Brawl Stars Max's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Max’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Mythic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 820 (Very Fast), 1,120 (with Super)
Voice Actor: Sandra Osborne


Range: 8.33
Reload: 1.2 seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 4
Super Charge/Attack: 8.4%
Attack Spread: 15°
Projectile Speed: 4000
Attack Width: 0.33


Range: 4
Duration: 4 seconds


Max, a Mythic Brawler, has decent health and damage output, yet an extremely quick and fast reload speed with extraordinary burst damage output. Max’s essential assault shoots four shots in a slight spread. Her Super increase her teammates near her as well as herself. Max’s first Gadget, Phase Shifter, permits her to run in her direction, while at the same time be immune for the length of time. Her next Gadget, Sneaky Sneakers, makes a teleport area that she gets back to following 3 seconds. Her first Star Power, Super Charged, charges her Super while she is moving. Her next Star Power, Run n’ Gun, speeds up while she’s moving.

Attack: Faster Blaster

Max rapidly shoots four staggered shots from her blaster with a spread and a long reach. Her blaster has four ammunition slots that reload rapidly. The assault requires 0.55 seconds to finish.

Super: Let’s Go!

Max drinks a energy drink and makes an effected area around her that boosts her speed and her ally Brawlers by 300 for four seconds. Her ally Brawlers will get the speed bump even after leaving the radius range.


Phase Shifter
Max runs three tiles toward the path she faces, getting a immunity shield while running. Nonetheless, she can’t run across water and will be hindered in the event that she runs into a wall. Status impacts can in any case be applied during the run and the Gadget doesn’t remove the impacts.

Sneaky Sneakers

Upon initiated, Max puts a thunderbolt symbol on the ground, getting a Gadget symbol over her head and a bar that tallies down to 3 seconds. After those 3 seconds, she transports back to the symbol with the health she had at activation. In the event that she has any status impacts, for example, Crow’s poison, she holds the status impact. In any case, on the chance that she is crushed before she transports, her Gadget charge is consumed, yet she won’t transport. In the event that she is healed during those three seconds, she won’t lose the health recuperated after she transports.

Star Powers

Super Charged
At the point when Max moves, her Super naturally recharges, just like Darryl. Max’s Super quits charging when she’s not moving. In the event that Max continues to move, it takes around 32 seconds to completely charge, except if there’s a boost in speed, which cause the Super charge rate to go up.

Run n’ Gun
She reloads her normal assault quicker than normal while moving. This is caused by Max’s speed; she reloads quicker on the chance that she has a boost in speed, just like her Super, than if she doesn’t. Max’s reload speed is around 11% quicker while moving at normal speed, and 15.8% quicker with her Super. Like Super Charged, other boost speed will influence this Star Power.


  1. Max’s Super can be utilized to get up to speed on escaping opponent Brawlers or guarantee a simpler escape from chasing opponents. This makes her great with guerrilla strategies since she can get in, handle a ton of damage, and get out before she gets dealt with any major damage.
  2. Max can be like an assassin, utilizing her quick reload and speed to blast opponents down. Right after getting inside range, follow and work on opponents until she can land a last blow. In the event that they figure out how to get away, utilize your Super and rush the opponents.
  3. Max’s Super Charged Star Power works better in game modes like Hot Zone or Gem Grab or where Max should play as a support. Her Run n’ Gun Star Power permits her to keep up the damage ouput of a sharpshooter and is liked in Special Event modes of Robo Rumble and Boss Fight, where her First Star Power charges her Super substantially less efficiently than normal.
  4. Max’s normal assault has a reach like Tara’s, and keeping in mind that it doesn’t do a lot of damage if not all shots hit, the way that Max has four ammunition slots, combined with her faster speed and tight spread, implies she can give suppressive shot against opponent to keep them from recuperating.
  5. Max can utilize her Phase Shifter Gadget to absorb a hard to destroy shot, similar to Nani’s Peep or Tick’s Super, for a an ally Brawler to help them. This requires exact timing. Likewise, as long as you have enough high health, Max can utilize her Sneaky Sneakers Gadget to absorb numerous shots.
  6. To boost the use of Max’s Star Powers, don’t stay in one place and not move. Just by spinning in lace can utilize the Star Powers.

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