short period of time.

4. Jessie: She is powerful when she uses her Super. Her Recoil Spring Gadget combined with her Shocky Star Power can seriously damage opponent’s safe as they help the offense and defense abilities of her turret. Her turret continually fires quick and and precise assaults and can handle entire paths to the safe.

5. El Primo: He isn’t the best for this game mode, however his Super still makes him good for this game. Utilize your Super when the opposing team is either clustered up together or on the opposite side of the map. This will make a great deal of damage for both the team and the safe. He can likewise add damage by utilizing his El Fuego Star Power (causes 1200 damage) and his Asteroid Belt Gadget (causes 2000 damage).

6. Rico: His shots can bounce off walls. Rico’s ability is needed for Heist maps like Side Story if no Brawlers in the two teams can break walls. He is likewise ready to bounce shots off with his Super and Super Bouncy Star Power to get that last eruption of damage to obliterate the safe.

7. Spike: He can easily destroy the safe with his high damage attacks, Popping Pincushion Gadget, and his Super. Be careful about his low health and short-mid range attacks; because, it is ideal to utilize his Fertilize Star Power to maintain position.

8. Max: Max is one of only a few supports that can handle the damage output that the mode needed to succeed. Max can deal with throwers and other squishier Brawlers which are typically a danger in this mode. In maps that reward fast safe burst downs like Crossroads, Max can utilize their Super to save time. Furthermore, with her subsequent Star Power, Run n’ Gun, she can cause much more damage to the safe as her reload speed will be quicker.

9. Bibi: She is usually not picked for Heist as shooters and throwers are normally picked for this mode. However, Bibi can counter numerous Brawlers and is excellent on guard while having the option to control the map to her favor. Despite the fact that Bibi isn’t useful for offense, with her moderate health and exceptionally quick speed with the assistance of her Batting Stance Star Power and Vitamin Booster Gadget heal, she can dependably remain alive and put pressure onto the opposing team. A large portion of Bibi’s damage to the safe will be from her Super which she can use to hit the opponent’s safe more than once from a long distance.

10. Sprout: Sprout dominates in maps with walls. What’s more, Sprout can continue to cause damages. With Sprout’s Super, they can either keep opponents from assaulting their safe or make a wall separating the opponents from him, then safely attack the safe. Sprout can cover their weakness also with their Garden Mulcher Gadget and Photosynthesis Star Power.


  • When teams are on offense, they should remain together to be sure that they can push through to the safe without getting easily destroyed.
  • Shooters like Colt, Rico and etc should be on guard when a danger arrives at your safe as most threatening Brawlers are melee. In any case, don’t simply take part in protecting after defeating the enemies. The objective is to get the safe.
  • While assaulting the safe with Brawlers, for example, El Primo or Bull who utilize short-range assaults, attempt to move unpredictably while assaulting to avoid the assaults of respawned opponents. This dodging strategy can prevent loss of health, and getting more attacks to the opponent’s safe.
  • For Heist, teams should fan out to be sure that opponent Brawlers can’t sneak around them undetected.
  • At the point when the match begins, make a point to battle the opponent team at the center of the map or else, it will permit the opponent to defeat you and destroy the safe.
  • Numerous Brawlers’ Supers like El Primo and Bull can be utilized to break walls. Utilize these Supers to make path to the safe, making it simpler to access and destroy. Do be cautious when utilizing these Supers when you are attempting to shield from assaulting Brawlers, or you may unintentionally break your own walls and make it easier for your opponents. In the event that you have cleared the walls close to your safe and the enemies have a thrower, you will end up with a great loss.

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