Brawl Stars Sprout's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Sprout’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Mythic
Class: Support
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 5
Reload: 1.7 seconds (Normal)
Super Charge/Attack: 20.15%
Projectile Speed: 1700
Attack Width: 0.33


Range: 7.67
Projectile speed: 1739


Sprout, a Mythic Brawler, that assaults by tossing a seed bomb over that bounces off floors and walls. In the event that the ball connects with opponents, or after a set time frame, it detonates to cause damage. Its Super permits Sprout to toss a Super Seed, making a huge barrier when it lands. Its first Gadget, Garden Mulcher, permits Sprout to take down a close by bush and recuperate a lot of health. Sprout’s next Gadget, Transplant, annihilates a hedge to get its Super completely charged once more. Its first Star Power, Overgrowth, expands the blast radius of its normal assault every 5 seconds. Its subsequent Star Power, Photosynthesis, awards it a damage reducing shield while inside a bush and for a brief time frame after leaving it.

Attack: Seed Bomb

Sprout throws over a ball of seeds that detonates when it makes contacts with an opponent. On the chance that it doesn’t hit an opponent, it will travel a couple of tiles further and bounce off of walls prior to detonating in a one tile range. The seed moves farther when bouncing off of walls.

Super: Hedge

Sprout tosses its Super Seed to make a hedge barrier that can impede both your opponents’ and your teammates’ way. It makes a 5-block cross pattern from the focal point of the seed. In any case, if there are close by walls to where the seed was planted, the hedge will develop towards them and connect with the walls. Like any obstacle, this one can be destroyed by specific Supers. These hedges can likewise be destroyed by Brawlers with invulnerable bubbles.

The hedges will vanish ten seconds after, and utilizing another Super won’t cancel the previous hedges. On the chance that a Brawler is obstructing the hedges when they grow, the Brawler will be pushed out of the path. The hedges will likewise annihilate any bushes that they grow over on the map.


Garden Mulcher
At the point when Sprout is in closeness to a bush tile, it can “eat” the bush to reestablish 2000 health, annihilating the bush during the process.


Sprout annihilates its present hedge, yet Sprout will have its Super charged entirely once again. On the chance that there are at least two hedges, every one of them will be gone upon Gadget’s usage.

Star Powers

Sprout has a charge bar that requires five seconds to completely energize, and when it is charged, the shot’s radius of Sprout’s next main assault goes up by 40%. After the main assault is used, Sprout’s charge bar resets. Unlike other charging bars, Sprout’s Overgrowth’s bar begins charging right away after last use. It doesn’t need 3 shots reloaded to begin charging.

While in bush, Sprout gets a shield which can reduce 30% of all damage taken. Subsequent to leaving the bushes, it keeps shield for an additional three seconds.


  1. Sprout’s Super can be used to close off choke point, leaving just a couple of paths for foe Brawlers to go through. This could make them cluster together and allow opposing team to be destroyed together.
  2. Sprout’s Super can impede the Siege robot from getting to the IKE, effectively invalidating the danger for however long the barrier lasts. During this time, it hinders any non-thrower shots and melee assaults from opponent Brawlers trying to assault the IKE.
  3. Sprout can keep opponents from getting away from the gas in Showdown with its Super, making opponents take more damage and possibly taking them out.
  4. Sprout’s main assault radius can harm different opponents, particularly on the chance that it has its Overgrowth Star Power equipped. Hitting numerous enemies charges its Super quicker, so take advantage if opponent Brawlers end up clumping together.
  5. Sprout’s Seed Bombs move in the air slowly, can’t be fired at Sprout’s feet, and can bounce around without control. Therefore it is hard for Sprout to assault opponents that are near walls.

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