Brawl Stars Poco's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Poco’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Rare
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)
Voice Actor: Darren Roebuck


Range: 7
Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
Super Charge/Attack: 17%
Projectile Speed: 1750


Range: 9.33
Reload: 1.6 seconds (Normal)
Attack Spread: 65°
Super Charge/Attack: 21.35%
Projectile Speed: 2500
Attack Width: 1


Poco is a Rare Brawler who assaults with music waves, puncturing opponents in its wide spread and reach. He has average to high health, but low damage output, yet can use his recuperating abilities to his advantage. His Super shoots a bigger music wave, healing himself and any teammates inside its reach. His first Gadget, Tuning Fork, permits him and close by teammates to heal for a lot of time. His next Gadget, Protective Tunes, purifies and shields all teammates hit from negative effects. His first Star Power, Da Capo!, permits Poco to hit teammates with his assault to recuperate them. His next Star Power, Screeching Solo, permits his Super to cause damage to opponents.

Attack: Power Chord

Poco discharges a wave that looks like musical notes. The assault’s reach is medium range, however it fans out radically as it travels, permitting it to cover a huge area before Poco and causes low damage to any opponents in that area. It additionally penetrates, permitting him to hit different opponents at once. Be that as it may, he can’t assault through walls.

Super: Encore

At the point when Poco’s Super is utilized, he shoots a musical wave that will recuperate himself and any teammates that are hit by the wave. The wave is similar shape as his usual attack, however it is a lot more longer and wider. This can go through opponents, teammates, and obstacles.


Tuning Fork
Teammates who are within 3.33 tiles of Poco will get 400 health each second even after they leave that span. In the event that it goes on for the full 5 seconds, Poco and his teammates can heal a sum of 2000 health.

Protective Tunes

Poco purges all teammate Brawlers in a 6 tile radius. This gets rid of poisons, burns, stuns, eases back, and Lou’s Frost. It doesn’t shield Brawlers from knockbacks and El Primo’s Suplex Supplement. After Brawlers are purified they will be invulnerable with these impacts for one second.

Star Powers

Da Capo!
This Star Power permits Poco to recuperate teammate Brawlers for 700 health with his normal assault while at the same time harming opponent Brawlers. Nonetheless, Poco can’t health himself with this capacity. The sum Poco recuperates isn’t caused by Power Cubes.

Screeching Solo
Poco’s Super will cause 800 damage to opponent Brawlers in range, on top of the healing to teammates. In any case, note that in the event that you auto-aim your Super, it will in any case point towards teammates rather than opponents.


  1. Keep in mind that Poco’s assault has a wide spread however doesn’t do a lot of harm. This implies he isn’t ideal as an attacker, but instead an effective healer. The spread permits him to charge his Super rapidly by hitting numerous opponents.
  2. Poco is extraordinary at supporting different Brawlers that are more powerful because of his capacity to heal them with his Super and with his first Star Power.
  3. Make sure to fire Poco’s Super toward teammates to heal them, or you will be wasting your Super to recuperate just yourself unless you have Screeching Solo when you can utilize your Super for offense.
  4. Poco’s assaults can be released one after another, permitting him to assault an opponent Brawler on numerous occasions to charge his Super rapidly prior to fleeing to reload.
  5. When utilizing Poco’s Da Capo! Star Power, aim his shots so that teammates are recuperated and opponents take damage simultaneously. This is the most ideal way to get the most out of this Star Power, and will offer your team the chance to remain alive longer while weakening opponent Brawlers.
  6. The wide spread of his assault permits him to hit numerous Brawlers at once and check enormous bushes.
  7. Poco’s recuperating capability is more helpful than Pam’s in difficult situations when you or your allies have practically no health left, as Pam’s Super requires some time, while Poco’s is almost available immediately, especially in bigger area. This makes him significantly more valuable than Pam in Brawl Ball and Bounty.
  8. Poco is great with high-health Brawlers like El Primo and Rosa as he can continue to recharge their health while they protect Poco from strong Brawlers.
  9. It is encouraged to utilize Screeching Solo when playing Solo Showdown because of the absence of teammates. This Star Power is particularly effective if Poco has his Super charged with low health and numerous opponents close.
  10. Poco with Pam can be good for healing. They can have another healer like Byron in their comp. Poco could keep healing Pam and the other way around.

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