Brawl Stars Rico's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Rico’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Super Rare
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 970 (with Robo Retreat)


Range: 9.67
Reload: 1.2 seconds (Very Fast)
Projectiles/Attack: 5
Super Charge/Attack: 8.4%
Attack Spread: 7.5°
Projectile Speed: 3478
Attack Width: 0.67


Range: 13.33
Projectile/Super: 12
Super Charge/Hit: 8.4%
Super Spread: 10°
Projectile speed: 4891
Super Width: 0.67


Rico (used to be called Ricochet) is a Super Rare Brawler with low health and high output on damage. His assault and Super have one of a kind shots that can skip off of walls and travel continuously. At the point when appropriately used, this capacity can permit Rico to take out opponent Brawlers without being hit himself. His Gadget, Multiball Launcher, quickly shoots lots of bullets around himself in every directions. His first Star Power, Super Bouncy, makes his shots move quicker and cause extra damage after bouncing. His next Star Power, Robo Retreat, permits him to move quicker when his health drops below 40%.

Attack: Bouncy Bullets

Rico’s normal assault is an explosion of five projectiles with a low spread that can ricochet off of walls. This is helpful in circumstances when an opponent is around a corner as Rico will want to hit them while they couldn’t fight back as easily. With each bounce of bullet, it increase by 1.67 tiles of extra range. This assault requires 0.95 seconds to finish.

Super: Trick Shot

At the point when his Super is utilized, it shoot a bigger longer-range explosion of bullets which can continue going after hitting an opponent and can bob off walls. This is exceptionally valuable in circumstances when the opponents are closer together, permitting you to hit numerous opponents at once. This assault is almost the same as Rico’s normal assault and can also be utilized to hit opponents around corners and cover.


Multiball Launcher
Rico shoots two batches of bullets with a scope of 12 tiles in 8 different directions around himself that each causes 320 damage. These bullets are similar to his Super’s, yet keep going for a short limited period. Every shot can likewise hit many opponents, but harm an opponent once.

Star Powers

Super Bouncy
This Star Power boosts the range of the Damage Booster by half, permitting it to cover a longer radius and helps more teammates with increasing their damage outputs inside of the booster.

Robo Retreat
At the point when Rico’s health falls beneath 40%, he gets a 34%increase in speed, permitting him to move a lot quicker and getting away from opponents without any problem. The impact disappears when his wellbeing reestablishes above 40%.


  1. Rico’s Super has longer reach than his normal attack, so it is helpful for destroying opponent Brawlers that are getting away or shooting the target that requires many bounces.
  2. When shooting off a wall at an opponent who is moving away, move towards the spot you are shooting to improve the range of your shots so you may hit more shots. On the chance that you can’t see them in bushes, get side-to-side while shooting off the wall to cover more ground with your shots.
  3. Rico has low health, so you should use the bouncing bullet capacity and reach of his assault to harm opponents while avoiding opponent’s fire.
  4. Since Rico can bounce his shots off walls giving him range of 1.67 tiles more for each ricochet, he is really good on maps with a many of walls, just like Cavern Churn. Keep bouncing shots off walls.
  5. When being pursued by a short-range opponent, Rico can shoot them as he flees, particularly while using the Robo Retreat Star Power. This procedure can be utilized on short-range brawlers like El Primo and Bull.
  6. Although difficult to do, Rico can charge consecutive Supers if each shot from his Super effectively hits an opponent Brawler. This is simpler if many opponents are hit with one Super. Colt can’t do this because of his Super charge pace of 7%.
  7. At the point when Rico’s Super assault is completely charged, attempt to utilize it on opponents who are surrounded by walls so you can cause the most damage in those situations. This is best in Heist to cause most damage to safe.
  8. Since Rico’s Super penetrates through opponents, you can utilize the Super in Heist when the opponents and the safe are to be hit at the same time.
  9. Rico’s Super Bouncy gives his shots an extra 124+ damage after bouncing. While it doesn’t seem like much for every shot, when each of the six bullets are bounced an extra 620 damage is added, making his total damage of 2860. Also, a bounced Super will have cause 6864 damage in total. This urges Rico to ricochet assault and Super shots off walls for them to cause more harm (particularly in Heist maps like Snaked Assault and Turnaround) where he can possibly skip his shots from a safe distance.
  10. Robo Retreat permits you to go into battles, at that point get away from when you are on low health. Doing this will permit a greater amount of your bullets to hit Brawlers because of the improved precision on shots. On the chance that you are a decent sniper, you ought to stay away from close-range battles and assault from a distance. For more experienced players/great dodgers, you can continue to fire and keep Rico back from healing and stay underneath 40% health to abuse the speed buff to stay away from assaults and surpass Mortis and Crow. This is helpful in Boss Fight and Super City Rampage when waiting for allies to respawn and surpassing the Boss Robot and its attacks.
  11. Rico is a good pick for certain events, with his Robo Retreat Star Power. In Robo Rumble, Boss Fight, and Super City Rampage, he can attack the robots nonstop in every occasion with his quick reload speed and high damage output, while avoiding danger if he’s ready to ricochet his shots in such a manner he doesn’t need to come close to the robot(s) to hit them. His penetrating Super is valuable to hit the smaller robots in Robo Rumble and Boss Fight, and its extremely high damage permits him to fundamentally harm the large robots altogether in the three events. The bouncing impact of his Super permits him to attack safely, just like his normal attack.
  12. On the chance that Rico has respawned, he can go near the boss robot(s) in the above occasions in a way his hitbox is inside the hitbox of the boss and initiate his gadget to cause epic damage to the boss, when all shots hit. This is because of the huge hitbox of the bosses in every occasion. In any case, don’t do this without the immunity shield from respawning as the bosses have strong attacks.
  13. Like Shelly, Rico can chain his Super if opponent brawlers are in line or in the event that you hit more than one opponent. On the chance that you need lots of damage to be done, first attack then use your Super.
  14. Rico’s star power, Robo Retreat, permits him to juke the shots of the boss and robots in special occasions, and quickly fleeing if all teammates are dead. In Big Game, Rico’s speed boost from this star power will be there for the remainder of the game, when he falls under 40% in health. His Super and gadgets additionally permit him to battle with many opponents at once in Big Game, making him a good pick for the game.

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