Brawl Stars Tick's Basic Info and Tips
Brawl Stars Tick’s Basic Info and Tips


Rarity: Common
Class: Thrower
Movement Speed: 720 (Normal)


Range: 8.67
Reload: 2.3 seconds (Very Slow), 2.08 seconds (with Automa-Tick Reload)
Projectiles/Attack: 3
Super Charge/Attack: 17%
Projectile Speed: 2000, 450 (mine)


Range: 3.33
Super charge per hit: 35%
Head movement speed: 1200
Projectile speed: 2000, 450 (mine)


Tick is a Common Brawler who is available as a Trophy Road award after getting 4000 Trophies. He has low health yet high damage potential, and assaults by hurling three bombs that explode after the bombs landed within a period of time. His Super shoots out his head, which pursues the closest opponent and causes splash damage and obliterates cover on impact. His first Gadget, Backup Mine, permits him to run ahead and abandon a mine. His next Gadget, Last Hurrah, makes him insusceptible before a snappy blast that push back opponents. His first Star Power, Well Oiled, permits him to normally recuperate quicker than normal. His next Star Power, Automa-Tick Reload, speeds up his primary attack.

Attack: Minimines

At the point when Tick attacks, he tosses an huge shot over walls, parting into three mines that spread over a large territory. In the event that a target is close to a mine, it will detonate, managing moderate damage. Else, it will detonate 2 seconds after. The mines take some time prior to landing, and his reload speed is very slow; but, the damage caused by every one of the three mines together is huge.

Super: Headfirst

At the point when Tick utilizes his Super, he takes his head, begin launching it over the walls. After a little while, the head will look for and go after the closest opponent Brawler like a homing rocket. After it reaches the opponent, it will detonate and explode, causing enormous damage to opponent while breaking close by walls and bushes. In any case, in the event that it is destroyed before it arrives at a target, it will detonate early and break walls and bushes.


Backup Mine
Tick runs 3 tiles toward the path he faces, while dropping behind a mine that acts identical to his attack. He can’t run across water and will be interrupted if he runs into a wall. The mine causes 700 damage and doesn’t charge Tick’s Super.

Last Hurrah

Tick turns out to be totally resistant for one second, at that point it detonates after and causing 1000 damage to opponents and pushing them back. This Gadget doesn’t stop movement, nor does it destroy walls.

Star Powers

Well Oiled
Brawlers will usually begin recovering health three seconds after being hit. Be that as it may, Tick will begin recovering health one second after damage occurs or using the attacks.

Automa-Tick Reload
Tick reloads his attack quicker than usually, permitting him to toss more mines and keep opponents out of the territory.


  1. Tick is generally excellent as a control Brawler. Toss his mines where the opponent will go as opposed to causing harm them. This force them to move back, since, in such a case they step on all three of his mines they will be damaged badly.
  2. Tick has the least health of any Brawler in the game. Therefore, stay away from opponent Brawlers. Taking cover behind walls is suggested since his assaults can be tossed over walls.
  3. Tick’s mines when tossed straightforwardly towards the line of the map will make the mines hit the edge of the map and the mines will be in a straight tow. Driving an opponent close to the boundary of the map and tossing mines at the wall can have the rival stroll into the mines in straight line. Do take note of that opponents can see his mines, Unlike to Bo’s mines. Tick’s mines go off following two seconds, not at all like Bo’s that stay there, until he utilizes his Super again or they are set off.
  4. Tick is powerless against huge shrub regions that can be found in matches like Snake Prairie and Cavern Churn. Brawlers like Bull and El Primo can emerge from the bushes and defeat Tick effectively when he is close. Be that as it may, Tick has a benefit in bush zones. He can utilize his Super in bushes and his head would recognize and destroy the nearest opponent without the Brawlers noticing.
  5. Tick’s head blows without causing any harm if a Brawler (like El Primo, Crow, or Piper) hop over it, so discharge the head after these Brawlers use their Super.
  6. Tick’s head can incur splash harm that can likewise break bushes and walls. His head can be destroyed, so use it against enemies low on health to constrain them to attack and prevent them from recuperating or an opponent who has used all his ammunition, or a Brawler really close to Tick.
  7. In the game modes that bring forth things (for instance, Gem Grab and Siege), Tick can be utilized just like Barley to keep opponents from reaching at the Gems or Bolts.
  8. Tick can likewise keep opponents from getting items by tossing his mines around the items. For instance, he can keep opponents from getting Power Cubes in Showdown, the ball in Brawl Ball, and the blue star in Bounty.
  9. Tara or Frank are exceptionally powerful when combined with Tick (besides Duo Showdown) in light of the fact that their Supers stun/pull numerous opponent Brawlers, permitting Tick to do greatest damage with his assaults and Super. Tick has a long ranger than other throwers, so it is simpler to control the field with Tick.
  10. Since Tick has the lowest health in the whole game, he would be more useful to use in Duo Showdown instead of Solo Showdown. He can draw or annoy the foes by setting mines surrounding them, and afterward the other teammates (ideally somebody with more health or potentially damage) can destroy that opponent off.
  11. In Showdown, if you can, it is a good strategy to utilize Tick to trap enemies in the gas. Continue to deploy mines at any exit point until they pass out in the gas. In the event that they escape, he ought to have the option to destroy them with his Super.
  12. Make an effort not to spam three of his shots in a choke point or high traffic territory (Gem Spawner, Ball, and so forth) Utilize his assaults smartly by driving enemies to move to a specific position, or push forward by spreading his mines over a huge territory.
  13. On the off chance that he is being pursued, attempt to toss his mines behind him as auto-assaulting will be pointless. In different circumstances he ought to convey his mines where opponents will step. At whatever point he is dealing with tanks, save his Super for guarding against rush attacks. Since Tick is weak, take cover behind walls and stay away from enemy Brawlers.
  14. In Gem Grab and Siege, Tick isn’t suggested to hold the pickups, as his low health implies he can be dispatched rapidly and lose the pickups.
  15. Mortis counters Tick (and some other throwers) effectively, because of the way that he can run around, evading their attacks. In the event that he is being pursued by a Mortis, he can utilize either Gadget or Super to either move away with little damage or thump them back and deal great damage. In Duo Showdown, a partnered Gale or Gene can push/pull enemies into Tick’s mines, managing lots of damage.
  16. Note that dissimilar to most throwers, Tick’s mines don’t land all the more rapidly or slowly on where he tossed them, so when being pursued, toss mines further in front of him while using Backup Mine to run ahead or Last Hurrah to push them back, ideally shaking these enemy Brawlers off.

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