Brawl Stars Sandy's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Sandy’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Legendary
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 770 (Fast)
Voice Actor: Patrick Pedraza


Range: 6
Reload: 1.8 seconds (Normal)
Super Charge/Attack: 20%
Attack Spread: 40°
Projectile Speed: 3500
Attack Width: 1.33


Range: 7.33
Duration: 9 seconds
Projectile speed: 2000
Sandstorm Range: 6.67


Sandy, a Legendary Brawler, with decent health and damage output who can cause damage to many opponents at a time with his wide penetrating assault. His Super calls for a dusty sandstorm with a very large radius, permitting him and his teammates to be invisible in its impacted area. His Gadget, Sleep Stimulator, makes Sandy nod off for two seconds prior to recuperating to full health. His first Star Power, Rude Sands, permits his Super to cause small damage to opponents that are in the sandstorm. Sandy’s next Star Power, Healing Winds, permits any teammates inside the sandstorm to heal over a period of time.

Attack: Pebble Blast

Sandy assaults by tossing sand at his opponents that spreads in a cone pattern, causing decent damage. His assaults can puncture through opponents, permitting him to cause damage to many opponents

Super: Sandstorm

Sandy tosses an object shaped like a star and makes a dusty sandstorm which makes him and his teammates undetectable. Like Leon’s Super, undetectable Brawlers can be seen for close by opponents inside four tiles. Teammate minions, for example, Nita’s Bear won’t be hidden. This sandstorm will go on for total of nine seconds.

Brawlers holding the ball in Brawl Ball or the gift in Present Plunder would be seen. Robots in Robo Rumble can see players through the sandstorm. Undetectable Brawlers can be seen by Siege bot and the IKE turret in Siege.


Sleep Stimulator
Sandy’s Gadget makes him unfit to move or assault for two seconds, however right afterward he is healed to full health. This Gadget can’t be initiated if Sandy is at full health. In the event that Sandy is the Big Brawler in Big Game, he would only heal 10% of his health. Sleep Stimulator can be affected by Crow’s poison and Byron’s assaults.

Star Powers

Rude Sands
Sandy’s Super does 100 damage for each second to opponents who enter the sandstorm, for 900 damage in more than nine seconds. This can stack with different sandstorms, causing double or triple the damage.

Healing Winds
The sandstorm can heal Sandy and his teammates for 300 health each second, with potential 2700 health in 9 seconds. The healing could stack with different sandstorms, doubling or tripling the recuperating impact.


  1. Sandy’s Star Powers can be utilized on offense in Siege and Heist. You can either utilize Rude Sands to cause damage the Siege IKE/Heist Safe alongside enemies attempting to prevent you from assaulting, or you can utilize Healing Winds to heal your ally Brawlers while assaulting (recuperating will be particularly helpful in Siege since the IKE turret will constantly be assaulting your team). Nonetheless, know that the IKE turret would now be able to see through invisibility.
  2. When utilizing Sandy’s Super, you should attempt to put the sandstorm with the goal that it reaches the edges of bushes. This permits you and allies Brawlers to utilize the sandstorm to go into bushes and access greater areas while the enemies think that you are still in the sandstorm.
  3. Sandy’s assault’s wide reach and penetrating capacity makes it compelling against Brawlers that are gathered together.
  4. In Brawl Ball, utilize Sandy’s Super to cover the ball’s area. Bait the ball and if an enemy attempts to get it, a close by Brawler could take them out. After they are destroyed, utilize an opportunity to let a faster brawler like Colt w/ Slick Boots, Leon, and Crow to kick the ball in the goal. Likewise, he has better than expected speed, and a Super that charges quickly (permitting you to Super the ball more frequently), so Sandy would be perfect to carry the ball.
  5. Utilize his sandstorm to keep low-health ally Brawlers hidden when fleeing or stay away from opponents to flank them and ally tank brawlers to surround opponents who are exploring the sandstorm.
  6. Sandy’s Rude Sands Star Power can be utilized to control a bigger area, and keeping in mind that the damage each second isn’t that high, the larger radius and longer duration prevents them from recuperating and can gradually deplete the opponents’ health in the event that they go through or forcing the opponent to stay away. On the chance that they go through, you and your ally Brawlers can handle much more damage to the opponents, perhaps destroying them.

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