Brawl Stars Leon's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Leon’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Legendary
Class: Assassin
Movement Speed: 820 (Very Fast), 1070 (with Smoke Trails)

Voice Actor: Thomas Hagena


Range: 9.67
Reload: 1.9 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles/Attack: 4
Super Charge/Attack: 12.63-5.05% (close to max range)
Attack Spread: 17.5°
Projectile Speed: 3500
Attack Width: 0.67


Duration: 6 seconds


Leon, a Legendary Brawler, can momentarily go invisible to his opponents when he uses his Super. He has medium health and high damage rate within short proximity. As his blades move, their damage is also reduced. Leon is fast (one of the fastest Brawlers). His Gadget, Clone Projector, makes a phony copy of himself to confuse opponents. His first Star Power, Smoke Trails, gives him a boost in speed and invisibility. His next Star Power, Invisiheal, recuperates him over the long a period of time while he’s invisible.

Attack: Spinner Blades

Leon shoots four long-range blades that goes from left to right in a cone. The damages caused relies upon how far they travel prior to hitting targets. Targets near Leon take the most damage (less damage for longer distance). The assault requires 0.55 seconds to finish.

Super: Smoke Bomb

Leon becomes invisible for six seconds, permitting him to flee or defeat an opponent. Foe Brawlers may have the option to see him in the event that he is inside 4 tiles of them. In the event that Leon was attacked while invisible, he will no longer be invisible. On the chance that he takes damage during his Super, he will be seen briefly. Leon’s Super charges depend on damage caused instead of number of hits. Utilizing his Super will cancel the health recuperation.

Getting things (like Power Cubes in Showdown, Gems in Gem Grab, or Bolts in Siege) will make him seen briefly. Holding the ball in Brawl Ball or the gift in Present Plunder while being invisible will make him seen. Opponent minions, such as Nita’s bear, can’t find him while he is invisible, however teammate minions, such as Tara’s Healing Shade, can in any case identify Leon while he is invisible. Stuns and knockbacks don’t influence the his Super’s duration.


Clone Projector
Leon makes a clone of himself, permitting him to cause confusion among opponents or allow him to flee away. The clone will pursue down the closest opponent yet can’t assault and will basically do nothing when it arrives at the opponent. It will utilize Leon’s health when used, and will duplicate the number of things (like number of Gems, Power Cubes, and so on) that Leon himself has, just as the status with his Super. Be that as it may, the clone can’t recuperate and will accept twice as much damage from opponent assaults. The clone will be gone when destroyed, if Leon brings another, and will despawn following ten seconds. At the point when utilized in Big Game as the boss, it will show same health bar as Leon.

Star Powers

Smoke Trails
Leon’s speed goes up by 30% at by activating his Super, permitting him to move a lot faster while being invisible.

In the event that Leon has missing health while utilizing his Super, he acquires 1000 health consistently for the length of his Super, for up to 6000 health on the chance that he doesn’t cancel his Super with an assault. He will in any case keep on recuperating even being hit by an opponent.


  1. Leon’s quick speed can be useful for fleeing from opponents, as he is faster than most Brawlers.
  2. Leon can cause lots of damages on the chance that he hits the entirety of the blades in his assault at short-range.
  3. Use bushes and walls to get as close as you possibly can to opponent Brawlers and release a strike that is fast and deadly, which can possibly destroy everything except the strongest Brawlers.
  4. With his Super, Leon can be more effective on attacking Brawlers by hiding in the bush. Use the Super to surprise Brawlers while they are not aware.
  5. In Heist, his Super can be utilized to sneak up behind the opponent to assault the safe on the opposite side of the map.
  6. Leon can be utilized well in Bounty also. His Super permits him to take out opponents individually, piling up lot of stars for the team.
  7. His Super is not effective when utilized close to an opponent when they know your way. Utilizing his Super when hiding in the bushes can make your getaway path unpredictable; by doing this, opponents can struggle to find him after shooting at the unoccupied bushes.

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