Brawl Stars Lou's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Lou’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Chromatic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: John Mondelli


Range: 9.33
Reload: 1.3 seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 3
Super Charge/Attack: 15.73%
Projectile Speed: 4000
Attack Width: 0.33


Range: 7.67
Duration: 10 seconds
Super Charge/Attack: 1%
Projectile speed: 1739
Syrup Range: 3.67


Lou, a Chromatic Brawler, who could be opened as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 from Season 4 (Holiday Getaway or can be opened from Brawl Boxes). Lou has decent damage and health, but has support mechanics in his assault and Super. Lou tosses snow cones at enemies, which apply Frost that stun the opponent when totally filled. His Super generates a huge circle of ice that prevents opponents and makes them harder to move. His Gadget, Ice Block, makes him invulnerable to any damage for a period of time. His first Star Power, Supercool, makes opponents’ Frost meter top off while they are in the area of Lou’s Super. His next Star Power, Hypothermia, diminishes opponents’ reload speed based on their Frost.

Attack: Brain Freeze

Lou tosses three long range snow cones in straight line. They cause low harm but decent damage when each one of the three shots hit. Upon hitting an enemy with even only one snow cone, a Frost meter will appear to one side of the opponent’s name. Lou can just apply frost on Siege Robots and Brawlers. Each snow cone applies a similar Frost rate as his Super charge rate, 15.7%. After the enemy has their Frost meter filled, they will get stunned for 1.5 second. In the event that Frost isn’t applied for two seconds, the Frost meter will start to drain by five percent every second. Frost can stack with different Lou’s. This assault requires 0.5 seconds to finish.

Super: Can-Do

Lou tosses syrup and makes a large circular area which makes it hard for opponents to move around. Any opponent Brawler who wanted to change path while inside the area will slowed down, however this doesn’t influence Lou or teammates. Sharp changes in direction will stop opponent Brawler entirely for some time. This area also causes small damage for each second that the opponent are in it.


Ice Block
Lou will be immune to any damage for one second from stuns and thump backs. Lou can’t move, assault, or utilize his Super while this Gadget is activated.

Star Powers

Lou’s Super will gradually apply 14% Frost for each second onto opponents. This impact stacks with his normal assault, so an opponent who is in the area who gets assaulted by Lou will be frozen much quicker.

Enemies lose five percent of their reload speed for each tick of Frost up to fifty percent. This maxed out at half Frost or about four attacks. This just applies to Lou; another Lou with Hypothermia can’t ease down an enemy’s reload speed.


  1. Lou’s Frost can freeze the opposing team, and in certain 3 versus 3 modes like Gem Grab, this can give Lou’s team an added benefit.
  2. Lou’s Super can be compelling with long-range ally Brawlers. Since his Super prevents Brawlers from moving freely within the impacted area, stafing then becomes hard to perform for the opponent. Therefore, the opponents’ movement turns out to be significantly predictable, and they can be hit without any problem.
  3. Since his Super makes opponents ease down once they alter path, opponents should continue to move a similar way to flee. This can be valuable to Lou since it makes opponent’s movement predictable, making shots simpler to hit. Heavyweight ally Brawlers can likewise utilize low-health Brawlers to rapidly charge their Super.
  4. His Super can totally cover zones in Hot Zone. He can utilize this to Lous and the team’s benefit to spook opponent out of the zone or assault struggling opponents easily.
  5. Lou can be great in Brawl Ball since his normal assault can stun enemies, making them drop the ball.
  6. Lou can assault opponents who are pursuing him and shock them with only a couple shots, permitting him to get away.

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