Brawl Stars Pam's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Pam’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Epic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Class: Jennifer Wydra


Range: 9
Reload: 1.3 seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 9
Super Charge/Attack: 6.825%
Attack Spread: 30°
Projectile Speed: 4130
Attack Width: 0.33


Range: 5
Projectile speed: 1196
Healing Turret range: 3.33


Pam, used to be called Mama J, is an Epic Brawler whose Super places a device that recuperates close by ally Brawlers. Her normal assault shoots a lot of metal scraps in a spraying pattern. She has high health and can cause damage in bigger range of area. Her Gadget, Pulse Modulator, triggers her turret to produce a pulse that heals anybody in its territory of impact a little. Her first Star Power, Mama’s Hug, permits her to marginally heal herself and ally Brawlers in range at whenever point she hits an opponent, and her next Star Power, Mama’s Squeeze, permits her recuperating turret to damage opponents inside its area of effect.

Attack: Scrapstorm

Pam shoots nine bits of metal scraps in a spread-out volley that sprays back and forth two times, implying that she may hit numerous opponents immediately, yet it isn’t accurate and not consistent when handling an opponent Brawler, so it will be hard for Pam to crush Brawlers one-on-one from a distance, except if at short proximity. This assault requires 1.05 seconds to finish.

Super: Mama’s Kiss

Pam’s Super place a station that recuperates teammates inside a fairly enormous radius. Notwithstanding, it can’t recuperate turrets, bear, or another Pam’s healing station.


Pulse Modulator
Pam will momentarily heal any teammates and herself in her recuperating turret’s zone of impact for 1200 health. She may utilize it regardless of whether she isn’t presently standing in the turret’s area of impact. Be that as it may, Pam must be inside 12 tiles of the turret to initiate this Gadget.

Star Powers

Mama’s Hug
Inside a 4 tile radius of Pam, she recuperates herself and close by teammates by 48 each time a bullet of hers hits any opponent (432 health altogether if all projectiles hit). This does exclude hits on an opponent Jessie’s turret, Nita’s bear, an opponent Pam’s recuperating station, Tara’s shadow, or Mr. P’s robo-porters.

Mama’s Squeeze
This permits her turret to do 800 damage each second if an opponent Brawler remains inside the healing station’s recuperating radius. This incorporates turrets and other spawnables.


  1. Charge Pam’s Super as fast as possible and attempt to keep a healing station on the field at all times to benefit herself and other Brawlers.
  2. Pam is fundamentally a defensive Brawler, helping to heal teammates while providing cover fire.
  3. Her healing turret is particularly valuable in Siege. When placed correctly in the middle of the map, it permits Pam and her teammates to endure and control the center to get more bolts.
  4. On the chance that you are doing a Showdown event with the Angry Robo modifier, you can do Duo Showdown with El Primo and Pam. This is the most ideal approach to melt the Angry Robo and pile up the Power Cubes, as they drop 3 when destroyed.
  5. Put Pam’s recuperating turret behind walls/cover, as the healing turret’s radius actually works through walls. This can guarantee a lot of recuperating while at the same time protecting the turret.
  6. Pam’s Mama’s Hug, while not healing a lot, can in any case be a helpful aspect in keeping teammate Brawlers alive. Make certain to remain nearby to them to boost healing process.
  7. Attempt to draw near to opponent Brawlers to cause damage on the grounds that Pam’s normal assault is weak and erroneous if she’s assaulting from a distance. On the chance that she doesn’t come close enough, she can’t defeat opponent Brawlers without help from other teammates. Nonetheless, if every last bit of her shots hit a single Brawler, her normal assault is strong and it will leave brawlers with extremely low health.
  8. Pam, with her Mama’s Squeeze, can be particularly helpful in Siege, since her turret can do damage each second. Pam’s harm up-close in addition to her turret can be dangerous.
  9. In difficult scenarios, Pam’s Super can be quick-fired to fill in as a meatshield, forfeiting it in the process to increase the opportunity of fleeing when being pursued. Notwithstanding, this ought to be dodged when running from Penny as her splash damage or Jessie’s bouncing orbs can in any case harm Pam when she is behind her recuperating station.
  10. Pam is useful in Boss Fight, Robo Rumble and Super City Rampage both for the high damage that she can take from a safe reach and for her healing turret and Mama’s Hug.
  11. Pam’s Mama’s Hug Star Power can counter damage from Tick, for example, Crow’s toxic substance. In the event that you can reliably land your shots, your health will recover quicker than Crow’s toxic.

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