Brawl Stars Mortis' Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Mortis’ Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Mythic
Class: Assassin
Movement Speed: 820 (Very Fast)
Voice Actor: Ed Mace


Range: 2.67, 4.67 (with Coiled Snake)
Reload: 2.4 seconds (Very Slow), 1.2 seconds (with Survival Shovel)
Super Charge/Attack: 20.025%


Range: 10
Super Charge/Attack: 30.15%
Projectile speed: 2718
Super Width: 2.67


Mortis is a Mythic Brawler who assaults by swinging the shovel as he moves a couple of tiles forward, causing damage to opponents in his way. For his Super, Mortis shoots out lots of bats that take away the health of his opponents while recuperating his own. He has decent amount of health, low damage output, and slow reload speed, however he can move really fast. His first Gadget, Combo Spinner, permits him to spin fast, causing damage to all of the opponents who are around him. His next Gadget, Survival Shovel, increase his reload speed by double (4 seconds). His first Star Power, Creepy Harvest, heals him when he crushes an opponent Brawler. His following Star Power, Coiled Snake, permits his next assault to have longer range when he has three ammunition.

Attack: Shovel Swing

Mortis moves forward a brief distance, causing low damage to opponents who get in his way. Mortis can’t attack without running except if he runs toward a close by wall. In the event that Mortis runs into a wall mid-way, the dash will be stopped by the wall. This assault is a melee assault, yet the dash adequately gives it a short reach and slow reload speed.

Super: Life Blood

Mortis summons a swarm of bats toward a single path that can go over walls. On the chance that the bats get in contact with an opponent Brawler, they cause damage and also heal Mortis. Mortis will recuperate 125% of everything workable for his Super regardless of whether the opponent hit has less health left than its max damage, yet in the event that the bats miss, Mortis doesn’t heal. The bats move rapidly and travel a far distance, making this a hard assault to dodge. On the chance that the bats hit different opponents, they handle the full damage and the heal that Mortis gets is increased by the number of opponents hit, so Mortis can heal himself significantly if the bats hit many opponents. This won’t heal Mortis in the event that he hits a spawnable or pet.


Combo Spinner
Mortis twirls around on the spot, causing damage to all opponents in a 3.33 tile radius for damage of 1300. He can move, yet can’t utilize his assault when using this Gadget.

Survival Shovel

Upon initiated, Mortis will turn red and increase his reload speed by double for four seconds. This doesn’t influence Coiled Snake’s Dash Bar.

Star Powers

Creepy Harvest
While initiated, he heals himself 1800 health right after crushing an opponent Brawler.

Coiled Snake
At the point when Mortis has his ammo bar full, then a dash bar will begin charging, which can be seen right beneath the ammo bar. The bar requires 3.5 seconds to completely charge, and once it completely charges, his next assault’s dash range goes up by 75%, permitting him to travel even further distances.


  1. Mortis’ Super can go about as a strong fourth assault in dangerous scenarios. Use it when he is low on health and requires speedy healing. Attempt to hit lots of opponents as would be a possibility with the Super so he recuperates more health. Also, it has significant reach and moves quickly, which can be utilized to kill low health Brawlers over walls.
  2. The dash feature that Mortis has from his normal assault makes him mobile and fast. He can rapidly assault and run away and out of danger, making him interesting to land hits on. He can likewise withdraw rapidly because of his quick professional killer level development speed and his Survival Shovel Gadget.
  3. While withdrawing/fleeing away, try not to utilize auto-fire since you will run into the opponent that you are attempting to flee from.
  4. Mortis counters Tick, Dynamike, Barley, and Sprout well. His dash is successful at avoiding their slower assaults. Attempt to go against throwers in a game, as Mortis can rapidly dispatch them all through the match. Throwers can be valuable to charge Mortis’ Super in a negative circumstance. Single-shot Brawlers likewise make magnificent targets like Piper, especially in light of her below average close-range harm.
  5. Mortis’ reload speed is the slowest in the whole game, which implies that after you crush an opponent Brawler, you ought to promptly withdraw and reload.
  6. Mortis’ Creepy Harvest will heal him for a good amount while crushing an opponent Brawler. It is amazingly valuable and sometimes needed to be kept alive while taking fire from opponent Brawlers. This can be particularly helpful in Bounty as you can overcome an enemy and recover your health.
  7. In Brawl Ball, you can kick the ball and immediately dash a few times to pick it up. You can likewise utilize your Super to shoot the ball (even on the side of the map) and run forward onto the ball (ideally with Coiled Snake) and move the ball down the field super quickly.
  8. In both Showdown and Duo Showdown, you can’t check in bushes, so in the event that you are moving into a bush, be prepared to run away as fast as possible.
  9. Mortis’ Coiled Snake Star Power permits him to close a huge gap between enemies. To effectively use this Star Power, it requires you to prepare and be unpredictable. For example, covering up in a bush and assaulting when somebody is coming close. Utilizing this Star Power also permits him to draw near to certain close-range Brawlers (like El Primo or Rosa) and rapidly utilize his dash to slice through the Brawler, out of their reach. This can be continued used repeatly to charge Mortis’ Super while taking little damage.
  10. In Bounty, Mortis’ dash assault can be used to get the blue star in the center with ease. He would then be able to utilize his speedy movement to move into position for additional tension on the opponent or flee away. This can be hazardous on the chance that the map is open because you may be killed easy by shots in open space.
  11. Mortis can likewise counter Brawlers with a sluggish unload speed like Bibi or Frank. Attempt to time your runs just before they finish their dump liveliness to evade any harm. This procedure is particularly helpful against a Frank’s Super, as you can utilize the dash to avoid all impacts.
  12. In Showdown, Mortis can do well by just hiding in the bush and avoiding battles, running away whenever needed. On the chance that you see a battle between different Brawlers, stand by further away and once the battle is finished, surprised the last standing opponent with low health by dashing in and defeat the surviving Brawler (Especially if they have a lot of Power Cubes).
  13. In Gem Grab, try not to get gems as Mortis through most of the match. Because of Mortis’ gameplay; it’s basically excessively high danger to assault opponents with him in case you’re holding a lot of diamonds, leaving your ally Brawlers in consistent two versus three situations. Close to the end of a match, nonetheless, it very well may be ideal to go for gems when possible.
  14. In Brawl Ball, attempt to get your ally Brawlers to divert the opponents. At that point snatch the ball, use dash assaults to move rapidly and score the goal.
  15. Mortis is not good for games like Heist, Big Game (Big Brawler), Boss Fight, or Robo Rumble due to his low damage output (to safe, bosses, and etc.), slow reload speed, and single-target focus. and the presence of foe bunches in Big Game as the Big Brawler, Robo Rumble, and Boss Fight.
  16. When playing Brawl Ball, attempt to point in reverse rather than auto-pointing when an opponent is close to your goal. This will allow you to get the ball and save it.
  17. Toward the beginning of a Solo Showdown match go for defeating Brawlers instead of boxes as it requires time and it is probably going to be stolen. Take out the Brawlers with generally low health like Dynamike or Rico while juking shots. Hide in bush and ambush opponents also work well for Mortis.
  18. His Combo Spinner Gadget is more fit for a brisk completion to Brawlers or when they need to cause damage to opponents. Then again, his other Gadget, Survival Shovel, is more effective in the long-term when taking out bulkier Brawlers or while fleeing.

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