Brawl Stars Piper's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Piper’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Epic
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 1500 (with Super)
Voice Actor: Elizabeth Saydah


Range: 10
Reload: 2.3 seconds (Very Slow)
Super Charge/Attack: 11-36.86%(close to max range)
Projectile Speed: 4000
Attack Width: 0.67


Range: 8.67
Projectile per Super: 4
Super Charge/Attack: 20.25%


Piper is an Epic Brawler with low health yet high damage to long distance targets. She shoots a long-range bullet from her umbrella that causes more damage the further the bullet travels. Her Super pops explosives at her feet prior to fleeing away from her opponents, causing harm to opponents upon explosion and allowing her to escape. Her first Gadget, Auto Aimer, permits her to discharge a shot from a side gun towards the nearest opponent, pushing them back and immediately easing back them down. Her next Gadget, Homemade Recipe, makes her next projectile home in on opponents. Her first Star Power, Ambush, permits her to cause additional damage while shooting from a bush. Her next Star Power, Snappy Sniping, reloads part of her ammunition when she hits an opponent.

Attack: Gunbrella

Piper shoots a bullet from her parasol that moves very fast. The farther the shot hits the opponent Brawler, the more damage the projectile will cause, so Piper is less powerful against opponents close to her, yet dominates at supporting her team at farther range. Piper’s assault has slow reload speed and cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

Super: Poppin’

At the point when her Super is utilized, Piper will hop and drop 4 explosives underneath her that cause lots of damage and thump back opponents close to them when they explode. While in mid air, Piper is totally safe from any damages except damages that applies over time. The explosives require 0.7 seconds to explode and have a 2 tile blast radius.


Auto Aimer
Piper pulls out a gun and shoot a little sparkling bullet pointed towards the closest opponent in a 7 tile radius. The shot will push the opponent back and briefly ease them down for 0.5 seconds whenever hit. The Gadget can trigger her Snappy Sniping Star Power.

Homemade Recipe

Piper’s next assault is a shot that will curve towards the closest opponent. The homing shots fly for an extra 3.33 tiles. A Gadget image will shine over Piper’s head flagging this current Gadget’s usage, just as a sparkling assault joystick. This present Gadget’s cooldown begins after this shot.

Star Powers

At the point when Piper is inside the bush, her normal assault acquires 800 additional damage, permitting her to cause 2928 damage at max range. The shot likewise gets a rainbow trail substituting the standard rings. Piper’s ammo bar turns yellow rather than the typical orange when covered up inside a bush. The sound of the shot is likewise changed with a layered sound of her normal shots put on top of it.

Snappy Sniping
After hitting an opponent, Piper immediately reloads 0.4 ammunition, speeding her up. On the chance that Piper hits turrets or minions, (for example, Nita’s bear), it will likewise initiate. This likewise includes hits from her Auto Aimer Gadget.


  1. Piper’s reach is hard to determine because of the quick speed of the shot. Try not to underestimate Piper’s range. On the chance that you are close-range brawler juke her shots by moving side to side while moving toward her. Piper is easy to defeat at short proximity, else she will try to put up a fight from long distance.
  2. Piper can be crushed easily if she is out in the open and unprotected; this is due to her low health and low reloading speed.
  3. Piper is strong when covered up inside bushes (with or without Ambush) in open areas since she can use her high reach faraway without giving her area.
  4. Piper is the best when she is covered by different Brawlers of her team. In the event that enemies do get excessively close, it could be a smart to utilize Piper’s Super to get away if the Super is charged. You need to make sure that you aim toward where you would like to move toward; otherwise, you will remain on the same spot where you leaped.
  5. Piper has an exceptionally well-protected Super since it just influences the area close to her, yet it can likewise be utilized offensively in a more dangerous play. Piper can hurry the opponent team, drop the explosives, and fly away. What’s more, she can utilize her Super to annihilate opponent cover to open up the map. This is to her benefit since her long reach is more powerful in open maps.
  6. While getting away, attempt to make an effort to point Piper away from the opponent as opposed to auto-firing, supposing that you quickfire her super, she will just land in the same spot from where she initiated her super, without covering any distance. On the chance that you are in a dangerous situation and your opponent has short range, you can quickfire the super in light of the fact that the knockback of the bombs is to move yourself further away from them.
  7. Attempt to forecast the opponent Brawler’s movement when shooting. Piper’s shots are thin and narrow, so you should point in front of the opponent Brawlers on the chance that they are moving so they don’t move away from the shot.
  8. Piper’s Super can be utilized to shape the map for your potential benefit, annihilating walls which your opponent Brawlers would some way or another hide behind.
  9. Charge Piper’s Super is priority, as there are Brawlers that can pop right in like Bull, Darryl, Mortis, and Edgar. In the event that you have your Auto Aimer Gadget, use it to escape as its attacking capacities are negligible.
  10. Think cautiously with regards to the Piper’s landing position after her Super. Since it requires some time for her to land, it is simple for the opponent to anticipate where she will. Attempt going to places that the opponent will set aside a long effort to reach, for example, across water areas or behind walls, however ensure you don’t land near the area of opponent Brawlers.
  11. Because of Piper’s assault mechanics, she is probably going to have boxes taken in Solo Showdown. Whenever a box is nearby Piper with an opponent is near it, focus on the opponent rather until they are crushed and then approach the box with caution.
  12. Assassin Brawlers are an effective counter to Piper because of their better-than-average speed and capacities that help them escape from attacks and get to her effectively (Ex. Crow’s and Leon’s Supers, Mortis’ scramble, and so forth), so it is ideal to dodge and watch out for them from distance.
  13. Piper’s Auto Aimer Gadget can be utilized to stop Brawlers who are seeking after her at short proximity since her normal assault does next to no harm at short proximity. It can help Piper land her shots. Since the speed of her opponents’s speed with be slower, she can hit them more effectively, or she can utilize their slow speed to get away.
  14. Since Homemade Recipe homes in on Brawlers, it’s a smart to utilize it when you realize somebody is in bushes however don’t have the foggiest idea where they are. This works best on little bushes, as enormous bushes will be excessively large for the bullets’ curvature to reach.
  15. Piper’s Homemade Recipe Gadget can be utilized to overcome low health opponents taking cover behind walls. Piper can likewise benefit the additional scope of her Gadget to defeat opponents that are out of her assault range.

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