Brawl Stars Jacky's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Jacky’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Super Rare
Class: Heavyweight
Movement Speed: 770 (Fast), 928 (with Pneumatic Booster)
Voice Actor: Sandra Espinoza


Range: 3.33
Reload: 1.8 seconds (Normal)
Super Charge/Attack: 25.28%


Range: 5
Duration: 1 second


Jacky is a Super Rare Brawler. Jacky has high health, making her ready to handle lot of damage. At the point when she assaults, she crushes the ground with her jackhammer and causes high damage within the zone of her impact. Her Super pulls in opponent Brawlers in a huge span and briefly gives her a shield causing all damages to be reduced for the length of her Super. Her Gadget, Pneumatic Booster, momentarily speeds her up. Her first Star Power, Counter Crush, reflects some portion of any approaching damage taken to nearby opponents. Her next Star Power, Hardy Hard Hat, reduces any damage she takes by fifteen percent.

Attack: Groundbreaker

Jacky causes damage to all opponents in a range around her, including opponents behind walls. The harm is managed quickly with no movement time, so there is a decent cooldown to redress. Since there is no course of movement to this assault, there is no compelling reason to aim, by pointing can at times be utilized to show you the area of damage.

Super: Holey Moley!

Jacky pulls in opponents in a radius around her. This likewise gives Jacky a shield that immediately parts all damages she gets by half. Actually like Jacky’s normal assault, there is no compelling reason to point, yet there is likewise a area-of-effect displayed if you aim.


Pneumatic Booster
This Gadget permits Jacky to briefly move quicker than most Brawlers for three seconds.

Star Powers

Counter Crush
Any time Jacky’s damaged, she will initiate a counterattack like her normal assault. It has a span of 3 tiles, and its damage is thirty percent of the damage Jacky got. This doesn’t consume ammo. Counter Crush damage doesn’t trigger Counter Crush on another Jacky from opposing team.

Hardy Hard Hat
This Star Power reduces damage she gets by 15% for the full match, permitting her to withstand up to 8235 damage with no outside buffs. This doesn’t stack with the damage reduction during her Super, and this doesn’t influence the Super charge rate of opponents who are attacking her.


  1. Jacky’s short range restricts her attacking abilities, however she has enough reach to assault opponents a tile behind walls, which she can use for her own benefit.
  2. Jacky’s assault circles around her, which implies that she can assault behind her, so if an opponent approaches you from behind, you can in any case hit them, as long as they are very close to you.
  3. Jacky, similar to any heavyweights, has a fast speed. This implies that she can get catch up to Brawlers that are fleeing from her. On the chance that her Gadget is opened, this can be valuable while pursuing other fast units and will help in game modes like Brawl Ball, Bounty, and Showdown. Combined with her high health pool, this implies that she can charge certain Brawlers and destroy them without any problem. Be that as it may, be careful about slowing Gadgets and Supers.
  4. The burst of speed from her Gadget Pneumatic Booster is useful to place Jacky quickly or to chase Brawlers down. It can likewise be utilized to get a bolt in Siege or a gem in Gem Grab.
  5. Jacky can utilize her Super to pull in opponents prior to utilizing her normal assault since she should be in a short range of the opponents to cause damage. Note that her weapon ammunition won’t re-energize during her Super.
  6. Jacky’s Super can be utilized to intercept on assaults and dangerous Supers (example of Carl’s or Frank’s).
  7. In Brawl Ball, if an opponent with the ball gets trapped in her Super, the ball will drop. This permits teammates to take the ball away or keep an opponent from scoring.
  8. Jacky’s normal assault is special; auto-aiming or pointing manually will deliver a similar assault range and direction. Along these lines, players can zero in on different aspects of the match like avoiding assaults and positioning.
  9. In Showdown, Jacky’s area of damage alongside her high damage is valuable in certain maps to take out groups of Power Cube Boxes in maps like Feast or Famine, Dark Passage, Two Thousand Lakes, and Acid Lakes.

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