Brawl Stars Penny's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Penny’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Super Rare
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Maria Arteaga


Range: 9
Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
Super Charge/Attack: 20.925%
Attack Spread:
Projectile Speed: 3000, 2500 (pouch)
Attack Width: 1, 0.67 (pouch)


Range: 5
Projectile speed: 1196, 750 (cannonball)
Super Charge/Hit: 30%
Cannon Range: 13.33
Cannon Reload: 2.5 seconds


Penny is a Super Rare Brawler with decent health and a long-range assault that causes splash damage when it hits an opponent. Her Super sends a mortar with decent health that throws cannonballs that can cause high damage. Her first Gadget, Pocket Detonator, explodes her cannon, cause damage to opponents trapped in the blast. Her next Gadget, Captain’s Compass, calls a cannonball strike on her area. Her first Star Power, Last Blast, permits her cannon to shoot out cannonballs which focus on opponents inside a big range after being defeated, causing high damage to opponents that are stuck. Her next Star Power, Balls of Fire, permits her cannonballs to momentarily set the ground ablaze, managing moderate harm to opponents that stay in the area of impact.

Attack: Plunderbuss

Penny’s normal assault shoots a medium-sized pocket of gold out of her blunderbuss. In the event that it hits, it will furthermore spray three clusters of gold coins behind the opponent in a cone-shaped area that moves for 4 tiles, puncturing opponents and causing the similar damage of that of the pouch for each set of gold, which can cause twofold or even triple the damage as the assault. In any case, the actual pouch causes low level of damage and has a slow reload and unload speed.

Super: Old Lobber

At the point when her Super is utilized, Penny drops a cannon with high amount of damage and low level of health. This turret can be tossed anyplace within proximity of Penny. The turret is fixed and fires cannonballs that causes damage to opponents even if they’re behind walls. Notwithstanding, it has a fairly slow shooting rate, and the cannonballs additionally have slow travel speed and are not difficult to avoid.


Pocket Detonator
Upon initiation, her cannon explodes, causing damage and knock back opponents close to it within a 2.67 tile radius. This would then destroy bushes and walls. The Gadget could only be utilized if there is a functioning cannon inside 12 tiles of her current position. This Gadget can trigger her Last Blast Star Power.

Captain’s Compass

Once initiated, Penny’s cannon fires out a blast of 5 cannonballs to her area. The hit is X-shaped with the center cannonball striking last. The Gadget must be utilized if there is a functioning cannon inside 14 tiles of where she is standing. This Gadget will stop early if Penny is destroyed before the last cannonball is fired, and it can trigger her Balls of Fire Star Power.

Star Powers

Last Blast
At the point when the cannon is annihilated or substituted by another cannon, it will shoot 4 cannonballs, each causing 1680 harm to the nearest opponent that obliterates the cannon and furthermore opponents in range. This Star Power can be set off by her Pocket Detonator Gadget.

Balls of Fire
At the point when Penny’s cannonballs hit an opponent, it will make a burning impact for three seconds that are just like Barley’s. However, it is two seconds longer. On the chance that the opponent is in the burning territory, they’ll take 400 damage each second for 1200 damage in total. The burning damage can stack. This Star Power can be set off by her Captain’s Compass Gadget.


  1. At the point when an opponents is situated behind another opponent with high health, the splash impact of Penny’s primary assault can hit both of them. This makes her extremely effective against any Brawler that utilizes their Super as a shield, similar to Mr. P’s Porters or Nita’s Big Baby Bear.
  2. To lengthen the life expectancy of the cannon turret, one of the best location to place it would be behind the walls on your side of the map. Partnered with heavyweights can guard the cannon while avoiding or polishing off weak Brawlers. The turret’s incredibly long reach permits it to shoot cannonballs to the opponent’s side of the map, from the player’s side.
  3. Like Jessie, Penny’s Super can act as a shield in a pinch, taking opponent fire for some time and permitting herself or a teammate to escape from a dangerous circumstance. It can be even more successful if used with Pocket Detonator, which causes 1500 damage and knocks the opponent back, setting off her Last Blast star power when used.
  4. Every one of the three clusters of coins do a similar measure of damage as the bag. In the event that all three bunches of coins hit the opponent, they can take twofold or even triple the damage.
  5. Penny’s cannon has very long reach and can hit the IKE turret in Siege while being out of reach from the IKE’s impacts whenever placed toward the corner of all Siege maps. This method can work really well if there is a bush to hide the cannon, permitting the cannon to conceivably cause more damage because of it being more difficult to take notice. This method can be countered by opponent throwers.
  6. Penny’s pocket won’t blast with direct impact with walls or different obstacles. Her assault will, nonetheless, burst upon impact with a Power Cube in Showdown. Utilize this for your advantage in causing opponents far from the box with the coins from when your pouch splits. This works in Solo Showdown on the guide Rockwall Brawl in 8 out of the 10 spawn points. This likewise assists Penny with opening numerous grouped boxes.
  7. It is likewise a possibility to toss the cannon inside the enemy IKE’s reach and let four cannonballs onto the IKE turret if Last Blast is set up. This will bargain around 20-25% harm of the IKE’s wellbeing. Significantly more harm can be managed if Penny figures out how to put her turret near the IKE and actuates her Pocket Detonator Gadget, and couple it with her Last Blast Star Power.
  8. Balls of Fire is exceptionally successful at confining where an opponent will go, frequently removing their getaway course. This is significant in game modes zeroed in on control, like Gem Grab and Siege. The extra damage it causes is additionally successful against fixed targets like Safes and IKE turrets.
  9. Last Blast makes her cannon dispatch few cannonballs upon its annihilation, causing significant splash damage. This can deter short-range Brawlers from obliterating her cannon. Also, it permits Penny to try a different style in which she places the cannon in a battle, and if her Last Blast is set up, in any event, when obliterated it will destroy the opponent team, even behind cover.
  10. When confronting a Penny with her turret, don’t backtrack in light of the fact that the cannon will cause more damage than that of her normal assault. To prevent from this, continue moving and don’t stop.
  11. Penny’s Pocket Detonator Gadget can be valuable to annihilate walls on specific maps, for instance, walls before the opponent’s goal in Brawl Ball. Be careful when to utilize that move. Her Super might be more important for control and exploding it may be disadvantageous. Moreover, a teammate may depend on certain walls to work correctly on a map.
  12. Penny’s Last Blast and Pocket Detonator Gadget are better on modes with fixed targets like Heist and Siege. In any case, the measure of control Penny can keep up with Balls of Fire and Captain’s Compass makes it the better combination choice. Chief’s Compass can likewise go about as a safety net on the chance that an opponent tries to trap or kill her.
  13. Penny’s Captain’s Compass Gadget and Balls of Fire combination are incredible in Hot Zone, since tanks, like Frank are great in Hot Zone, and Captain’s Compass gives simple hits when the two players are in the zone, and the fire considering more damage and control to crush the opponent brawler. Utilizing this combination, it is a lot simpler to destroy your opponents even when you’re dead if you fire it right.
  14. Penny’s cannon causes players to continue to move around the map. Utilize this for your benefit to foresee where your opponents will be moving.

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