Brawl Stars Jessie's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Jessie’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Maya Tuttle


Range: 9
Reload: 1.8 seconds (Normal)
Super Charge/Attack: 16.695%
Projectile Speed: 2870, 1522 (bounce)
Attack Width: 1


Range: 5
Super charge per hit: 6.305%
Super spread: 30° (Scrappy)
Projectile speed: 1196, 3478 (Scrappy)
Scrappy Range: 9
Scrappy Reload: 0.3 seconds, 0.15 seconds (with Recoil Spring)


Jessie is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward reaches 500 Trophies. Her Super forms a canine like turret, Scrappy, with moderate health and damage. It has incredible utility, regardless of whether it’s assaulting, distracting, or defending. Jessie herself has moderate health and damage. Her mid-range assaults have high harm potential since they can skip when they hit an opponent and may hit other nearby enemies. Her first Gadget, Spark Plug, makes a shockwave around her turret that slow down opponents. Her next Gadget, Recoil Spring, double Scrappy’s assault speed for 5 seconds. Her first Star Power, Energize, permits her to heal her turret for 896 health by hitting it and her next Star Power, Shocky, permits her turret to shoot small energy orbs that can bounce up to two opponents.

Attack: Shock Rifle

Jessie fires a medium-range energy sphere with moderate damage and speed, and a small radius. At the point when the sphere hits an opponent, it bounces off one opponent and heads toward the next closest opponent, even enemies behind walls or inside the bushes. It can bounce twice and hit up to 3 enemies in total. The shot’s damage is then reduced by 25% after bouncing (same as its speed and reach), however this doesn’t affect its Super charge rate.

Super: Scrappy!

At the point when her Super is utilized, Jessie creates a turret with moderate damage and health. This turret can be tossed toward anywhere and over walls within distance from Jessie. The turret is non-moving and fires quickly at foes.


Spark Plug
By utilizing this Gadget, Jessie’s turret will trigger a shockwave, keeping opponents slow inside its impacted area. The slow timespan goes on for 4 seconds, and the shockwave has a radius of 4.33 tiles. The Gadget must be utilized while Jessie has a turret from her Super activated on the map within 12 tiles of her current location.

Recoil Spring

Once initiated, Jessie’s turret strengthens its assault speed by double for 5 seconds. These shots hold their properties from Star Powers and can charge Jessie’s Super when hitting opponents. On the off chance that Jessie is defeated, the turret’s reload speed returns to ordinary. The Gadget must be utilized while Jessie has a turret from her Super active on the map within 12 tiles of her current location.

Star Powers

Jessie’s Star Power permits her to hit her turret with her normal assault to recuperate it for 896 health. The assault will in any case ricochet towards the nearest opponent like normal, regardless of whether the turret is still at full health. This causes Jessie’s attack damage reduction, so she just deals with 1176 damage right after hitting Scrappy.

This permits Jessie’s turret shoot energy spheres that can hit different opponents. The speed of attack, reach, and damage of the turret continue as before. The shots’ reach and travel time is reduced right after hitting an opponent.


  1. Subsequent to hitting a target, Jessie’s attack will consistently ricochet towards the closest opponent that hasn’t been hit. This can be utilized to decide opponent positions, regardless of whether they are out of range or in a bush.
  2. The bouncing attack of Jessie’s assault can hurt opponent’s entire team. Lock down choke-points or linear parts of the map to harm grouped up opponents by dealing significant damage to them and quickly charging your Super.
  3. Jessie’s turret can do impressive damage whenever disregarded, making it an amazing method to distract opponent Brawlers if they try to destroy it.
  4. Jessie’s turret causes small but enough damage that can add up. Shockingly, it very well may be handily kept away from by running perpendicular along its assault direction. Keep opponents from avoiding successfully by setting the turret where it can cover a linear area.
  5. While in a bush, Jessie’s turret will be undetectable to opponents except if they are in the bush and right next to it. Nonetheless, very much like a player, the turret will become noticeable while assaulting or taking damage.
  6. Because of the system of their assaults, Mortis and Frank specifically battle to obliterate Jessie’s turrets, and may take a great deal of damage while trying to destroy the turrets. Mortis can’t hit the turret except if he is touching it, and the fast fire of the turret can do significant damage to Frank due to his slow attacks.
  7. Likewise, it tends to be helpful to explicitly target Frank or Mortis in the opponent team while setting up the turret. Utilizing Jessie’s Star Power Energize, she can likewise recuperate the turret and hit Mortis/Frank on the off chance that they choose to assault the turret.
  8. In Heist, Jessie’s turret can be set before their protected to help guard against adversaries by protecting the safe and by managing harm. Moreover, it can likewise be utilized unpalatably against the foe safe.
  9. The Energize Star Power will assist the turret with enduring and expand Jessie’s reach by ricocheting her assaults. Shocky will permit Jessie’s turret’s assaults to skip off and conceivably hit more foes.
  10. Be careful about Penny while putting her turret to defend, else she might utilize the turret to cause triple the damages to the safe.
  11. When utilizing Jessie’s Energize, place her turret close to a significant chokepoint on the map and continue to take shots at the turret to heal it while opponents are close to it. This will constantly heal her turret while it deals damage, and her ordinary attacks can likewise hurt opponents too.
  12. Jessie can charge her Super rapidly. 6 hits (or 2 amazing shots hitting 3 foes by bobbing) is sufficient to charge her Super with no prior charge.
  13. Turret position is perhaps the main abilities with Jessie. When confronting short-ran Brawlers, place it out in the open so they are compelled to accept assaults from it as they endeavor to annihilate it. When confronting since quite a while ago ran Brawlers, place it close to their walls, yet in her team’s side of the wall so they need to stroll around the wall to assault it and take damage. When confronting hurlers, toss it over the wall that they are taking cover behind to damage them and power them to utilize their attack on the turret.
  14. Jessie’s Spark Plug Gadget is unbelievably valuable for bringing down opponents. It can hit opponents through walls in a sweep around the turret. After opponents are eased back down, Jessie can assault the opponent effectively, and the turret can hit all shots while the opponent is eased back.
  15. Jessie’s Recoil Spring Gadget albeit fit for giving a ton of significant worth, possibly dominates when taking out fixed targets. It ought to be combined with her Shocky Star Power constraining opponents to accept damage as they endeavor to shield.
  16. Jessie is astounding in Big Game when she is the Big Brawler as she could utilize her Super to guard herself. Her damage builds, her shots ricochet and her reload increments as well, making her an awesome Big Brawler in this mode.

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