Spike's Basic Info and Tips
Spike’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Legendary
Class: Sharpshooter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 7.7
Reload: 2.1 seconds (Slow)
Projectiles/Attack: 7
Super Charge/Attack: 14.4%
Projectile Speed: 2174, 3261 (spine)
Attack Width: 1, 0.33 (spine)


Range: 7.7
Duration: 4.5 seconds
Super Charge/Attack: 12.5%
Projectile speed: 1739
Thorny Grenade Range: 2.7


Spike, a Legendary Brawler, with low health is good at dealing with clumped-up opponents. His assault detonates on impact and shoots spikes in different directions, which causes damage to opponents they hit. His Super throws a prickly shot, easing back down and causing damage to opponents trapped in its impacted area. His Gadget, Popping Pincushion, quickly fires lots of spikes every way around Spike. His first Star Power, Fertilize, permits him to recuperate himself over the time when he is within the range of his Super. His next Star Power, Curveball, causes the spikes darted away from his normal assault to curve in circular motion.

Attack: Needle Grenade

Spike tosses a cactus that, upon in contact with something or arriving at its maximum reach, detonates and shoots out 6 spikes radially that causes damage. It’s fixed pattern, with sixty degrees between each spike, and it doesn’t turn with the shot’s angle. The shot accomplishes more damage upon contact than the spikes would.

Super: Stick Around!

Spike tosses a bomb over walls that turns into a big circular patch of spikes. Opponents inside its zone of impact take harm when they are inside, and their speed also slowed down dramatically.


Popping Pincushion
He shoots ten needles in every direction, and the needle causes 520 damage to opponents. The spikes from this Gadget are not influenced by Curveball and travel 6.7 tiles before they disappear.

Star Powers

Spike’s Star Power permits him to gain 800 health for each second that he is inside the cactus patch (that Spike creates with Super).

The spikes tossed from his normal assault move in a clockwise curving movement rather than straight out, permitting his assault to cover a bigger region and hit more Brawlers with his assault. This star power likewise increase the range of his spikes. Curveball doesn’t impact Popping Pincushion.


  1. The spikes in his assault consistently spread out in a similar pattern, regardless of your rotation or position. You can utilize this knowing where the spikes will land, making it simpler to hit opponent Brawlers around walls and corners. The six spikes go at sixty-degree angles.
  2. Spike has low health, so try and practice shooting around walls and prevent opponents to attack you by predicting how the enemies will approach you. Although he has low health, but this high damage output make up for his weakness.
  3. Since the spikes in his assault spread out from one another as they travel, having the cactus detonate close to an objective is ideal since this up the chance of numerous spikes hitting a same target.
  4. Spike can cause incredibly high harm to opponents who grouped together because of the numerous spikes shot out from his assault. The area of impact from his Super is bad news for opponents who are grouped together.
  5. Spike’s Super is great for controlling a certain area. On the chance that the opponent team is attempting to escape with the Gems in Gem Grab or attempting to score an objective in Brawl Ball, you can slow them down by using Spike’s Super.
  6. Since his needles can go everywhere (particularly Curveball), you can utilize a portion of those needles to check bushes for opponents hiding in them.

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