In Siege, there are two teams battling against each other, each with three players. Each team has an IKE turret that they need to guard; and also tryin to defeat enemy’s IKE. Bolts bring forth close to the center of the map. Holding a bolt for some time will move the bolt to your IKE turret. At specific intervals during the round, team with more Bolts will construct an attack robot that will assault the opponent IKE. Every IKE has an amazing non-splash assault that causes 1000 damage for each shot and has a unimaginably long reach, set apart by the half circle around the IKE. You win by annihilating the other group’s IKE or managing more harm to it than they did to yours before the finish of the match.

The more Bolts you feed your IKE, the better the robot delivered. Each bolt implies one level on the robot gathered. All attack robots have a similar health paying little mind to their level; be that as it may, the harm and speed of the robot increment with level. The harm of the robot increments by 50 harm for each punch each level and speeds up at levels 10, 20, 30 and 40.

Top 10 Brawlers to Use

  1. Pam: Her Super creates a healing station can be vital in keeping your ally Brawlers alive, and since Pam causes the most harm in the game per assault, she is great at playing guard against the adversary attack robot.

2. Jessie: Whether it is offense or defense, opponents will gather up so her shot can cause lots of damage when bouncing from one opponent to another. Jessie’s Super is likewise useful for defense.

3. Frank: Frank’s Super can stun the opponent IKE turret and other opponent Brawlers. Additionally, while on guard, Frank can stun the opponents’ Siege Robot. Even though Frank is great for guarding and assaulting, attempt to point your Super so it doesn’t annihilate walls on your side, as it will leave your IKE open to assault.

4. Darryl and Bull: With both of their Super, they can charge in and take out a good amount of Ike’s health, making them great for Siege.

5. El Primo: Much like Bull and Darryl, El Primo with his Super can cause a lot of damages to the IKE turret without the help from anyone else. He can likewise leap to Bolts with his Super or attack a Brawler that is holding a bolt

6. Barley: He can damage the IKE turret with his Super which can cause 10-12% of the IKE turret. He is also great at keeping the center area of the map clear for teammates to grab the Bolts.

7. Rosa: When her Super is on, the IKE will do little damage and Rosa can cause lot of damage effortlessly. Her Super would only last three seconds nonetheless, so remember not to stay too long.

8. Gene: He can utilize his Super to grab Brawlers with Bolts, maneuver Brawlers into the scope of the IKE turret, pull the Robot, shielding Brawlers from the Robot or pull opponents from Bolts.

9. Dynamike: He can be utilized for control and when pushing with your Robot he can do a great deal of damage to the IKE turret. He can likewise break cover that are protecting Brawlers and IKE turret.

10. Tick: He is great since he can give control to permit his teammates to gather Bolts. He can help his team trap enemies that have a lot of Bolts. His Super can thump the Robot back and stun him. He likewise does a lot of damage during a team push and he can hit the IKE turret without entering the opponents’ zone.


  • Attempt to divert the enemies’ siege robot by using Brawler’s turrets, cronies or drawing near to it to allow it to hurt you rather than your IKE turret.
  • Being able to control the center of map is vital. Ward opponent Brawlers off while your team gathers Bolts as they show up.
  • One way that you could use with a team is attempt to get one bolt fewer than the opponents when the first attack robot generates, so you can stack your Bolts on the second or third robot to rapidly dominate the match since the opponent’s total bolt count will reset to zero when a opponent siege robot is generated. Do this just during the first Siege, as most teams will possibly have 2 to 4 Bolts when the Siege Robot brings forth, so the Robot won’t be strong. On the chance that you utilize this stacking strategy when it is the second to last Siege, it very well might be past the point of no return and the Siege Robot might be too powerful, and making your team lose the match.
  • At the point when your robot is going to come out, stay behind it and assault from that point, else you hazard being crushed and pushed back to the beginning, which will eliminate you from the push.
  • From the amount of turret health that is still available after your team’s siege, it could be beneficial to overlook Bolts and just land shots on the turret to win the match (preferably with a thrower that can shoot from far away).
  • Team pushes are critical. Try not to depend on your Robot to win the game. Supporting it during siege is critical for winning the game.
  • The IKE turret assaults whichever Brawler is nearest to it. Therefore, never draw nearer to it than your siege robot.
  • Put Bo’s mines before the opponent’s siege robot. At the point when the mines detonate, it will stun the robot briefly, giving time for the IKE turret and your teammates to defeat the robot.

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