Brawl Stars Rosa's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Rosa’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Rare
Class: Heavyweight
Movement Speed: 770 (Fast)
Voice Actor: Sheila Williams


Range: 3.67
Reload: 1 second (Very Fast)
Super Charge/Attack: 11.155%
Projectiles/Attack: 3
Attack Spread: 65°
Projectile Speed: 5000
Attack Width: 1


Duration: 3 Seconds


Rosa is a Rare Brawler who assaults in a whirlwind of three short ranged punches with her boxing gloves that can penetrate through opponents. Rosa has high health and decent to high damage. Her Super gave her a shield, lessening any damage that she takes by 70% for three seconds. Her first Gadget, Grow Light, generates shrubs around herself that any Brawler can cover up in. Her next Gadget, Unfriendly Bushes, harms and eases back all opponents hiding in shrubs. Her first Star Power, Plant Life, heals her gradually over the long time while she is in shrubs. Her next Star Power, Thorny Gloves, adds more damage to her normal attack while her Super is initiated.

Attack: Hands of Stone

Rosa draws three short-ranged punches in a wide circular arc. Since her assault range is somewhat short, Rosa needs to get up near her opponents to harm them. Her assaults can penetrate and can hit numerous opponents. The assault needs 1.05 seconds to finish, which somewhat impedes Rosa to cause damage right away.

Super: Strong Stuff

Once initiated, Rosa will have shield for short period of time, alongside a changed appearance. This shield will cause less damage that she takes by 70% for three seconds.


Grow Light
Once initiated, Rosa grows a 3-by-3 section of green bushes where she is standing. These bushes keep going for the remainder of the match unless if they are annihilated by a Brawler’s Super or after the goal is made in Brawl Ball. They can’t grow inside the walls, on water, or underneath the safe in Heist.

Unfriendly Bushes

At the point when initiated, opponents inside the bushes will deal with 100 damage and eased back for 3 seconds. The damage will momentarily reveal them.

Star Powers

Plant Life
At whatever point Rosa is within a bush, she will recuperate for 200 health each second.

Thorny Gloves
While Rosa’s Super is initiated, Rosa’s normal assault will have an extra 220 damage, successfully making her damage 864 for every punch and a sum of 2592 damage if each of the 3 punches hit.


  1. In Brawl Ball, utilize her Super and get the ball, at that point run into the goal and score. Notwithstanding, be careful when attempting to “walk” the ball into the goal, as any type of a stun (from the Supers of Shelly, Frank, El Primo, Tara, and so on) will take the ball out of your possession, making you either waste your Super or possibly get taken out.
  2. Rosa and El Primo have a similar speed, however Rosa’s reach to opponent is wider and longer, so she can pursue and assault him while being barely out of his reach.
  3. Rosa flourishes in Showdown. When utilizing her Super, she can rush shotgun Brawlers like Bull. She is likewise a great bush camper when her first Star Power is available. With Plant Life available, she can hide inside bushes when she is healing and when an opponent stops by, she can assault her adversary while recuperating.
  4. Her Super has a very high resistance to damages, but short time frame. So utilize this with caution, particularly if her health is low.
  5. Rosa’s Plant Life permits her to heal 200 health each second while in the bush. Make sure to utilize this while fighting another Rosa which permits her to out-heal the opponent while causing damage to them. In maps with many bushes, she can be extremely powerful and hard to defeat, particularly in Snake Prairie. She can even utilize Plant life to counter tick harm, for example, Crow’s poison and El Primo’s El Fuego Star Power. Indeed, even without Plant Life, Rosa can end up being the better Brawler when covering up in bushes.
  6. Use Plant Life on maps where there are numerous bushes and Thorny Gloves where there are definitely not.
  7. On the chance that she can shock the other team (in any mode) while her Super is initiated, she can keep stacking Supers, taking almost no damage and destroying their team.
  8. In Duo Showdown, make certain to have a team that can cover Rosa’s weakness. Best to have mid/long reach Brawlers, these would include Brock, Piper, Colt, or even Carl in certain maps.
  9. Her Super can save her in difficult circumstances because of the damage decrease. Utilize her Super when battling another Brawler that may defeat her.
  10. Rosa’s Grow Light Gadget can be utilized to add bushes next by other bushes. This will make it simpler for her to ambush enemy Brawlers. At the point when matched with her Plant Life Star Power, Rosa can utilize her Gadget to recuperate herself when injured in fights.
  11. When battling another Rosa, don’t waste a ammunition while their shield is up. All things considered, stand by until the impact stops so you will not waste ammunition.
  12. Rosa’s Unfriendly Bushes Gadget can be utilized to momentarily uncover all opponents hiding in bushes. As it causes 100 damage with endless range. In the event that the opponent is near her, she can destroy the opponents easily. Since the easing back effect from the Gadget except if the adversary has a capacity to speed up, has a capacity to diminish her speed or has sufficient damage and health to take her out before she could do so when she doesn’t have her Super charged.

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