Brawl Stars Stu's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Stu’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Assassin
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal), 820 (with Speed Zone)


Range: 7.67
Reload: 1.5 seconds (Normal)
Projectiles/Attack: 2
Super Charge/Attack: 100%


Range: 2.33


Stu is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road reward after getting 10,000 Trophies. Stu has decent health and damage, however with a quick Super charge rate, which gives him a huge disruptive potential. He fires two blazes for his normal attack, and his Super is a dash that thumps back any opponents in his way and burns them when opponents touch the flames. His Gadget, Speed Zone, puts a booster that speeds up all teammate Brawlers in a big area. His first Star Power, Zero Drag, causes his range to increase, and his following Star Power, Gaso-Heal, recuperates him each time he utilizes his Super.

Attack: Razzle Dazzle

Stu fires two pyrotechnic firecrackers straightly one after another. He needed just one of two to hit to charge his Super.

Super: Nitro Boost

Stu runs forward in similar fashion as Mortis, and it thumps back any opponents in Stu’s way. Then, it leaves flames on the ground that set fire on opponents for 3 seconds. Stu can’t utilize his Super to charge over water.


Speed Zone
When initiated, Stu places a turret with 1000 health that increases speed of Stu and his teammates in a 7-tile span around it. This doesn’t stack with other boosting speed capabilities and doesn’t boost spawnables.

Star Powers

Zero Drag
Stu’s Super dash distance gets increased from 2 tiles to 3.67 tiles with this Super. Then, it increase the range of the flames that Stu left behind after dashing.

Each time Stu utilizes this Super, he recuperates for 500 health.


  1. Like Mortis’ assault and Darryl’s Super, you cannot go through fences or walls with Stu’s Super dash. Else, it will make him to crash.
  2. Charging Stu’s Super of just one hit, in return for being the only killer with a Normal speed, he can escape with his Super in extreme and dangerous scenarios. For instance, Stu can escape from attacks of Brawlers that cause high damage, like Nani, Frank, Bull, and Darryl.
  3. On the chance that you assault, and rapidly Super dash once the flame fire hit, you can get your Super twice from one assault as long as the next flame hits an opponent. Be that as it may, this is not easy to pull off in a typical match.
  4. In Brawl Ball, Stu can utilize his Super to take the ball out of an rival brawler’s hands, making him helpful for scoring points quickly or slowing down opponents from scoring.
  5. Keeping Stu’s Speed Zone Gadget behind a wall will protect from opponent assaults while giving his teammates a boost. He can utilize the gadget to block shots from opponent Brawlers.
  6. Stu is great at avoiding fire from opponents, as his Super can be used by those with fast reflexes to utilize his Super again and again (blasting) to get away and switch paths right away.
  7. In case that you’re attempting to cause damages on opponents, hitting with with fire when they are close to you, since hitting opponents from the farthest point of your Super dash will kick them out of Stu’s flames.
  8. Try not to deal with Stu like Mortis, although them both can dash easily. His Super is available sooner, but doesn’t have the high blast effect that Mortis does. Also, he couldn’t heal as well as Mortis can.
  9. At the point when auto-pointing Stu’s Super, he aims toward the path that he is going. It is great for getting away, and is just like Shelly’s and Max’s first Gadgets, yet will be less helpful against close and low-health enemies.
  10. On the chance that Stu is battling with an opponent with his Super ready and there is an obstruction close by him, look to aim at the wall close to the opponent so they will be thumped back onto the wall, sticking them to the obstacle as long as Stu has a consistent increase of Supers.

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