Brawl Stars Tara's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Tara’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Mythic
Class: Fighter
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 8
Reload: 2 seconds (Slow)
Projectiles/Attack: 3
Super Charge/Attack: 8.395%
Attack Spread: 25°
Projectile Speed: 3152
Attack Width: 0.67


Range: 6.67
Projectile speed: 1522
Super Charge/Attack: 18%


Tara is a Mythic Brawler, and she assaults by tossing three tarot cards that penetrate through her opponents while causing a moderate damage each. She has a moderate health and can handle a lot of damage within short proximity. For her Super, she tosses a special card that pulls in opponents within the range, and then it detonates, causing a lot of damage when pulling in many different Brawlers. Her Gadget, Psychic Enhancer, permits Tara and her ally Brawlers to see all opponents hiding in the bushes. Her next Gadget, Support From Beyond, brings a couple of shadowy figures with low health and causes low damage for 6 seconds. Her first Star Power, Black Portal, brings in a shadowy figure that assaults opponents when Tara utilizes her Super. Her next Star Power, Healing Shade, likewise brings a shadowy figure when utilizing her Super, yet rather it heals Tara and her team.

Attack: Triple Tarot

Tara tosses three tarot cards at the same time that can penetrate through other Brawlers. This assault has a long reach, a slight spread, and a slow reload speed.

Super: Gravity

Tara tosses a card that turns into a black hole which will draw in each opponent inside 4 tiles of it for 0.7 seconds. After 1.4 seconds later, it will then detonate, causing moderate damage to all opponents trapped in the blast. This Super can also breaks walls.


Psychic Enhancer
This Gadget permits Tara, and her ally Brawlers, to see each opponent Brawler, including those that are hiding inside bushes or unseen. Nonetheless, if Tara is crushed, the impact is gone immediately. In the event that an opponent is being uncovered with this Gadget, they will be informed by a little yellow eye symbol close to their Brawler’s health bar.

Support from Beyond

At the point when Tara utilizes this Gadget, she gathers three shadowy figures in a three-sided formation around her that follow and assault the nearest opponents. They have 1000 health each and can cause 500 damage with a scope of 1.67 tiles each 0.6 seconds. These figures despawn following 6 seconds.

Star Powers

Black Portal
At the point when Tara utilizes her Super, she calls for a shadowy, a miniature version of herself. It is like Nita’s bear, however with lower health with high damage output. It has 3000 health and causes 800 damage with a scope of 1.67 tiles each 0.6 seconds. It moves fast, permitting it to be a danger to opponent Brawlers.

Healing Shade
At the point when Tara utilizes her Super, she summons one more shadowy, even more miniature version of herself. This crony has 2400 health and recuperate 400 health each 0.6 seconds with a maximum scope of 5 tiles to an ally Brawler close by. At the point when no one with missing health is close by, it will rush to the closest teammate with injury. Note that the shadow just heals the partner that is nearest to her, not the one with the least health.


  1. Her normal assault can be truly helpful when many opponent Brawlers comes together in a small space since it not just causes damage to more than one opponent yet help increasing her Super quicker.
  2. When Tara’s Super is charged, attempt to pull in as many opponents as Tara can. If she hits a lot of Brawlers, Tara may fully charge her Super again.
  3. When being chased after by fast moving Brawlers like Crow or El Primo, Tara can toss the Super behind them and cause the opponents to slow down so that Tara can get away. Notwithstanding, Tara can do enormous damage when battling up close, so flee and make the opponents waste their attacks, then shock the opponents by using all three assaults at once; that will usually defeat the opponent (depending on the health that the opponent has at the time).
  4. If Tara has her Super after scoring a goal, then she can be quite effective in Brawl Ball. As she can take out the entire opposing team when they are bunched together toward the beginning of a round. Her Super can likewise be utilized to pull in the opponents before the opponent’s goal, possibly defeating opponent cover and setting up a chance to score.
  5. Tara’s Gravity is exceptionally valuable whenever combined with other Brawlers’ Supers, like Frank’s Stunning Blow, Dynamike’s Big Barrel o’ Boom, or Spike’s Stick Around. These combos can cause a huge amount of damage and destroy the opposing team.
  6. In Showdown, try to hide inside a bush. Sooner or later, wait for two Brawlers battling one another and strike them when you have a chance. Utilize her Super to pull them together and destroy them off with her normal attack.
  7. On the chance that there are a bunch of Power Cubes, track down a bush close by and use it as trap. Stand by until an opponent comes to get them, at that point use her Super to trigger delay for them to reach the Power Cubes. When she gathers the Power Cubes, destroy them with her normal attack.
  8. Tara’s Healing Shade shadow has low health; however a good amount of reach and a high amount of healing. If the opponents stayed away from the shadow, it can give additional health to your teammates.
  9. Attempt to utilize Tara’s Super whenever close to ally Brawlers to increase the chance of a team wipe. Doing so will open up big chances particularly in game modes like Heist, Gem Grab, and Brawl Ball.
  10. Tara’s Black Portal shadow has exceptionally low health, but can cause good amount of damage, can run incredibly quick, and can recognize Brawlers inside the bushes, making it even more an scouting tool than an offensive Star Power.
  11. In Duo Showdown, on the chance that she has her Super charged, Tara can destroy teams at once (with the assistance of her teammates) if the teammates are nearby Tara.
  12. On the chance that Healing Shade is ready and her ally Brawler(s) are low on health, it’s a good idea to toss the portal away from opponents so that her shadow can take longer to heal. Tossing the portal into a large crowd is a good strategy, however the shadow will get defeated a lot quicker.
  13. This sort of star power is extremely dangerous in Showdown, since your position will get uncovered by the shade while you are being healed by it.
  14. Utilizing Tara’s Super, you can drag everybody into a minecart which destroys with every enemy other than El Primo and maxed Frank in Minecart Madness.
  15. Utilize the Super in Brawl Ball to drag opponents from the Ball Carrier or when every one of the opponents are near one another for a team wipe.
  16. In Brawl Ball, shock opponents by utilizing the four tile destruction range at the focal point of her Super to break an opening in the wall of most maps. This element of her Super is particularly helpful if her ally Brawlers are high spread Brawlers or long-ranged Brawlers, as freeing up the map permits them to control bigger areas and effective while forcing the opponent team.
  17. It is important to save Tara’s ammunition prior to utilizing her Super. Since opponents are drawn towards the center of her Gravity shot, they can’t attack for a brief period; allowing Tara to utilize ammunition on her enemies without being assaulted. Additionally remember that her ammunition reload speed is quite slow, so permit additional opportunity to pass if her ammunition is depleted and she is going to spring an assault.
  18. Tara’s first Gadget Psychic Enhancer is incredible in maps with bushes, examples are Cavern Churn and Snake Prairie. It works better with ally Brawlers like Bull, who can sneak up on opponents in bushes uncovered by Tara’s gadget.
  19. Tara’s next Gadget Support from Beyond is great in Heist. In the event that every one of the three shadows assault, they can cause a lot of damage to the safe, as long as no other opponent is in range.

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