Mr. P

Brawl Stars Mr. P's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Mr. P’s Basic Info and Tips

Mr. P

Rarity: Mythic
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 7
Reload: 1.6 seconds (Normal)
Super Charge/Attack: 16.72%
Projectile Speed: 3000, 1000 (bounce)
Attack Width: 1.33


Range: 5
Super Charge/Attack: 5.59%
Projectile speed: 1196 (home base), 2500 (porter)
Super Width: 0.67
Porter Range: 4.67
Porter Reload: 0.7 seconds
Porter Speed: 800


Mr. P, a Mythic Brawler, utilizes a suitcase to toss at opponents. Mr. P has medium health and damage output. He assaults with suitcases that bounce and cause extra damage. His Super sends a home base that intermittently generates robo-porters to assault opponents. His first Gadget, Service Bell, increase damage and health of the current porter. His next Gadget, Porter Reinforcements, produces a porter toward the end of Mr. P’s next assault. Mr. P’s first Star Power, Handle With Care, permits his normal assault to skip toward the end of its reach. His next Star Power, Revolving Door, makes his porters spawn sooner when the current one is defeated.

Attack: Your Suitcase Sir!

Mr. P tosses a suitcase at an opponent. On the chance that the suitcase end up hitting an opponent or an obstruction, it skips over them, causing damage to area after hitting the ground. Bounces will extend the assault’s reach by 3 tiles.

Super: Porters! Attack!

Mr. P tosses a home base with moderate health. It may be tossed anyplace inside a distance from Mr. P. The home base is fixed and spawns robo-porters with low health and damage to help Mr. P and his teammates. The porters move quickly towards the closest target, and when they get inside the range of the objective, they pause and shoot it with short-ranged shots. The robo-porters will continue to spawn until the home base is annihilated. Be that as it may, there must be a robo-porter on the front line of battlefield at a time. The home base has a four second delay before it can spawn another robo-porter after the current one is obliterated.


Service Bell
Mr. P increases his present porter by 1000 health and 150 damage. This just applies to the one porter on the battlefield. The polished porter will seem greater in size with a purple boosted impact on it (like the impact 8-BIT’s Super gives). This will likewise heal the porter to max health. Mr. P should be inside 12 tiles of his present porter to utilize this Gadget. Buffs are simply applied to a porter once.

Porter Reinforcements

Mr. P’s next assault will generate a porter toward the end of the assault’s reach. The porters generated from his Gadget won’t despawn regardless of whether Mr. P utilizes another Gadget, permitting numerous porters to be on the battlefield together at once. His assault will in any case do its base harm prior to bringing forth a porter, and this Gadget can be influenced by his Handle With Care Star Power. A Gadget image will gleam above Mr. P’s head flagging this current Gadget’s usage, just as a sparkling assault joystick. This present Gadget’s cooldown begins after this assault is shot.

Star Powers

Handle With Care
This Star Power permits Mr. P’s primary assault to bounce regardless of whether it doesn’t hit any objective. This builds his reach to 10 tiles; be that as it may, there is a break-point after the bounce which slows the assault. This Star Power will influence Porter Reinforcements.

Revolving Door
This Star Power makes the porters generate quicker when the current one is destroyed. Regularly, after a porter is taken out it requires four seconds to respawn, yet Revolving Door cuts it somewhere around three seconds, so another one brings forth one second after the previous one is destroyed.


  1. In the Events Robo Rumble, Boss Fight, and Big Game, Mr. P’s Super can be very useful as the opponents can continue to obliterate the porters, yet when one is defeated, another one produces to replace its place.
  2. Mr. P’s attack is special because it skips when hitting a Brawler or wall. On the chance that you toss assaults at walls, you can hit opponents behind them, similar to a thrower. This works with one-tile-thick walls. In the event that you hit a Brawler, the assault can hit them again in the event that they didn’t move or are fleeing away from you, doubling your damage per hit against escaping targets.
  3. Mr. P’s first Star Power, Handle With Care, makes his suitcases bounce regardless if they don’t hit an opponent or obstruction, making him more dangerous in open zones and increasing Mr. P’s range.
  4. Keep on setting up a home base in battles. Mr. P’s Super can be charged in consistent manner which permits them to get control faster utilizing their Super. It means that it’s safe to bring the home base further into the combat zone where it could be of more use.
  5. In Siege, Mr. P’s next Star Power, Revolving Door, permits you to use his home base and porters to get more assaults on the IKE turret. To do this, run into the IKE’s reach and when you enter, toss down the home base. This will increase your overall health by a great deal, giving you a lot bigger assault window against the IKE.
  6. Mr. P has a better than average skill ceiling because of his pseudo-thrower assaults. Observing the opponent’s movement and position can be important when causing most extreme damage with the bounce portion of his assault.

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