Brawl Stars Surge's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Surge’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Chromatic
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 650 (Slow), 820 (stage 1+; Very Fast)

Voice Actor: Steven Kelly


Range: 6.67, 8.67 (stage 2+)
Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
Super Charge/Attack: 35.4%, 17.7% (split)
Projectile Speed: 3500, 3000 (split)

Attack Width: 1


Range: 2
Super Charge/Attack: 33.5%


Surge, a Chromatic Brawler, who could be opened as a Brawl Pass award at Tier 30 from Season 2 (Summer of Monsters or can be opened from Brawl Boxes). He has low health and decent damage output, yet has a lot of potential in damages. His main assault shoot a shot of juice that parts after hitting an opponent. His Super awards him different upgrades that boost to his assaults and speed. His Gadget, Power Surge, transports Surge a little distance toward the path he is facing and permits him to go through obstacles. His first Star Power, To the Max!, permits his shots to part when reaching a wall. His next Star Power, Serve Ice Cold, makes Surge respawn with his stage one upgrade as opposed to returning to his original state.

Attack: Juice of Justice

Surge shoots a shot that parts in two at ninety-degree angles when it hits an opponent. Every one of the split shots will cause a 50% of the damage and 50% of the Super charge of the original shot. When moved up to stage two with his Super, Surge’s assault range goes up. Moreover, his assault parts into six shots rather than two with the extra stage three upgrade, with three shots shooting in a wide arc of each side. These split shots proceed on the trail for extra four tiles.

Super: Party Tricks

Surge jumps up in the air, thumping all opponents back near him and causing damage in a little radius after landing. While he is in the air, Surge is totally safe from all damage other than status impacts and damages over time. Furthermore, Surge gets upgraded, alongside a modified appearance. His updates reset on the chance that he is killed or if an goal is scored in Brawl Ball. Furthermore, a military-like symbol will show up alongside his health bar that addresses his upgrade stage. This symbol can be seen by Surge’s teammates and opponents.


Power Surge
Surge can transports up to three tiles toward the path he is facing. He can transport regardless of whether there is a deterrent in his way. On the chance that more than three tiles is needed to pass a deterrent, Surge won’t transport and rather remains where he is, but will lose a Gadget charge (so be very sure that Surge can teleport before using). He can’t be harmed while transporting beside status impacts, which he retains.

Star Powers

To the Max!
Surge’s normal attack splits if it hits a deterrent, such as walls or borders.

Serve Ice Cold
After using Super and defeated, Surge goes back to his stage one upgrade (speed boost) rather than returning to his original state.


  1. Surge’s Gadget can be utilized for flee by transporting behind a wall and hiding behind it for cover. His Gadget can likewise be utilized to phase through an assault, protecting himself.
  2. At his original stage, Surge is a target for thrower Brawlers. Avoiding these Brawlers from range or just keeping away from them will allow Surge to last longer in the game until he gets to stage 1. After Surge upgrades himself for first time, he can counter their assaults with his quick speed which will make Surge a threat.
  3. In 3v3 occasions, like Brawl Ball, saving a charged Super until after respawn can give an much needed speed boost after Surge rejoin action.
  4. At the point when Surge’s Super is initiated, he can immediately avoid any shots moving toward him. Utilize his Super at the right timing to keep away from a possibly pulverizing assault. For instance, Surge can dodge Frank’s Super by enacting his Super just after Frank swings his hammer. On the other hand, his Super can be utilized when battling against short range Brawlers, as using his Super on an opponent inside a smaller radius does harm and furthermore creates a thump back impact. In the event that a short range heavyweight is pursuing after Surge, the Super can be utilized to genuinely separate Surge from his opponent and to prevent the opponent brawler from additional encounter by causing some additional damage by surprise.
  5. Surge’s Gadget is likewise incredibly useful for offensive moves. When dealing Brawlers on low health or a thrower Brawler like Barley or Dynamike behind a wall or deterrent, he can utilize his Gadget to transport through it and crush them. The speed of his teleportation frequently shocks opponents, giving Surge an added benefit over his enemy.
  6. Charging his Super and enduring through the battle are the two most significant things to note when using Surge. A successful blend would be Surge and Bo in Duo Showdown.

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