Brawl Stars Nani's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Nani’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Epic
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 8.67
Reload: 1.8 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles/Attack: 3
Super Charge/Attack: 13.125%
Attack Spread: 50°
Projectile Speed: 4000
Attack Width: 0.27


Range: 3.33
Duration: 10 seconds
Super Charge/Attack: 25%
Projectile speed: 2500
Super Width: 2500


Nani is an Epic Brawler who shoots laser looking light orbs in diamond-shaped formation. Nani has low health however can handle strong damage from a long range. Her Super gathers a little, indestructible robot named Peep which Nani can remote control and take it into opponents, handling high damage. Her first Gadget, Warp Blast, permits her to transport to Peep’s present location during her Super. Her next Gadget, Return to Sender, mostly shields Nani from a shot that is changed into a counterattack. Her first Star Power, Autofocus, adds additional damage to her Super the further it goes. Her next Star Power, Tempered Steel, awards Nani a shield that reduces damage When Peep is active.

Attack: Trigger-Nometry

At the point when Nani assaults, she shoots out three little light orbs, one which goes in straight line while two side shots split up from the middle. The shots join again toward the ending point of her reach, framing a diamond-shaped path and handling outrageous amount of damage; if all or the orbs hit an opponent Brawler. She can handle the distance the spheres will go prior to running into one another by moving the assault joystick out farther. In the event that a portion of the orbs don’t hit a target at the ending point of their reach, they proceed on their way for an extra 3 tiles. Nani has an assault cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

Super: Manual Override

At the point when Peep is dispatched, Nani’s joystick would control him. Nani can’t move or assault until Peep detonates. Peep will detonate when contacting an opponent or a wall and handle a lot of damage while annihilating any close by obstacles in a small area. Peep acts as a bullet, which implies he can go through lakes and rope fences. Likewise, Peep can’t be obliterated and will detonate after 10 seconds in the event that he doesn’t reach an opponent. Peep bit by bit speeds up in speed and turns become a lot harder to do. In the event that Nani is stunned, pulled, crushed, or thumped back while her Super is on, Peep vanishes and doesn’t detonate.


Warp Blast
Upon initiation, Peep is obliterated, and Nani immediately transports to his past location, permitting Nani to navigate amazingly long distances. Note that Peep doesn’t handle damage when exploded and rather vanishes. Nani holds any status impact applied prior to teleporting.

Return to Sender

At the point when initiated, Nani will get an exceptional shield around her. Next time, she takes damage, and gets only 20% damage, while the rest are deflected back to the opponent in a quick and unavoidable, but noticeable shot. This impact just applies to one shot (for example Nani takes one bullet from Shelly’s Super or Colt’s attack).

Star Powers

The further Peep goes, the more damage Peep will do. Peep causes 250 damage for each second that passes since its initiation, up to 2500 extra damage on the chance that he has gone on for ten seconds, adding up to 5300 damage max.

Tempered Steel
When Peep is initiated, Nani will have a shield that lessens damage by eighty percent. Nani loses her shield at whatever point Peep is obliterated. The shield doesn’t ensure against stuns and knockbacks, and doesn’t influence Super charge from opponents.


  1. Focus on opponent with canceling capabilities like pull, knockback, and shock. On the chance that Nani is moved from Peep’s casting spot, Peep will vanish.
  2. Just auto-point Nani’s assault if the opponent is running straight toward you or if the opponent is stopping; else it will most likely miss. Make sure that you attempt to physically point your normal assault when utilizing Nani.
  3. Nani’s Super can’t be straightforwardly annihilated; in any case, it tends to be obliterated by walls, bubbles, pets, and etc. When utilizing Nani’s Super, sit tight for the target to either lose their shield or utilize their pet while going up against a Brawler with any of these.
  4. Nani’s Gadget Warp Blast can be utilized to arrive at the opponent’s safe in Heist, opponent’s territory in Present Plunder, and the ball Brawl Ball more quickly.
  5. To hit opponents precisely with Nani, attempt to lead your shots marginally in front of them, which means in the event that they’re leaving away from you, you’d shoot somewhat above them.
  6. Except if within short proximity of an opponent Brawler, never auto point your Super because it goes towards the closest opponent to Nani. The direction that it will go in may make it difficult to control Peep. Attempt to physically point your Super so it goes in the path that you would like it to go.
  7. Prior to utilizing Nani’s Super, cover up any opponents, ideally in bushes, at that point utilize her Super. Never utilize Nani’s Super when she’s in the battle, as it leaves Nani defenseless against opponent attacks. Even though this weakness can be lightened with Nani’s Star Power Tempered Steel to protect her, Nani is defenseless against being thumped back or stunned which will make her Super vanish without detonating.
  8. In light of Nani’s remarkable assault pattern, her shots can be shot at opponents behind walls; usually, just 1 of the 3 orbs will hit an opponent. Whenever possible, you can utilize the one of a kind diamond path of the two orbs to hit an opponent behind a wall.
  9. A decent tactic in Duo Showdown is to match up Nani with her Autofocus Star Power with Bo and his Super Totem Gadget. Strategy includes hiding inside a bush inside Bo’s Gadget’s radius to fire Supers repeatedly and scout for and harm opponents. Also, this tactic can work in Bounty.
  10. You can utilize Nani’s Super as an extra assault when you are nearby a short-ranged Brawler. This can be valuable as hitting opponents with Peep does lots of harm and knockbacks, letting you escape and get away.
  11. Tempered Steel is incredibly strong in Super City Rampage and Siege as she can take lots of hits from the Mega Monster or robot, and she can take much more when a Brawler like Poco or Pam is healing her.
  12. Make an effort not to initiate her Return To Sender Gadget when you are close to a Brawler which shoots many low damage shots, as you will just return a smidgen of damage to the opponent Brawler. All things considered, use it on a high damage shot like a Piper bullet or a supercharged Bea shot.
  13. Tempered Steel basically quintuples her health, permitting her to get away or hide when combined with Warp Blast, for example, in Big Game. Generally, Nani’s Super places her in a weak position, however the shield offers value to stop opponents. Not blasting Nani down entirely during its time permits her to possibly two-shot opponents close to her without fear of the same thing happening again.
  14. On the chance that you can’t apply Nani’s Return to Sender Gadget in enough time, you can utilize it as a brief eighty percent shield for one shot.
  15. A more effective way to utilize Return To Sender includes bush-camping and initiating it close to a zoning Bea or Piper. After shooting the bush, they will be surprised and left defenseless.
  16. Also, try utilizing Nani’s Return To Sender Gadget when you will take one-time high damage, like a Dynamike’s Super or another Nani’s Super. This requires some training and practice, but if done right, will be game-changing.

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