Brawl Stars Nita's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Nita’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Marissa Lenti


Range: 6
Reload: 1.1 seconds (Very Fast)
Super Charge/Attack: 16.72%
Projectile Speed: 2718
Attack Width: 1.67


Range: 5
Super charge per hit: 10%
Projectile speed: 1196
Bear Range: 2
Bear Reload: 0.6 seconds, 0.24 seconds (with Hyper Bear)
Bear Speed: 610

LevelHealthBear Damage

Nita is a Common Brawler that is available as a Trophy Road reward after receiving 10 Trophies. She has moderate health and fights with shockwaves that have moderate reach and can hit numerous opponents. She is known for her Super to call the “Big Baby Bear.” This bear has high health and snappy, powerful scuffle assaults. Her first Gadget, Bear Paws, will momentarily stun all opponents in a zone around her Bear. Her next Gadget, Faux Fur, protects her Bear for a short amount of time. Her first Star Power, Bear with Me, somewhat recuperates her bear when she assaults an opponent, and Nita heals when her bear assaults an opponent. Her next Star Power, Hyper Bear, speeds up her bear.

Attack: Rupture

Nita shoots out a shockwave that moderately hurt the enemies. It has moderate reach, and the shockwave is wide; however, it doesn’t spread out. The shockwave can penetrate and hit various opponents.

Super: Overbearing

Nita gathers a bear to go after the opponents. The bear strolls towards the closest opponent regardless of whether they are in a bush, then hit them with speedy melee assaults that does extensive damage. The bear has the same above average health as Nita.


Bear Paws
After 1 second, Nita’s bear will attack and stun opponents for 0.5 seconds inside a 3.33 tile radius, permitting it to get up to speed to and attack them when this Gadget is utilized. The Gadget must be used while Nita has a bear from her Super inside 12 tiles of her current area on the map.

Faux Fur

Nita’s bear will be protected from assaults by 35% for 3 seconds. This is marginally more defensive than most other protecting capacities; it is applied onto a mobile spawnable. The Gadget must be utilized while Nita has a bear from her Super inside 12 tiles of her present location on the map.

Star Powers

Bear with Me
This uninvolved capacity permits Nita to recuperate herself and her bear to heal her. The healing can be maximized by tossing the bear into a huge gathering of Brawlers so it lands more hits to recuperate Nita. In like manner, Nita can participate in the battle to keep her bear alive for more healing. Just like Jessie’s Energize Star Power in healing her turret.

Hyper Bear
This permits Nita’s bear to harm twice as much as it generally would. It creates intimidation to standing opponents and minions.


  1. Nita’s Super can be tossed over walls, so it can prove to be useful for managing opponents that are hiding behind a wall.
  2. Nita’s assault can hit numerous opponents from a decent distance away. Exploit this when opponents are closer together.
  3. The bear called by Nita’s Super has exceptionally high health, permitting Nita to make her own tank. The bear diverts opponents and ingests fire, protects Nita and allowing her chance to escape or deal damages.
  4. The bear she summons can find Brawlers hiding in bushes and go after them. This can assist the player with finding Brawlers, adequately making it an exploring tool and help you and your teammates
  5. Since Nita’s Super is a tossed shot like Barley’s assaults, it will bring the bear in the game faster whenever tossed nearer to Nita. This is advantageous when you are being assaulted by a shotgun-employing Brawler, for example, Shelly or Bull since the bear can tank the shots, permitting Nita to get away and counterattack.
  6. Nita’s bear has a short assault range, so it is ideal whenever upheld or utilized in an encased area where the opponent will not be able to escape from the bear.
  7. Nita can utilize her Super to generate the bear on a launch pad to ambush clueless opponent Brawlers.
  8. Try not to behind her bear when fighting against Penny, since the splash assault will hugely affect Nita.
  9. When dealing with a Frank, toss her bear behind the Frank. That way, he needs to move or assault from 2 angles, making it simpler to bring Frank down.
  10. Utilize Nita’s Super to reinforce a forceful push on Gem Grab, permitting your team to control the mine.
  11. The bear is valuable in both Siege and Heist where you can toss the bear past opponents and walls to assault either the safe or IKE turret. In Siege, the bear can cause more harm while assaulting with a robot and protecting against a robot. Nita’s Hyper Bear Star Power is particularly helpful in these modes.
  12. On the off chance that she at any point gets excessively near scuffle Brawlers, utilize her Super to divert heavyweights like Darryl or Bull so there is enough time to get away.
  13. Nita’s first Gadget, Bear Paws, can come into incredible impact in the event that you have her Star Power Hyper Bear. Nita will actually want to stun opponents and charge her Super again super fast, which can be helpful against high-health Brawlers. In any case, it additionally works with her Bear with Me Star Power, permitting the bear to get up to speed to opponents and heal Nita.
  14. Faux Fur’s shield enormously increases Bear with Me’s viability. In Heist, utilizing it with her Hyper Bear Star Power might be more ideal. As a rule, utilizing Hyper Bear in non-Heist modes when she is using Bear Paws. Bear with Me offers more steady benefit in these cases.
  15. Nita has an exceptional ability of expanding the scope of her attack. This can be accomplished from sending a shockwave and afterward moving her toward the path completely opposite of it. In this way, she can charge up her super quicker.

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